Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A House of Misfits!

I took the Kitties to get fixes today. The most agonizing day ever does not even begin to describe the adventure!

We has to be there between 7-8 am to check on. I woke up at 5:30 because I could no longer sleep. I have had the worst reflux all night/day. I think I have eaten a bottle of tums!

I has Sean help me put the cats in separate diaper boxes. Don't judge! We don't have cat carriers, and I wasn't going to buy two just for one trip (though I think I will change my mind). So we get Gretchen in her box, and Sean puts a bit of packing tape on the top to hold her in. Mortimer was a bit of a fight, but we got him in and used a bit more tape. I loaded them up, along with Alice, and headed out.

As soon as we got out of the driveway, Gretchen got out of her box. No big deal. She went and laid down in the back. A few minutes later, Mortimer got out. He went in the back seat as well, so I figured all was well.

WRONG! He proceeded to climb all over. I kept putting him in the back. And then he got me...jumped right on my head! While driving! And not once, but twice!

So I drop Alice off at my friend's for an hour or so, and head to the clinic. I fought them both back in to their boxes. I started carrying them inside, when I was clawed and bit! Mortimer was attacking my hand and fingers. My right hand was insanely bloody by the time we got inside (a minute walk)!

I check them in, and take them back. Got them weighed, set up for vaccines, etc. and got out of there. Picked up Alice. Came home. Got her to nap, and had my appeal for unemployment (a post of its own). Ate lunch, headed to my Pt Appt, and then headed back to get the kitties.

I had them put in those cardboard cat carriers, and we headed home. You know the cat in the box in "National Lampoon's Christmas"? Yeah...that was Mortimer! The whole hour and a half home!

I got the cats in, brought in their food, water, and litter box. I put all of that in the bathroom. Then I put up the baby gate so Alice couldn't get to their litter, food, or water.

Alice has been screaming "Dere! Keedy! Dere!" since we have gotten home. Then she proceeded to show Mortimer the Christmas tree and ornaments. And then he started jumping, climbing, hitting, and chewing on the tree and ornaments. I kept telling him no, which Alice started pointing at him and yelling "NO!". So I got a spray bottle and sprayed him when he bit on the lights or hitting the ornaments. Of course, he already shattered an ornament.

And Gretchen? She is laying on the tree skirt, minding her own business. Oh, how I love her!!!

Mortimer caught in the act!

Gretchen minding her own business!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!

I have been meaning to post (I have wonderful thoughts and stories in this brain!), but I have been soooo busy!

I hope every one of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I am so glad that my sister talked me in to a blog (even if I only post sporadically). I have met some very great friends, and I feel like I know most of you and your families better than most of my "real life" friends. Plus, you guys are WAY more entertaining! And accessible ;) I always know where and when to find you.

We went up to Sean's mother's on Thanksgiving. I drove there and back (about a 2 hour drive) so I didn't have time to post that day. His step-sister was in town with her two girls; whom I have never met. They are such cutie-pies! Alice had a great time playing with them (they are 1 and 3- well this week they will be!). Friday, we went to my mother's. Pretty uneventful, but it meant a lot to her, so I'm happy about that. Oh, and we did massive cleaning, shopping, and decorating before we went. Saturday, we went back up north to Sean's (ex) step-mother's family's Thanksgiving. His dad and step-mom just got divorced, but they get along and the kids and grandkids are all family! We had a decent time. Alice was pretty bored, and kept climbing on everything. We stopped back by his mom's to visit and play with the girls, which are more her age. So basically, we did a lot of traveling for the holiday. I'll be glad when I don't have to go to three or four Thanksgiving. Not that I'm not glad to spend time with family. I just am tired of driving. I hope to have a big enough house in the somewhat near future (5 years or so) that I can just have everyone at my house. I may change my mind about that...40+ people may be too much!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Birthday To The Bestest Sister In My World!

I realize that there is improper grammar in the title, but that I how I feel. I also realize many of you may have sisters who, you feel, are the best in the world. So I just said my world, but she may quite possibly be the best or one of the best!

So Happy Birthday, Lindsay! Today is your "princess" birthday! I hope you do something fun and exciting today. And if not, at least something that you really want to do :) I wish that your elf and I could be there with you, but we are there in spirit!

And now I feel like a horrible sister because I told a lie. I told my sister, when I took this picture, that it would never be published. We were cuddled in bed our last night in Boston, and I realized that I did not have a single picture with her or me. So I took this. And since I look absolutely awful (I was getting ready to shower) with my greasy hair and double chin! I happen to think Lindsay looks lovely, per usual. So if anyone should feel upset or betrayed by this picture it should be me .

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


*Disclaimer: I wrote this over a week ago and forgot to publish it so I'll post it now, you pretend that it is Nov. 13, and then I can resume regular blogging!

Today we went into Cambridge. We took the T in to the city. I have never been on a train, subway, or other public transportation so this was interesting. The T is like a train/subway. At times we are on "ground" level and other times we were below ground. It was about a 30 minute ride. Alice was wide-eyes the whole time and waving to EVERYONE! A few people smiled and would wave, but most people ignored her. How do you ignore a cute, smiling, waving baby?

So we got to Cambridge and took an elevator up. This was the slowest elevator ever! It moved 75 feet per minute (which we saw on the certification upon our leave from Cambridge).

Our first stop in Cambridge, and by far the most exciting was The Curious George shop. My sister told me about this store awhile ago, and I have to say that was what I was most looking forward to seeing.

This store is a dream! Books everywhere! Toys and games! There was something for just about every age range. There was a whole "room" full of baby books. Board books everywhere! I picked out several (I wanted a lot more, but figured I could order them online cheaper). They had EVERY Sandra Boynton book and tons of other stuff. We got a Moo Cow book, a Sandra Boynton bath book, and a Dr. Seuss book with interactive pull-tabs, etc. Alice loved the place!

Then we went to Chipotle for lunch. This was not a fun adventure. Alice was extremely tired, hungry, and her teeth were hurting her. We got more dirty looks and mutters under the breath than I have ever experienced before. The highlight of this, was when Alice wanted to hold her juice box by herself and ended up spraying apple juice EVERYWHERE! I didn't bother cleaning any of it up (except what got on her and me) because I felt these ruse people deserved it!

We then headed out and walked to Harvard. A very beautiful campus. I couldn't believe how clean all of the windows were (inside and out!). I asked my sister if they cleaned them everyday!

Then we headed back to the T station. Alice had passed out by this time, and remained asleep until we got back to my sister's.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

We've Arrived!

I'm going to make this short. We are about to eat and I'm dead tired. Boston traffic is panic inducing, and I'm not an overly anxious person. In fact, I think the reason I'm so tired (though to be honest there could be a dozen reasons) is from the after effects of the adrenaline rush. I feel like a couple of stiff drinks and a pack of cigarettes...but don't worry, I will not be partaking an any of those. Well, I will have a non-alcoholic beer with my dinner. I'll update more tomorrow, but wanted to let you all know we made it safely.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Greetings from the Road!

Or perhaps this should be titled "Traveling Alone with Alice: Day One"

We left really early this morning. A few minutes before 7am to be exact. Granted, some of you are probably snorting because that isn't "early", but when you don't typically get up until 8:30-9ish that is early. Alice was awake for the first 40 minutes or so.

We got into Ohio about 9. Alice woke up when I stopped for gas and we ate breakfast at Bob Evans. Or I did. Alice had a few bites, then proceeded to throw scrambled eggs. I guess she filled up on crayons before the food came... yes, she kept trying to chew on them. Apparently, crayons are good for cutting teeth :/

Then we had a blow-out. Mid-meal. So I shoveled (literally) food as quickly as possible and headed to the bathroom. Good thing she was still in her pajamas and I had clothes for her!

We continued on through Ohio. Pretty uneventful. I had to stop at a rest stop to go to the restroom.

Pennsylvania was equally uneventful. Well other than another blowout. I smelled it and heard it about the same time. So we stopped at the next exit and everybody went to the bathroom, and filled up the car.

We got in to New York about 3:15 and miraculously got to the hotel about 4:30. Of course, I decided we could keep going if I could find somewhere nice to stay an hour down the road. I looked on this hotel app on my phone and decided we were at the nicest/safest place we would find within my limit of driving. So we got a room. Alice rode on the cart with Marty and the luggage! I wish I had gotten a picture, but perhaps I'll think of that tomorrow upon checkout.

We got everything to the room and Alice explored for a bit. I had to change another almost blowout. Yes, we have diarrhea! Then I got her ready for the pool. I put on my bikini (egads!) and we headed to the pool. No one was there so I didn't mind my pregnant body one not. The water was cold and Alice was shivering. Of course that didn't stop her. So we "swam", which really involved me walking in the pool and holding/carrying her. There is a cool fountain/waterfall and she thought that was way cool. After 30 or so minutes, I got her wrapped in a towel; me in two, and we headed back to the room.

I looked online and found an Olive Garden a couple of miles away, so we got dressed and headed out. The 4+mile journey turned out to be 15 or so because I couldn't get over to the exit I needed (crazy New York drivers!) and had to go to the next exit to turn around. I would also like to point out that we needed exit 52E...which was 5 miles away from exit 52A. And the exit after 52E was 52W. In Indiana, those would be 52 and 57 because exits correspond to the mile differences/markers. How does your state do that stuff?

So we got lasagna, salad, and breadsticks. Now we are watching tv/running around. Bath time is coming up soon, followed by bedtime (hopefully). Though I doubt she will go to sleep much before 11:30 or 12, when she usually does.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Change of Plans

Alice and I were supposed to leave this morning, but we are still at home and in our pajamas. Don't worry. We are planning on leaving tomorrow. I just needed an extra day to get stuff done and rest. Alice appears to be over the diarrhea (hope and pray!), but I wanted to take an extra day to make sure. Plus, I have been run-down. Sore throat, cough, fatigue. And all I can take is Tylenol and Ricola throat drops. I am feeling better today. I took some selenium, zinc, and garlic last night. Oh, and a Tylenol PM. Nice sleep...even if I did wake up a bazillion times!

So we are leaving tomorrow. By 9am. I hope to leave earlier than that, but I won't be mad if we don't. Especially since I will be loading the car all on my own. Ugh! Two suitcases, a diaper bag, a bag of snacks/food/drinks, high chair, toys, books, clothes for my sister, stroller, and who knows what else!

Speaking of which, any advice for traveling two twelve hour days with a toddler? I figure we will be stopping every 2-2 1/2 hours for bathroom breaks, food, rest/stretching legs. Our first leg of our trip is about 9 hours...I'm figuring 12-13 hours.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

I have yet to figure out how (or if I am able) to do bullet points in this app.

• I may have figured the bullets out.
• Alice and I went to visit the babysitter, her daughter, and new baby. We had a good time. Alice went outside with her daughter (who is almost 12) and I got to cuddle and smell the baby. I miss that baby smell! While I was talking to Jennifer, she was explaining how frustrating life was with her daughter. I listened. Threw out a few "hormone", "puberty", "new baby", "adjustment" things. Then she goes on to say that (I kid you not) "she hates her right now". What? How can you hate your child?
•There have been moments where I have been really tested and tried, while parenting. I know there will be plenty more too. But I hope and pray that I never feel hatred toward any of my children. Frustration, of course, but never hate. And to think that this lady took care of my child!
• Alice has two molars and another tooth coming in. She has had horrible diarrhea for the past 36 hours...and a horrible, raw, rashy bottom. She has hardly eaten anything today, though she seems to be getting a bit of an appetite.
• I talked to a nurse about all of that stuff, and she said the diarrhea was viral and could last up to two weeks. Great! I would hate to have to delay/cancel our trip to Boston to visit my sister. If Alice still has diarrhea then, I won't be going (or at least that day). There is no way we could stop every hour to change a dirty diaper and everything else!
• Alice and I are planning on leaving Tuesday, will stay the night in Buffalo, NY (most likely) and continue on to Boston on Wednesday. The plan is to stay a week, and then come back home.
• I had more to write, but I'm tired. Alice is fussing, an no one slept much last night. So I'll call it a night!

Go check out Danifred for more Friday Night Leftovers, which I believe will be the Saturday edition!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Belly Pics!

I had to have my sister email me my 16 and 18 week pictures, as they were on my old phone and I have no way of retrieving them. So here we will have my 16, 18, and 20 week pictures. In the last two my bathroom is a bit of a mess, so I apologize. I also think that the shower curtain is crooked in the last one because someone was pulling on it and it almost came down. I have since fixed it!

Here is 16 weeks.

18 weeks

20 weeks

I need to compare these to Alice's pregnancy because I'm pretty sure I'm a lot bigger, but maybe not.

I have also figured out how to put text between pictures! Go me :)

Now, I am planning on getting a new camera. Suggestions? I like the Samsung Dual-View but I was thinking about something a bit nicer.