Thursday, January 27, 2011


We are trying to make life more simple. I think quite a few parents are trying to do the same thing in this day and age. We live in a world full of conveniences, extravagances, and just too much stuff.

So what is simple? I suppose it depends upon whom you ask, and in what reference you are talking about. To me simple is easy. I want a simple home and life. No, life is not easy but I am trying to make our lives a little more simple. I want my home to be easy to maintain. Which it is not currently.

Today, I am referring to meals. Even being a SAHM, I have a lot on my plate. Alice takes up a lot of time, and once the little man gets here things are only going to get more chaotic. So I love quick, easy, healthy meals. Okay, so healthy isn't always achieved-hello frozen pizza!

A few of my "go-to" meals that my family and I love, and that can be whipped together in very little time:
•Italian ham and beans
•anything in the crockpot (beef stew, pot roast, potato soup, lasagna, etc.)
•chicken noodle soup

And the list goes on. I started thinking about this the other week, when Sean requested chicken parmesan for dinner. I made a remark that that wasn't simple, and he griped about "why ask him if I never make what he requests." So I felt bad, and not having any other ideas for dinner, I made chicken Parmesan.

To be honest, it was pretty simple to make. I just really prefer a meal with "simple" clean up too. You know, less pots, pans, etc. I really love those meals that only dirty one item. So I guess that is another requirement of a "simple" meal.

What simple meals do you love? What not-so-simple meals do you love? My favorite not-so-simple meal is veggie stuffed shells! It is my favorite meal, but what a pain to make. I usually only make it once or twice a year (and extra at that, so I can freeze some).


HereWeGoAJen said...

Hmm, chili and cornbread is my easiest meal, since I do the chili from cans and the cornbread from a mix. And I do almost NOTHING from cans, so that is when you can tell I am desperate. We do pasta for other easy meals. Chicken parm is one of Matt's favorites too and it is on of the not so easy ones, I think mainly because of the mess it makes and the number of dishes it dirties.

The Tompkins Family said...

Pasta is an easy meal for us...wraps is another good one with a bagged salad mix for a side dish. For harder meals, I absolutely love completely homemade soups but they sure take a long time to make! I usually double or triple the recipe since I'm going to all the trouble and then freeze.