Thursday, March 31, 2011

Conspiracy Theories and Male Egos

Why do I feel like I am (and Sean) surrounded by a bunch of conspiracies? You're probably wondering what I'm talking about. Let me explain.

The first conspiracy.
Does this sweet face look like it belongs to a conspiracy?

Or this?

Okay, that second one is questionable. We have been dealing with really painful gas (ultimately my fault-something I ate!) for the past twelve hours or so. Seems the conspiracy here, is that as soon as I get Alice to sleep and myself, someone (not naming names here) seems to think it is acceptable to party for several hours. And take a short break (about twenty minutes so the Mama can get a taste of what sweet sleep would be like!) and resume. So when "normal" hours roll around, it is then sleepy time. UNTIL, you guessed it, nap time! Then it is party time! Yes, we are dealing with the whole night/day confusion. I really just think HJ has a "Mama to himself" conspiracy going on!

I just keep reminding myself how quickly time passes, and soon he won't be this little and I won't be up all hours of the day. So when I'm dead tired, and just want to pitch a fit/scream/cry, I keep saying that to myself!

I don't have a picture of the second conspirators. Truly, if there ever was a conspiracy, these people would be without a doubt! The Evil CDL People!

I'm not going to say Sean failed again (he did), but I prefer to say that these asses as just too freaking picky and really like to make money. He wasn't passed today because his "shifting wasn't smooth enough". WTH? So he attempts round four tomorrow. Yes, it seems we are paying someone's salary this week. Conspiracy? Most definitely!

The third conspirator?

She fell asleep on the floor after pitching a huge fit! I was busy nursing HJ, and had given her two M&M's (which are tightly clenched, one in each fist) to bribe her for a few more minutes.

I think that about explains itself. Except that is chocolate (not poop-thank God!). Someone loves baths so much, she will go to any measures to make sure she gets more than one a day!

Even though they may be in a pact to see that this Mama gets no sleep, a shower, or time to do anything else except tend to their needs, they are just the sweetest! I wouldn't trade any of this for more sleep, a shower, or a clean house/laundry!

And the fragile male ego? I'm not really going to address that, so much as just say that when Sean got home he informed me he was going to work on the car himself. He is tired of everyone making him feel "this big" (which was about an inch). He is not a stupid, fucking idiot and is tired of being talked to and treated like that. So he "needs to do this" (the car thing) to make himself feel better. Oh, along with passing "that damn test"!

Poor guy! I told him I support him 100% and whatever I could do, I would. So I'm going to suggest he sleep in the other bedroom tonight, so he can maybe get more than four hours of sleep. And I may go get him some beer too. In the meantime, I'm to pretend he isn't here until the car is done. No distractions or interruptions, please!

I Could Have Said I Told You So

...but I didn't. I'm talking about the car and the cracked head-gasket. The irony of the situation? I had said something twice about thinking there might be a crack in the head-gasket or block. Sean assured me it was fine.

Oh well. All of the signs were there. I'm sure it was cracked when we bought it. I am willing to bet the guy that sold it to us knew too. That is why it was so cheap. I just wish he had said something. Sean most likely still would have bought it, and gotten it fixed.

So an update...Sean bought an engine yesterday. He is planning on having a mutual "friend" pull our engine out and install this "new" one. My concern? This "friend" has worked on multiple vehicles, and EVERY time Sean has had to fix a new problem, or the original problem. The guy always ends up with "extra unimportant (his words) parts". So after the last time, I told Sean I was tired of him complaining about the lackadaisical work and to find someone else to do the work on our vehicles, that Sean wasn't able to do.

Sean seems confident he can handle this, so I'm going to trust my husband on this. I just can't get rid of this nagging feeling that I'll be proven right, again. But I am not that person to say "I told you so"...even though I think it every time ;)

*Sean is taking his CDL test right now, so I'll probably come back later and update you on that! He has been there for two and a half hours, so I'm hoping that is a good sign!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


*Not a G, PG, or PG-13 rated post today. This is rated R, for adult language (or potty mouth, whatever you prefer).

I have been a bad blogger lately. Not awful, as I've managed to keep up with all of you and still comment. But still, I just haven't been able to find the time to post. That will get better soon, hopefully.

Anyways, I need to vent. It seems we have run into a bit of unfortunate luck lately. As in just the last couple of days.

As I said before, things have been tight financially. Sean hasn't received a paycheck in about 5-6 weeks. We were managing on my severance, until two weeks ago, when they messed up my check. Instead of getting paid for two weeks, I only got paid for one. So I paid the most important bill, and made arrangements for the end of the month for the rest. Now I find myself hoping and praying this check is correct. If it isn't, we will really be in a bad spot. We had money in savings, but that has dwindled away. I suppose I'd I had time, I could file our taxes and then we'd be okay, but I have yet to find time without someone attached to my boob, or that wouldn't find copious amounts of important paperwork interesting to draw upon or tear to bits.

On top of that, Sean failed his CDL driving test yesterday. Which really wasn't his fault. He had an asshole for the proctor, and he failed him because Sean asked a question to clarify something and the guy flipped out. So he was able to take it again today. After we scrounged around to find ANOTHER $100. And he failed again. Our conversation went like this:

Him: "I got fucked today!"
Me: "Was it good?"
Him: "Well, I almost passed, but fucked up this one incline."
Me: "Oh..."
Him: "Well I'm not pissed about it so much today. At least I really deserved to be failed today and not because I was being fucked!"

So I was thrilled thinking he passed his test and got some! Only to be bummed because we threw away another $100. And we will have to come up with another $100 for him to take it again. FUCK!

On top of that, he told me he thinks there is a blown head-gasket in the car. Which he confirmed on his way home, when the car died on the interstate. So I'm waiting on him to get home. With an about dead car. My car. Which means I do not have a vehicle. We are down to the truck. Which we cannot fit all four of us in. Unless he sits in the bed of the truck. FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!

He is going to try to get the car fixed, but who knows how much that will cost and when it can be done by. Then there is the whole money issue again. I hope our lawsuit gets resolved quickly. Then maybe we can go pay cash for a car or mini-van.

So I have no car. I'm going to be stuck in this house for who knows how long. And all of our appointments I'm going to have to cancel. Ugh!

At least we have a delicious steak dinner, that is no longer a celebratory dinner, but a "it'll be alright" dinner. I think I'll be having a drink tonight too. It'll be alright and all work out. In the meantime, can you say a prayer that Sean passes his CDL test this next time? Without his paycheck, things will not be alright.

Oh, and my MIL and step FIL stopped by today. I was given thirty minutes notice. Do you know how little time that is when you haven't showered, picked up, vacuumed, done dishes, etc.? Needless to say, my house looked awful. I was mortified! First thing out of their mouths? "Did Sean not tell you we were coming?" Umm, no. It must have slipped his mind. And then they stayed for four hours. I had to cover up while nursing. Really? If it makes you uncomfortable, then go elsewhere. I shouldn't have to change my routine to accommodate you. Then my MIL gave me a DVD on "Behavior and Nutrition". Probably because Alice is a "typical" toddler. You know...she pitches fits, hits, scream, etc. And wouldn't you know it...SFIL gives Alice a new toy and then proceeds to try to put it up, only to have her pitch a fit. So he gives her a bag of granola. A WHOLE bag. What do you think happened? If you guessed, dump it all over the place, then give yourself a pat on the back!

So now I need to try go catch up on dirty dishes, laundry, picking up, and vacuuming up a bag of granola. And people wonder why a new mother's house is a disaster zone! Because people stop by practically unannounced!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

No banner this week. I'm blogging while nursing!

•I think Mortimer has a broken rear foot/leg. He has been limping/walking oddly. He can't jump and has to stop and rest every few steps. Unfortunately, we do not have the money to take him to the least for another week. It seems better every day, so who knows.

•Alice loves her brother. We have to keep a close eye on her because she likes to hug him (usually by being on top of him), and tries to sit by him or on him! Oh, and the swing and bouncy seat are hers! She just let's him use them. She grabbed the binky the other day, and put it in his mouth!

•Last night was rough. Everyone was asleep by 11:30, so I went to sleep shortly before midnight. HJ woke up at 1:45 with horrible gas. I didn't get him to sleep until about 6. I ended up sleeping on the couch and had him in the bouncy seat. Then it was wake up time at 7:30, and I had 5 minutes between getting him down and Alice waking up!

•I gave no idea what I ate that is causing him this much gas! Poor little guy! :-(

•I think my body is figuring out what HJ needs to eat. I still get a bit engorged, but not nearly as often or as painful. I haven't pumped in two days! In one week I was able to freeze a ton of milk, and I wasn't "emptying" the gals-just relieving the pain.

•Sean told me he doesn't know how I do it (not falling asleep while Alice is up). I told him that I sometimes do fall asleep while nursing, but that I'm not really "asleep". I'm aware of what is going on, but my eyes are closed. It is that "mother's sleep". Usually, Alice is sitting right by us, playing with HJ's feet or rubbing his head.

•Sean doesn't go in for his last training session until 5:15 tonight. Ugh! Thanks for ruining our weekend! He won't get home until 6 or so tomorrow. Fingers crossed for way earlier!

•Our Anniversary is Sunday. I doubt we will do anything. We have some gift cards from Christmas, but I'm not comfortable leaving HJ yet. So maybe in a few weeks we will do something.

•My mom still has not been to see the baby! I'm a bit appalled. Though I'm leaning more towards upset, anymore. How do you not come visit one of your grandchildren, especially first grandson? She lives thirty minutes away! No excuses!

•I still have not heard from my MIL. She must be pretty upset with us still. (see update for that story).

•I'll have Harold Jack's birth story up this weekend. For those that don't know, he was born March 14, at 3:08 am. Weighing 9 lbs and 22 inches.

Lindsay guessed the correct birthday! Lindsay and Jen guessed the closest to his weight and height. So let me know if you have a preference on baked goodies! I'll get them out to you as soon as possible :-) Give me a few weeks, though!

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

What Day Is It?

I just now realized it was Thursday. At least, I think it is. Things are a blur right now. The conventional day stuff is not important to me right now. I did realize the electric bill was due yesterday, so I paid it online...for a $5 fee! Good grief!

Yesterday we had to go to the store for a few things that couldn't wait until this weekend. It took longer to get everyone changed, dressed, and fed than it took to actually get a few things. I ended up going in my pajamas. At least the kids were cute! And it is a good thing we only needed a few things because the car seat took up the majority of the cart, and I just piled things around him.

We have been getting into somewhat of a routine. Breakfast, snack, lunch, nap from 1-3/3:30, snack, dinner, bath, and bedtime. That is until today. My mom called at 2:30 and because I'm about brain dead, my phone wasn't off or on silent. I never turn my phone off, just down. Anyway, her call woke Alice up (I was nursing HJ), and now I have a very cranky little girl. Thanks mom! Of course, it was my fault. Even though she knows what time nap-time is. And she still hasn't met her grandson. Something about driving here, and yada, yada, yada. She can drive her boyfriend/ex-boyfriend/roommate (or whatever he is) to and from work every day, though :-/

I'm still in my pajamas. The ones I wore to the store yesterday. I've been in them for almost 48 hours. I need a shower. I am covered in spit-up, breastmilk, peanut butter and jelly, pee, and who knows what else. Know what? I don't care a bit :-) well, I do care about the lack of a shower, but everything else just goes with the territory. I'll get a shower when Sean gets home, or after everyone is asleep. And I'll put on clean (but soon to be soiled) pajamas!

Alice has been really loving on her baby! I found her IN the bassinet the other night, sitting on him. If I put him in the bouncy seat, she tries to sit with him (actually on him) or climbs on him (I.e. Hugs him). She isn't trying to hurt him, but I have to watch her constantly with him. Here is a cute picture from this morning (love her bed head!).

And a cute picture of our little man!

Look at that pose! My grumpy old man!

I've been working on Harold Jack's birth story, which I'll probably post this weekend. It is taking awhile, and I don't want to forget anything!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I apologize for being MIA. I know you probably understand, but I wanted to apologize.

I can't believe it has been just over a week! It seems so much longer AND shorter than that! Does anyone know how to stop them from growing up? I want to keep both of them at the ages they are!

Sean was home last week, so I was able to get some rest and figure out Harold Jack. He is back to work this week, so I'm adjusting into being a "single" parent.

Maybe you are wondering why I'm on my own. I had thought that my MIL and mom were going to help out the first few weeks. My mom still has not been to see HJ. She was sick when we were in the hospital, but was supposed to come up over the weekend. No call, no show. Then she called me yesterday wanting to know when I was going to bring him over. Umm...I'm not. You can come here. It is a pain in the butt to get all three of us ready to go anywhere. It takes at least two hours! So I'm not going anywhere unless we have to. At least until I get a better grasp on things!

My MIL...still waiting to hear from her. She was supposed to call Saturday to make plans to come down for a few days. I have yet to hear from her, but I'm not holding my breath. She is upset about what we named the baby. Seriously! I called her Wednesday after we got home to let them know. Here is part of our conversation:

Me: "We named him Harold Jack!"
MIL: "Oh...
... (to say this was a pregnant pause is the understatement of the century)
Me: "You there?"
MIL: "...I thought he (Sean) was going to give him a Christian name!"
Me: ..."Well we told you all of the names we were considering and not one of them was a biblical name. I don't understand why you would have thought that."

There was a bit more said after that, but not pertinent. I then see her making "no comment" comments on her friends FB pages regarding his name (she doesn't realize I can see b/c I'm "friends" with a few if them-everyone wants to see pictures). I cried about it. Sean is pretty irritated about it, too. Funny thing is...none of her kids (and most grandkids) do not have biblical names. She also was pissed that we got him circumcised before the eighth day (some religious thing?). I'm over the whole thing. I'm not calling her, and I'm sure as hell not going to need her help.

Back to us. I'm still not sure what I'm going to call Harold Jack. There are a ton of nickname possibilities, and I don't know yet. Everyone wants to call him something different (which is okay, if you don't want your kid to have a clue what his name is!).

HJ is just the sweetest thing ever. I'm declaring him one of the best babies ever! He is just so sweet, loving, mellow, and content. He hardly cries. He sleeps for long stretches of time (up to six hours!). He doesn't get too upset (usually) if I have to stop him mid-feed to attend to Alice. Which is a whole other story.

Alice seems to be adjusting. She is very proud of him. And then...she seems to hate us all. I know her hitting, throwing, etc is nothing new or related to having HJ here. I wouldn't say it is any worse. I just don't like being hit, kicked, or have things thrown at me (and HJ) while we are nursing. Last night, we were in bed watching a movie, and out of nowhere she kicked HJ in the head. I didn't see it coming, otherwise I would have blocked him. I guess it is a good thing he is good sized.

We went to the pediatrician Friday. HJ was 5 days old...and already an ounce above birth weight! So we don't have to go back until he is a month old.

I have a lot more to update about, and need to get more pictures for everyone! I am taking Alice outside to play for a bit before dinner and HJ gets up.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day! (Blogoversary, and Update too)

I have always loved St. Patrick's Day. Being part Irish, it has always been a fun holiday. It is also the day that I found our Alice was a girl, two years ago! I know a lot of my family was pulling for the baby being born today, but he had other plans!

Yesterday was an important day, here in my blog world. It was my blogoversary! Granted, I have technically been blogging for longer than a year, at my old blog, but since I posted about once a blue moon there I don't really count that. In the past year, I have met some wonderful friends! I consider myself extremely blessed to have each and every one of you, both as readers (your comments are like hugs!) and friends. I have not met most of you, but I consider you more dear friends than most I do know on real life! I love keeping up with you and your families, and know if I ever need advice that you will all come through with great support!

I apologize for being a bit behind on comments. I have been extremely tired. I'll be catching up soon though :) I feel a little disconnected not knowing what has been going on with each of you.

I hope everyone has a lucky St. Patrick's Day! I know the luck of the Irish has been extremely lucky for me! Now I just hope that Sean can manage to buy our annual corned beef and cabbage, so I can make that for dinner! This year I won't be having a Killian's with dinner, as we are so new to breastfeeding (though I have plenty pumped already, so I could, but I don't want to introduce a bottle for a couple more weeks!).

Speaking of breastfeeding, my milk came in yesterday. Well, it is still a mix of colostrum and milk (you know that really yellow/watery mix). Harold Jack is doing well. He has a bit of a lazy latch sometimes, but I know he is getting plenty! He is a big spit-upper! Alice hardly ever spit up, so the umpteen million outfit changes is new. Though not a bad thing. Maybe he'll be able to wear most of his 0-3 month clothes before he outgrows them! We have a pediatrician appointment for tomorrow afternoon, so it will be interesting to see how well he is doing. I have a hunch that he may have reflux. When he spits up or burps, it smells very acidic (almost vomit smelling).

Anyway, Happy St. Patty's Day!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

We're Home

We are home! I'd like to introduce our son...Harold Jack Parsons! I'm not sure what I'm going to call him yet. I've been calling him Harold Jack, but may call him Jack, H. Jack, or Harry. Sean is planning on calling him HJ.

Wide-eyed and alert!

He is so sweet and perfect! We got home late this afternoon. Alice is so very curious about him.

He hardly cries. He seems really laid-back and easy going. I'm hoping this is how he really is, and it isn't a fluke. I also thinks he looks like me!

I have so much more to say about him, but I'm not feeling well. I need to call the after hours number because I have been having headaches, chest pain/tightness, and some blurry spots in my vision. These are things they told me to watch out for, as my blood pressure was a bit high and I have been swelling. I just am afraid they may have me go back to the hospital. Which is the last thing I want to do!

I thought I published this several hours ago, but apparently I did not. I fell asleep, but I feel a bit better.

Monday, March 14, 2011


I am deliriously tired, and am hoping to get more than a consecutive hour of sleep. I got about three hours of sleep, last night. In fact, I am so tired my eyes are crossing and this may not even be coherent.

Still no name. I'm going to sleep on it tonight. I do have some pictures :)

He's Here!

I'm going to make this short. I'll post more tonight with some pictures. I'm super tired and sore...and I'm going to guess flocks of people will be in all through the day.

Anyway, short version: no name yet, so stay tuned! He arrived at 3:08 am, weighing 9 lbs (actually 8 lbs 15.8 oz) and 22 inches long.

I will post the birth story another time, but will come back later with some pictures and possibly (hopefully) a name!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers (The Saturday Inactive Labor Edition)

•I was exhausted yesterday and decided to sleep instead of blog. No, I wasn't in the hospital having a baby.

•I woke up and got really sick this morning and was having painful cramps.

•I went to my prenatal massage anyway. I figured that nothing I do will make this baby come any sooner than he is supposed to.

•Massage was wonderful! My cramps were more painful on the way home.

•I took a two hour nap (actually almost three but it took forever to drift off) and when I woke up my cramps were still going on.

•On the way to the pharmacy (which I got there minutes after they closed), I realized that I was actually having contractions!

•I've been timing them and they seem to be slowing down now. They are 6-12 minutes apart (closer to 10-11 now), and lasting about 30 seconds. I'm going to go walk around and see if they will pick up. They are a bit painful and radiate to my back.

•I'm hoping I don't get back labor, but right now that outlook isn't so good.

•Okay, they so they were slowing down. Back to closer to six-seven minutes. Woo hoo! Come on little man, if you are coming!

•Fingers crossed for no days worth of prodromal labor, like I had with Alice!

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

39 Week Appt

I had my 39 week Appt today. Or 38 week. Whatever you want to call it. My OB wasn't there today, so I got lucky.

The nurse checked me out. No change from last week. Cervix is still 1 cm, long and hard. She said the dr would probably call me to discuss induction. I explained to her that I thought (or know) my due date is six days later than what they think. She was really surprised, as "most women would be thrilled to get their baby out and be glad to be done being pregnant". While that may be okay with most women, I am not most women. I am not for induction (early) unless for medical reasons. If my EDD wasn't almost a week different from LMP, I wouldn't be insistent. However, a week is a pretty big deal to me.

Now if he is ready to come before the 20th, then that is fine. But I'm not going to evict him before then, unless medically necessary. The nurse did say that I was "barely" under the limit for protein in my urine. I have been eating A LOT of hard-boiled eggs the past few days. Can eating a lot of eggs (or other protein) cause elevated levels of protein in your urine?

I only wonder because my BP has been perfectly fine, and I know that is usually more indicative of pre-eclampsia. Obviously, if I do have pre-e I will be okay with them inducing.

I'm a bit "bummed" because if I had kept my mouth shut, and went along with scheduling an induction, it would be next Thursday. St. Patrick's Day! How awesome would that be! Well if this baby is going to be a St. Patty's baby, he'll have to come on his own then. Wearing green every year for your birthday would probably get old. Along with corned beef and cabbage.

So I'm still incubating! While that could change quickly, I do not think I'll be having a baby in the next week. Or at least few days. I go back next Thursday and will have an NST. At that point we can start talking induction, provided she wants to do it after the 20th!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Five Things

The other day, Tasha asked "What are 5 things you can't live without (excluding the necessary things like food, clothing, love, family)? So here are my five (for now). I may do this again when I'm no longer pregnant because some of these may change then!

1. Orange Juice: I cannot live without orange juice. I go through about two gallons a week! I was like this when pregnant with Alice, too.

2. Reading material: Books are my preferred reading material, but news, and magazines will suffice. I'm currently reading the "Left Behind" series, and a little over half-way through.

3. My iPhone: I've had other smartphones, but I can't believe I didn't switch earlier. I do all of my blogging, FBing, Tweeting, and everything else on my phone. Plus Alice loves the Phony Phone app, and will occupy her in a heartbeat!

4. Slippers: I love my slippers. I wear them constantly when at home. I'd wear them everywhere else too, but I don't think that is socially accepted!

5. Water: I know this probably sounds funny, but I love to drink water! Which is a good thing :) I go through a case and a half of water a week, sometimes more. I always have two or more bottles with me at all times.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


There seems to be an epidemic going around amongst toddlers. I'm not sure if it is the early terrible-twos, or what. A lot of the women in my mom's group for August '09 have said they are dealing with the same things. So that makes me feel better. I'm glad it isn't just Alice.

Serious, serious, serious attitude, folks! Tired? Throw yourself on the floor! Hungry? Throw yourself on the floor and beat your head! Want to do something you aren't supposed to do? Ram your head into a wall, fall down, beat your head, kick, scream, and cry until you either get pacified somehow or get too tired!

And don't you DARE touch someone during these fits. Otherwise you will be hit, kicked, pinched, or bit! I'd rather wrestle a python than try to deal with Alice during one of these fits! Really, I would!

I'm hoping this just means that the terrible twos won't be so terrible. After all, we should be able to communicate a little better and maybe reason with her, right?

I'm just glad I'm not alone in this. There are times I want to run out of the house and go drink heavily!

Monday, March 7, 2011

Can I Get A Break?

Seriously?! I feel like I'm being crapped on! Okay, so things aren't that bad. I'll blame being hormonal. It just seems like I can't get a break to save my life (and, no, I'm not going to die if I don't get a break-at least I don't think).

Sean started his training today. He has the best trainer (yay!), so he is optimistic that he will pass and be taken in. The downside? Training is two weeks! The worse part? If I go into labor, and he is already at training, it will be almost impossible for him to take off and get me (or meet me) at the hospital. Of course, if I go into labor before he leaves for the day, then they are okay with him not being there (or so they say). So I'm hoping this little man stays put for two weeks, comes on a weekend, labor starts at night or early morning, or I end up with an induction. Fingers crossed!

So I have to come up with even more contingency plans. My mom insists she will be at the hospital with me. I'd rather poke my own eyes out! My SIL volunteered to be my labor buddy, so I may take her up on that! I asked my mom if she would come up later this week do I could show her where all of Alice's things are (in case she has to come get her or stay with her here) and she gave me some story about not knowing if she should drive her car all the way up here. Blah, blah, blah! How does she expect to help out once he is here? She is the one all excited about helping out. Does she think I'm going to pack up the car with both kiddies and drive to her? She is insane! I understand if she doesn't want to help or drive up here. In fact, it may be less stressful doing things by myself than with her around! I reserve the right to retract that statement.

I have a feeling my ob will be discussing induction on Thursday. Which means she'll probably want to do it that following Thursday. I know I'm six days behind what they have, so I can refuse an induction, right? They can't make me. As long as he is doing well, right?

I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. I'll just explain what is going on. Who knows, this little man may have another plan in mind! He is getting so low that I'm having trouble walking. It is super painful.

Oh, and thank you all for your kind words and thoughts about Gretchen! I am still bummed, but I'm doing better.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

38 Week Picture and Sad News

I'm going to make this short, as I'm upset. Today I'm 38 weeks (or 38w6d). Here is my belly pic. Looks like I may have dropped a bit.

Now the sad news. Sean found Gretchen today. She was across the road and had been hit by a car. I'm terribly upset. I'm just lying in bed bawling my eyes out. This is the second fur baby that the damn road has claimed! Stupid state road! What makes this even more hurtful, is I was the one that let her out. So I'm to blame for, yet again, another death. Now I'm dredging up memories of Bruno too.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

More Sickness

My poor baby is still sick. It seems she can't get a break. She went from stomach flu to a cold and respiratory infection.

Last night, she kept waking up and crying. Finally about 4 am (after I had another bout with vomiting!), we got her comfortable enough to sleep. She has had a really runny nose, but I was more concerned about her breathing. She was breathing hard and heavy. Plus she had a really nasty cough.

So I took her to immediate care today. We got there at noon, and what a zoo. Alice did really well, all things considered. We waited a little over an hour before they called us back. Towards the end there she started throwing her books and a toy. The nurse made a comment about her "looking like she feels fine". Yeah, whatever lady. If you only knew my daughter. She normally would have been climbing and running everywhere. Plus you can look at her eyes and tell how bad she feels. You know that glossed over look.

The doctor checked her out and said she has a cold/respiratory infection and bronchitis. So we got her an antibiotic. Hopefully she will be feeling better in another day or two.

I am enjoying the cuddle time while it lasts :) and the naps!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

•Does anyone want an 18 month old? I'm thinking about selling her, but haven't made my mind up completely. She loves to pitch fits, throw herself into walls or the floor, scream, not listen, and refuse anything and everything. She does give good hugs and kisses, can be wildly entertaining, and has a sweet disposition when happy as can be!

•Okay, so I'm not selling her. I wouldn't mind having a break from her for a few hours. Same with Sean. I won't sell him, but I'd like him out of my hair for awhile.

•I'm tired of people asking me: "how are you feeling" and "when is he coming?" I'm tired, grumpy, huge, and getting over a stomach bug. How do you think I feel? And how am I supposed to know when he will come? When it is time, he will come!

•If this past week was supposed to be a relaxing break for me, then I'd hate to see what a busy, chaotic week is like. It was my turn to be waited on hand and foot. Instead, I was doing all the waiting and nursing everyone back to health.

•I have a feeling this baby is going to be late. I'm thinking March 23-26. I only say that because I have really no progress going on. I know that could change quickly, so who knows.

•Gretchen has been missing since Monday night/Tuesday morning. I put them outside/the breezeway two weeks ago, and everyone was much happier! Every night I get them in and lock them inside until morning. Monday night I got them in. At least I swear both cats were in! I did go outside around 2 am because I was burning up, so it is possible she got out then. She is usually stuck to my side, so you'd think I would have noticed. But anyway, I don't think she is coming back. I'm pretty sure something got her, otherwise she would be here. It is just weird. Out of both cats, she is the one that never left the property! Maybe she'll show up...but I'm not holding my breath.

•Alice got a mid-day bath today. I hadn't drained the tub right away, and when we went back in the bathroom so I could potty, she kept reaching in and playing with the water. Then she fell in face first! It was funny. I wish I had gotten a picture!

•I guess I should finish everything up for the baby and install the car seat. I didn't realize until yesterday how little time we have. My ob has me at 1 1/2 weeks left, and wants to talk induction after next week!

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

38 Week Appt and Sick Update

I had my 38 week appointment today. I lost a little over 9 pounds from last week. I'll blame that on the illness. It is probably all water weight anyway. I couldn't leave a urine sample because I hadn't urinated in about 36 hours. She gave me phenergan for nausea, and said to drink lots of fluids. If I hadn't urinated by 5 this evening, then she wanted me to go get an iv. No worries. I'm finally peeing!

The little man has dropped according to everyone. I don't see it, but I'll take a picture this weekend. I'm 1 cm dilated, cervix long and hard. Apparently I have a magical cervix. She has me at 38 1/2 weeks, so she said if I make it to next weeks appointment, then we'll start talking. Guess I'll have to remind her I think my due date is six days later.

I quit vomiting around midnight, but still had bad diarrhea. My fever broke around 1. I'm feeling better, but not quite recovered. We had a rough night with Alice. She kept waking up every two hours, and would fling herself around, banging her head and slamming it into stuff. She has several big goose eggs on her forehead. I think she was having intestinal pain, but she wouldn't let me touch her. She is much better today. Sean is finally feeling better. Which I'm glad about because I was about to strangle him.

He and I got into an argument last night because I was frustrated with him not taking care of Alice. Then he threw the whole "I'm not feeling well" bit in my face (Yeah, I know! Me too! But you aren't vomiting!). And started making comments about my "bloggy" friends and how I know everything about parenting (I don't-do any of us?), when Alice went through her screaming bloody murder thing. But I was just irritated with his baby attitude. Everything is fine now. It just can get a little tense when everyone is not feeling well and tired.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Well I got their bug. Except I seem to have got every symptom. Diarrhea, vomiting, aches, headache, and chills (fever). I have been in bed all day. And the little man is moving, kicking, and punching a ton...which is making my sore stomach and intestines hurt even more.

I'm hoping I'll be better by tomorrow, but Sean still isn't feeling well. And Alice? Still running a fever, vomiting a bit, and hardly eating. So I'm not too optimistic.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Throes of Hell

Last night, while I was making dinner, Sean ran into town to get a few things. While he was gone, Alice started coughing and threw up on the floor. I didn't think much of it, as she may have stuck a finger down her throat (which is usually why she vomits).

Sean got home and said he didn't feel well, and went straight to bed. Alice and I ate dinner. Well, I did. She had a few bites here and there. I gave her a bath and got her to bed.

A few hours later, Sean started vomiting. He was so loud, he woke Alice up. So I got both of them settled back down. Same thing an hour or so later. About 3 am, I finally was to get to sleep. A little over an hour later, Alice threw up all over the bed. I got everyone up, cleaned up, changed sheets, and back in bed.

A little bit later, she woke up and threw up again. So I took her in the bathroom. She threw up a few more times. I got her cleaned up, new jammies, new sheets on the bed, and everyone back in bed. This time we put towels down in case she threw up again. I threw the sheets, jammies, and stuffed animals in the laundry.

I finally got to sleep after 6. Luckily, I was able to sleep a few hours. I still haven't gotten sick, but I keep feeling waves of queasiness. My dad, who came over Sunday for dinner, got really sick yesterday too.

So I know I'm not out of the woods yet, but I'm hoping and praying I don't get this. I can't imagine being this pregnant and that violently ill!