Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What I've Done Today

Today has been a typical day, for the most part. Breakfast, feed the animals, and Alice and I ventured into town to get my prescriptions. My ob gave me a prescription for my reflux and vicodin instead of Tylenol with codeine-the Tylenol 3 just wasn't helping with any of my pain.

We returned home, and I shoveled a bit. Don't worry, it is light, fluffy snow. Then I tried out the vicodin (it helps with the pain!!!). I tried to get Alice down for a nap. That took forever. Seriously, it took about an hour and a half. And then the fun began!

I called AT&T to cancel our home phone service , for the SECOND time. That took about thirty minutes and five different transfers. Thankfully, they believed me when I said that I called in November to cancel the home line. We used the phone maybe ten times, and why pay $45 or so a month for that? They offered a "basic" line for $17 a month, but that is still crazy to me! So I turned them down. So I'll be getting a "finalized" bill soon. I only found out it wasn't disconnected because I got a bill the other day for a lot of money and disconnect/reconnect notices. I never even knew the phone wasn't turned off because I unplugged the phone and never looked back.

Then I called the SUB people about my money. Turns out they still took unemployment out of my check and, get this... new taxes! Yes, my already small check was even smaller. They guaranteed me that everything would be on my next check. They also told me that I have 12 weeks back pay. I was thinking more like 15-16. Hmm. I'll worry about that another day. They gave me an exact dollar amount and check date, so hopefully it will all be there. I need to buy a new car seat and stroller!

So what a fun day! Ha! I think I'll try out Alice's "new" (hand-me-down) snowsuit and boots. Well, I won't try them out-she will. I'll take pictures if we go out. Hopefully, she will like the snow a little better this time.


HereWeGoAJen said...

How did you get AT&T to believe you? I am on my eighth year of boycott because they didn't believe me when I said that I canceled my cell phone and charged me like $400.

Carrie27 said...

I got a basic phone package with this most recent move, and have actually used it. I kept going back and forth with getting one or not, I decided to keep one just in case. Plus, I wasn't sure how well our cell phones were going to work since we were moving to a completely different state.

I get so annoyed when companies can't simply understand what no means. Hopefully, this will all be squared away soon.