Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I've Got Nothing

Alice woke me up around 8:30 this morning. She still wasn't feeling well, so I got her to fall back asleep for a bit. Once I was able to free my arm from under her, I noticed it was soaking wet. Seems like she and I were both sweating.

I did not manage to escape the Alice germs. I have a cold and possibly a sinus/respiratory infection. I have this annoying cough and sneeze. I feel like staying in pajamas all day, and probably will.

I went out to feed the animals in my pajamas. I bought some new ones for when I'm in the hospital. Cute and comfy, with a button up top (ideal for breastfeeding). The only problem is they aren't maternity. So instead of looking pregnant, I look like the next contestant on The Biggest Loser. Couple in my messy, sweat ridden hair thrown up in a ponytail and I look like a horror story of those "Housewives who used to take care of themselves". You know what, I don't give a damn. I'm comfortable and not feeling well.

So that brings me to how I got these germs. The things they never tell you about you will be sneezed, coughed, peed, and snotted upon. Now, I didn't get sick from getting pee on me. In fact, I haven't gotten any pee on me in awhile. I have been sneezed on, coughed on, and snotted upon. You know, the less glamorous aspects of being a parent. Any of those could have done it, but when you throw in licking your child's fingers, there is really no way to escape illness. Why did I lick Alice's fingers? Because I had to. There was no napkin, washcloth, wipe, or anything handy and I didn't want ketchup to get over everything in the twenty seconds it would have taken to get something.

And now I have to go clean up some Cheerios all over the couch. It seems Marty 1, Marty 2, Piggy, Bear, and Baby are hungry and "ont Os!"

Alright, I'm back. I am seriously so tired. I realize I am run down, and trying to play catch up on sleep, but I haven't been up more than two hours! I'm hoping to get Alice down for a nap around her regular nap-time. She slept until 11:30! She took a late nap yesterday, thanks to a snooze on the way home from PT. So she didn't go to sleep until about midnight. I'm hoping to get her to sleep earlier tonight.

Okay, I wrote all of that earlier and gave up because I seriously could barely move. We got in a good nap and ate an early dinner (or really late lunch). I'm sure we will both eat again here soon, but I'm not cooking tonight. Soup, salad, or sandwiches here, folks! I'm in survival mode...and any energy I have has to go towards keeping Alice from climbing the walls because I will have no extra for anything else.

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Danifred said...

I'm so sorry you are in survival mode. I hope you get a break soon and feel better!