Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Randomness and Pictures!

I don't have an interesting post for today, so this will be random. So lets bring out the bullets!

I wrote this yesterday, but it never published.

•I got a new blogging app, but when I tried it earlier I lost my whole post. Boo!

•I passed my GTT! The nurse called while we were napping (me too today), and I sent it to voicemail. She then called right back, so I figured something was wrong. She said everything looked good, but wanted to know if I was taking a daily prenatal (yes). She then went on to say that they would be drawing more blood to look at my b12 levels. Now on to research that and make myself paranoid!

•I was 29 weeks yesterday. I took two pictures for your viewing pleasure. I haven't gotten my 28 week one from Lindsay yet, but she is really busy. So here are 29 weeks. Forgive the towels on the floor-you'll see why in the second picture!

I personally prefer the second picture because it is like "Where's Alice?".

•Speaking of Alice, she has been opening the refrigerator for a week or so. Yesterday she brought me a can of whip cream and her sippy cup. It is her way of telling me she is thirsty!

•And then she told me she was hungry by doing this...

I like her choice of salad and veggies. The cool whip-eh, not so much.

•I have been feeling not so well today. I don't think I'm getting sick. The best way to describe it is "feeling off". I have been a bit nauseous at times and extremely tired. I'm hoping it is just typical pregnancy stuff, and not a sign of early labor. Though I do have a feeling this little man will be early. Fingers crossed not too early. I have been having cramps (or contractions per my ob) off and on for the past three weeks. I may have her check my cervix at my appt this week. Not that that is indicative of anything.

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HereWeGoAJen said...

I love the Alice picture, it is so cute!