Monday, February 28, 2011

Miscellaneous Monday (picture, update, and Potato Soup recipe)

I was 37 weeks yesterday. I'm tempted to say 38 weeks because that is what the OB has me at, as of that sounds better. But I'm 37 weeks 1 day today.

This little guy is still moving a ton! Last night I was up and couldn't sleep. I bet even if I could have slept, I still would have woken up because he was moving and it was pretty painful. I really wondered if he was going to pop right through my belly! Here is my belly pic from yesterday.

I will try to get Alice's stats tomorrow when I'm in town. Then I can do her 18 month update. Sean is on "vacation" this week, but he is doing construction in the mornings. So I had a rough start to my day. I ended up dozing on the couch while Alice played.

Quite a few people wanted the recipe for the crock-pot potato soup. So here you go :)

Crock-pot Potato Soup

•Potatoes-peeled and cut up (whatever kind you like and however big of chunks you like)
•Medium-Large onion (I use white)
•Bacon (I use bacon bits, bit you can use "real" bacon and crumble it yourself)
•8 oz cream cheese, softened
•2 small cans cheddar cheese soup (10 3/4oz)
•1 small can cream of onion (you can use cream of celery or chicken-I think the onion tastes better) 10 3/4 oz
•Chicken broth (I usually use a 32 oz container, plus a little more from another one)

I have a 5 or 6 qt crock-pot, so I don't know how many potatoes you will need.

Put potatoes on crock-pot. Add onion. In a separate bowl (make sure it is large) mix cream cheese, soups, chicken broth, and bacon. Pour over potatoes and mix. You'll have small lumps of cream cheese. Don't worry it will be fine in the end. Cook on high about 4 hours, or low for 6-8. I usually stir it once about half-way through, but if you aren't home it will be fine.

Hope you enjoy the soup! You can make this on the stove too, if you don't have a crock-pot. I don't know how long to cook it for, but until the potatoes are tender (or to your liking).

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

•If you want in on the guessing game, Sunday is the deadline. Guess date and weight/height. Alice was 6 days late and weighed 7lb12oz, 20.5 in long. I'm due March 20. I was 1-1 1/2 cm dilated and 30% effaced on Thursday. She said my cervix was very soft, but that his head was way behind my cervix.

•I will have most of the day (and house) to myself tomorrow, so I plan on relaxing, reading, and getting some cleaning/organizing done.

•I made crockpot potato soup for dinner. I've already had TWO bowls...and will probably have more.

•The eating only in the kitchen rule is already out the window. It lasted until the next morning when Sean and Alice planted themselves in front of the tv for breakfast *sigh*

•I have decided that I want this little guy to stay put as long as possible. Now that I state that publicly, he'll probably come early!

•I'm going over to my best friend's tomorrow evening. I haven't seen her or her family in quite awhile. Her girls are super excited to have a "brother" soon!

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

37 Week Appt

Today was a typical appointment. My weight was up a couple of pounds. I tend to weigh less as the day goes on when I'm pregnant. I think because I'm so swollen. So if my appointment had been later in the day, I may not have "gained" those couple pounds. It doesn't matter to me at this point. I try not to focus on that. I still fit in my clothes. Well my pants anyway. My shirts are covering less and less these days! I have had some dull headaches here and there, but my bp is low. Maybe it is just hormones? I know that probably sounds funny to you, but I get these "tingly" achy sensations in my head before I ovulate, start my period, or go into labor.

My fundal height was measuring 38 weeks.
She checked to make sure I wasn't leaking amniotic fluid, as I have felt gushes of fluid the past few days. No amniotic fluid, just regular discharge. I am dilated about 1-1 1/2 cm and about 30% effaced. She said my cervix was real soft. His head is still way behind my cervix, so I'm guessing we are at least a week or two away, but who knows. That could change at anytime. This internal was pretty uncomfortable, so I think my body is getting ready. My internals with Alice weren't painful until the last week.

I'm a bit torn. Sean is starting his training March 7, so they moved it up a week. I don't know when an "ideal" time would be for this little guy to come. Part of me thinks prior to that date. And if not, then to hold out as long as possible. Of course, that would still mean being alone with Alice. She has "calmed" down a bit with me, so hopefully it won't be completely difficult.

Who am I kidding? I'll be miserable 24/7 soon enough. I just hope we can keep all tantrums at a minimum. And that she wants to lie around with me. Ha!

Regardless, this baby will come when he is ready. And we will figure everything out. Unless one of you out in bloggy land would like to come visit for awhile and help take care of Alice after March 7.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

It's Catching

Apparently I am not the only one nesting around here. Sean came home with a new couch. Well, the people owned it for six months and were moving and didn't have room for it. It is really nice, and looks brand new.

So he and I cleaned up the living room, rearranged furniture, and got rid of our old couch. The new couch doesn't match our love-seat or recliner, but I can get a slipcover for the love-seat. The couch is a chocolate corduroy, so the black recliner looks a bit funny, but it is across the room. Quite frankly, I don't care.

Our next project is to tackle the bedrooms, set up the upstairs bedroom, and the kitchen. Alice has a habit of bringing food into the living room and onto the furniture. That stops today. All food will be in the kitchen. I've wanted that rule for awhile, but Sean sits and eats on the couch or bed. I'm tired of crumbs everywhere! So, of course, Alice thinks she is allowed to eat wherever too. And I can't tell her it is not allowed when we have both done it. So we will ALL be eating in the kitchen from now on. Except the baby...he'll eat wherever I decide to nurse him!

So perhaps this whole place will get nice and clean before he comes. I can only do so much, and today I over-did it a bit. It is nice having Sean around.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Change of Plans

Sean had some news last night. I won't say bad, nor good. The original plan was that he was to be on vacation for four weeks, after this week was over. At which point he would do a week of training and then start driving.

Well that isn't how it is going to work out. He said his training starts March 14th...possibly sooner, but he doubts that. If he doesn't start training when they call him, and he asks them to delay it a week or two, they pretty much told him he may as well not go into driving.

I have faith that what is meant to be, will be, and everything will work out. I don't want him to stay working part-time in the evening and doing construction during the day. That is just way too much. If he goes into driving, he would work 12 hours a day. Which is about what he did with construction and the night job. The only difference is that he would be home more and potentially get more sleep, if he drives. He won't have to add the driving time to wherever they are working (it has been at least an hour drive there) plus between jobs, etc. It would be an hour and a half commute time, instead of three or four!

He said he could just stay with the two jobs. I told him I didn't want him to. Unless for some reason he doesn't pass his training, in which case he won't be taken. It would be a lot easier on him to just do the driving, so I'm hoping and praying that it will work out.

The problem is that I was counting on him being home for four weeks. Regardless of when this little guy comes, it would be a lot easier on me to have him around. He can help out with Alice, and would be here if I went into labor. Now who knows what will happen. While part of me thinks this little man may come early, another part of me thinks I may be in this for the long haul.

My biggest fear is that he will be on the road when I go into labor, and won't be able to make it back in time.

Best case scenario: this little guy comes a bit early (and is healthy, of course), or waits until a Wednesday or Thursday to arrive. That way Sean could take 2-3 days off and we'd have the weekend. Of course, I would be doing everything by myself at that point.

I think his mom and step-mom are planning on coming for a few days (or up to a week). My mom lives about 45 minutes away, and I'm sure she'd be willing to help out a bit. I'm just worried about doing it all by myself!

If the past two days are any indication, I could probably sneak in a 10-15 minute snooze, once or twice a day, without Alice getting into trouble. Yes, I'm that mom that has been falling "asleep" (I can still hear what she is doing-I'm just not capable of moving for a few minutes) and giving her free reign.

So if you could say a prayer that everything works out, I would appreciate it.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mr. Sandman

Have you seen him? If you have, could you please, please, please, pretty PLEASE send him my way?

I have been going to sleep around 3-4am. Getting up every hour and twenty minutes to pee. Then I can't get comfortable. So I read. Get thirsty. Drink half a bottle of water, and the cycle repeats.

Good news is that Sean bought me a recliner. I have yet to try it at night.

Bad news is that I have to get up with Alice. Lately she has been getting up a little after 8. Sometimes 9. So I'm getting maybe 4 hours of sleep.

I realize most of this is my body getting prepared for the baby, but really?! Could I get a little more sleep? I've even tried Unisom, but that doesn't seem to work very well. Well it works in making me sleepy, but not at helping or keeping me asleep.

I tried to nap with Alice today. I'm not kidding when I say that she would lie down, wait until I started to drift off, and then get up and run off. So it would take me a few minutes to drag myself up and get her. And we went through this a couple of times. I finally gave up. And wouldn't you know it...she fell asleep! Which means she won't be ready for bed anytime soon. Boo! I'll be so glad when this week is over, and Sean is home.

Oh, and I know I said I would do Alice's 18 month post, but that will have to wait a day or so. Sean didn't grab the paperwork with all of her stats when we were leaving. And I didn't see or hear how tall she is or how much she weighs. All I know is she is in the 76th percentile for height and 30-something for weight. So I'll try to pick that up tomorrow.

In the meantime, if you see Mr. Sandman please send him my way!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

36 Weeks

Today is a pretty big day. Not only am I 36 weeks, but Alice is 18 months old! I will do her post tomorrow, as my large belly shouldn't overshadow her day.

I have been sleeping sporadically. As soon as I start feeling sleep on the horizon, it never fails. I have to go to the bathroom. Anymore, 2am is an early bedtime. There have been those 3 and 4 am beatings too. I really look forward to nap time. That is the only time I really sleep well.

I think Sean is going to get me a recliner. I hope so. Aside from the possibility that I may sleep better there for the next few weeks, it will be a nice place to nurse. We have a rocking chair in the bedroom, but we have never done anything with it. It needs to be refinished and cushions. It is an old rocking chair...Sean and his sisters were all rocked and nursed in it!

Sean took Alice with him to church this morning. You are probably wondering why I didn't go. It is over an hour and a half away, and I had only gotten a few hours of sleep by the time they left. Remind me to DEFINITELY set out outfits (complete with shoes, hair clips, socks, etc) for when I'm in the hospital. She looked like some crazy mismatched, wild hair girl! At least he tried :)

So without further ado, here is this weeks picture. You can see my haircut and swollen fingers/hands too! Oh and I'll start taking weekly pictures so maybe we'll see this little guy drop!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

All About Me

Yes, it is all about me today. Or for about four or five hours. I guess that is about the best I can ask for these days.

I had a prenatal massage, pedicure, and hair cut today. I had a new lady at the salon/spa for my massage. (Side note: this freaking phone kept trying to put myassage instead of my massage?!) She did a good job, but was way different than the guy I have gone to for previous massages. Plus she used lotion instead of oil, which is cool with me...except for this weird smell. It smells like band-aids and nursing home mixed together. Obviously, this lotion does not mix well with my chemical makeup.

Back to the was relaxing, but I was still sore in places. I think she was afraid to work on my hips (which really needed some tlc). The guy gets all my spots. Umm...okay, that sounded bad. I mean he works out all my kinks, knots, etc. Funny how a MAN can realize your hips can hurt during pregnancy, but a woman (with FOUR kids) acts like I'm Miss Modesty. Lady, I'm weeks/days away from showing a bunch of strangers my lady bits! You can rub on my hips/butt a little bit!

Anyway, I'm sure you are all dying for a picture of my hair cut. Too bad! You'll have to wait until tomorrow. I'll take a belly pic then.

So I came home and me time was over. Back to reality. I made chicken nachos for dinner-really yummy! And Alice came over, pulled up my shirt, and started using my belly as her personal canvas. Sour cream was used for paint. I know you are dying to see her art work, so here you go.

I'd like to be able to say that she drew those blue/red/pink/purple squiggly lines, but that would be a lie. Well, I suppose she sort of did, when she was in utero. So, if anyone is offended that I posted that picture, I'm sorry- blame my mother, grandmother, and whomever else.

Actually, I'm not sorry if you were offended or grossed out. Those are badges of motherhood! And I should note that there is NO POSSIBLE WAY that my belly button can protrude anymore! I have a really deep innie normally, and it is at maximum output, folks.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

•I'm officially opening up the "when will baby arrive" contest. Check out yesterday's post for details. I'll keep it open through next weekend, so if you want to wait and see if anything is going on at my next appt, you can. I have yet to decide what the prize(s) will be, but most likely baked goods!

•Alice and I went outside this evening to play. It was great to get some fresh air. After an hour, I started trying to get her inside. She decided to run into the field. What a nightmare! She got stuck in mud and I did too trying to get her out. Then she was a crying, muddy, cold mess.

•I think her favorite part was the bunnies. She kept petting the nice one, and telling them to, "GO!" She apparently wanted them to come out and play. I think she was calling them piggies, but I'm not sure.

•I have a prenatal massage, pedicure, and haircut scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. I can't wait! I really need a haircut-it has been at least 6 months. Plus I can no longer really do my toes, so I'm hoping this will last til the little guy gets here!

•One more week and then Sean is on vacation. Then I can be as lazy as I want to be! I can lie around and incubate as much as I want without feeling guilty about Alice.

•Speaking of which, do you know how hard it is to walk around in soft, muddy grass (and a muddy "quicksand" field) while pregnant? Takes a lot out of you!

•I need to finish the last load or two of baby stuff. I need to get the bassinet out and cleaned up. The car seat cover needs to be washed and then it can be installed. And pack bags. One for Alice. One for me and the baby. I need to pick out an outfit for him for going home. I had a cute ones, pants, and sweater for Alice when we brought her home, but I'm thinking more practical this time. Ideas?

•Speaking of leftovers, how often (and when) do you eat them? We often do leftovers for lunch, or when I don't feel like cooking-which is usually at least once a week.

Now leave some comment love, and then go visit Danifred for more Friday Night Leftovers. Make sure to check out all the other FNL participants too!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

36 Week Appt

I had my 36 week appt today. I'm 36+3 according to them, 35+4 by O date. I said last week that I would give all the facts that I know, so that everyone can make a guess on how big he will be and when he will arrive. So here is what I know...

•Little man weighs 7lbs4oz (give or take half a pound, but the tech is really pretty accurate).
•All body parts are measuring 36+3 to 37+4, with the exception of his belly, which is measuring 38+3.
•My fundal height was 37 1/2 weeks (down from 38 1/2 last week, so mostly the way he is positioned). He is head down (and has been for awhile).
•They couldn't see my cervix on the u/s because his head was so low!
•Alice was born at 40+6, and was 20 1/2 inches long and 7lbs12oz.
•My due date by LMP is March 14. By O date (I was charting) is March 20.
•I have been having some cramps and minor contractions for awhile. I did not get an internal done today, so I have no idea if I'm dilating/effacing yet. She'll check me next week.
•I don't feel any pressure down low yet, so he can't be *that* low.

And I think that is about everything I know at this point. I honestly think this little man will be early. Of course, I thought the same thing with Alice and she was almost a week late!

If there are any questions you have, that I didn't answer let me know. I'll officially open up the contest tomorrow, but you can guess early if you want *wink*. I'll wait until next weekend to close the contest, so if you want to wait for my internal next week that is fine!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Heat Wave

It has been warming up quite a bit the past few days. Today it got up to the mid 60's. It actually felt like spring. I'm not naive enough to think the cold and snow are gone. Having lived in the mid-west all of my life, you learn it is possible to experience every season during a week.

I would have loved to take Alice outside to play, but there is still quite a bit of snow and where it has melted, there is lots of mud. I just didn't feel like dealing with that. So we stayed indoors. Blah!

I turned the thermostat down, since it was so warm. Unfortunately, I suffer from a horrible condition known as "Mommy with pregnancy brain" and I turned the heat up instead! Oops!

And now I'm trying to figure out what to do for dinner. I'm really thinking breakfast for dinner. Except I don't feel like cooking anything. At all. So cereal and fruit sounds good to me.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wits End

Yes, that is about where I'm at with Alice. I hate saying that. I really do. She is just too much of a handful. Plus she is now Daddy's girl. Mama is no longer fun. Sean is only working a few hours in the evening at UPS, but for those few hours all Alice does is scream, kick, throw stuff, and hit. She just wants her Daddy.

I can't say I blame her. I'm no fun. I just want to put my feet up and relax. I am now swelling very badly. So I do need to keep off my feet as much as possible. I'm more swollen in the mornings, than I was by the end of the day with Alice's pregnancy. My fingers and toes look like sausage links. I no longer have ankles. My blood pressure was still low today (125/85) but that is kind of high for me. I'm normally around 110/60. I doubt I have pre-eclampsia but you never know.

Anyway, I was talking about Alice. She starts acting up shortly after Sean leaves. She screams and kicks me when I change her diaper. She hits me. She screams and screams and screams. Then she starts throwing things, often at me. I know she is frustrated with me. Heck, I'm frustrated with me. I wish I could be more fun and a better mommy right now. I just have to get through this week and next, and then he is on vacation. Then Alice can have as much of her Daddy as she wants! I'm just afraid of what she will go through when he starts driving, and is (most likely) working nights. Hopefully by then I'll be able to be more fun.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

We don't typically do much of anything for Valentine's Day. This year was no exception. My dad came up last night for his annual Valentine's dinner from me. We had steak, baked potatoes with garlic and onion, carrots, and asparagus. I made a caramel apple bundt cake for dessert. He brought me chocolates, like he usually does.

Today, I got Alice roses. They smell wonderful! Pink, peach, and yellow roses. She wants to touch them, but I won't let her. Sean requested chicken cordon bleu for dinner. Of course, I made him what he wanted. I have perfected my recipe, so the next time I make it I will take pictures and share the recipe. It was melt in your mouth delicious! We also had au gratin potatoes and broccoli. For dessert? Triple chocolate cupcakes! They are chocolate cupcakes with chocolate filling and chocolate icing. Sean is a big chocolate fiend, so I made them especially for him. Of course, Alice and I get to enjoy them as well!

Did you get or do anything special for Valentine's Day?

Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

•I bought a couple of maternity/nursing tops from Baby Steals the other day. I love them! The problem, one has a waistband that I can't get over my shoulders/chest. So what a waste! I can't return or exchange it, either. I'm going to see if I can cut the band or something.
•I bought these anti-stress/calming collars for the cats awhile back. I was planning on putting them on when the baby got here, but Sean put them on this morning because they have been CRAZY! Gretchen got hers half off and stuck around her mouth, and ended up cutting herself. Blood was everywhere! Mortimer started to do the same thing shortly afterwards. My point is: don't buy anything like that. It is a waste of money and will make a bloody mess!
•I stopped by the grocery store today after PT. There is a lady there who is so sweet, and today she asked if she could rub my belly. I obliged. When I finished waddling around the store, I got in a long line, as the others were closed. She waved me over and opened up a lane just for me! And then insisted upon emptying my cart onto the belt AND having someone push the cart out to the car and loading the groceries! Seriously what an angel!
•Have you ever not gone to a restaurant/fast food/other place of business just because they have words spelled wrong on a sign? I didn't think I would, but I refuse to go to the Burger King in our town because they repeatedly spell breakfast as breakfest! Do I get a party with my biscuit?
•I had to take a nap when I got home from the store/PT. I figured I had about an hour before Sean left for work. Well he let me sleep almost two hours before he rudely woke me up saying he was going to be late, blah, blah, blah. Umm, why did you let me sleep that long then? I told him to wake me up!
•And speaking of naps, my schedule is so messed up. I can't get to sleep until about 2am, and am up every 2-3 hours to use the bathroom. So it is no wonder that I need a nap! I just wish I could go to bed at a more reasonable time!
•Did you hear that breast pumps and supplies are now tax deductible? Here
•I'm almost done with the Twilight series (again). I ordered the Left Behind series, so hopefully that gets here soon. I'll go nuts if I have to go too long without a book!
•To answer Carrie's question from last week; Sean will only be working 12 hour shifts and will be home every night (or day). He just won't have his own set route for awhile, and can get called into work 8 hours after leaving. So that will be a bit of a challenge. He will get his vacation before training, which starts March 14, but the HR lady told him they could postpone that a week or two, as that is my first due date. If he can't for some reason, then he could take two or three days off for the birth and then go back without getting into trouble (but not during training).

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Whoa, Baby!

I had my 35 week appt today (34week actually). I'm officially heavier now than when I delivered Alice. I'm also measuring 38 1/2 weeks and baby is estimated to be 6lbs today. She was pretty shocked! I told her I thought my due date was six days later than they had it (I explained I was charting), so she said she wanted to do an ultrasound next week. So, yay! I get to see the little man again!

It is no wonder I feel so GINORMOUS! I was about this big full-term with Alice, and I still have 5 1/2 weeks to go. Sean is guessing I'll have him March 7. Don't give me your predictions yet. I'll probably state all the facts I know, next week on FNL and do a contest. That way more people can "play", though I'll probably group my FB guesses in with you guys too.

Speaking of FB, I have my belly pics from Alice on there (along with this pregnancy too), if you want to compare sizes. And if you aren't my friend on there and would like to be, contact me at sarahstaceyp at gmail dot com and I'll look you up or give you my info!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Remember

Don't get me wrong, I am so thrilled and thankful to be pregnant with our second child! There are just some things that I can't do, or have such a hard time doing that it isn't worth the battle. Here is my list, and I'm trying to keep it humorous!

I remember when I was able to:
•shave my legs or bikini area. I still try, but usually it is so painful I give up. Plus the whole having to go by touch on the bikini area is annoying, and slightly dangerous! I'd need to be better left-handed to get the other side!
•Brush my teeth, wash dishes, or cook without having to be a foot away and slightly bent over.
•Reach into the spice cabinet without having to stand on tip-toes or move around to the side of the stove.
•Was able to get up from sitting without making it a whole ordeal.
•Sleep. And comfortably.
•Turn over in bed in seconds flat. Now it takes a lot of psyching myself up.
•Sleep in whatever position I wanted; back, stomach...and without a huge pillow between my legs that makes me sweat bullets half-way through the night!
•Sit on the floor and play with Alice. This I miss the most. I just cannot get up by myself, and it is too painful on my pubic bone.
•Bend down and pick anything up.
•Could go to the bathroom, and not have to go five minutes later.
•Didn't spend half of the day on the toilet!
•Could actually walk, and not waddle!

And I'm sure there are plenty more. Like I said, I wouldn't change this for anything in the world. And I'm not complaining, just reminiscing about the things I'll be able to do again in approximately 33-39 days!!! In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy this little man and his kicks, punches, jabs, and rolls!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Schedule, Smedule

I have been trying since September, when I got laid-off, to get Alice on a more "normal" schedule. We were doing really well there, and then we went to Boston in early November and with the holidays, things got off-track. So we have been working on getting back into a routine.

For the most part it is working, or was. She would wake up around 9:30, we'd have breakfast, read, color, play, eat a snack (or a light lunch), and take a nap around 1 or 1:30 for about two hours. Then we'd do another snack, play, get dinner ready (and do dishes), eat, bath, and wind down for bed- which was around 10-10:30. Still late, but a lot earlier than her usual 12-1.

I don't know what has happened (I will speculate), but Alice wants nothing to do with that schedule. Nap time has been more like 2 or 2:30 for two or three hours. Bedtime...what is that? She has been staying up until 12, 1, and sometimes later.

Today, I had PT, so we got up early (8:30) and she slept on the way to my moms, on the way home from my moms, and because we got home about 3 I just decided to keep her up. Want to know what happened?

She took a nap anyway. And at 5:30! Ugh! I've woken her up, but she just goes back to sleep. So I'm about to start dinner, and feed her and do a bath, but I know she won't go to sleep until midnight or later.

I think she is waiting for Dada to get home. And then she gets all wound up when he gets here. "Dada this and Dada that" which is wonderful, but not when I'm trying to get her to wind down!

At this point, I'm considering sleeping pills. For both of us *wink*. Seriously, I wish I could give her something to help her sleep, but I wouldn't do that.

So I guess I have about five weeks to get her into a better routine. Any ideas? Because I need her on one. Then I can tackle the baby, and work on getting one of their nap-times and bedtime down. You know, so I can have that much desired "me" time!

Monday, February 7, 2011

34 Weeks

I haven't posted a belly shot in awhile, so I took one last night at 34 weeks. I may go with my ob's schedule now, in which case I am 35 weeks today! Almost there!

Anyway, excuse the mess I am. I didn't have it in me to look cute or pulled together. So you get the "without the frills" version of me (which isn't much different from the normal me).

I really should use the same shirt when taking pics so it is easier to tell how much bigger I have gotten. I think you can tell though *wink*.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

It's a Post

We are watching the Super Bowl and drinking homemade smoothies. I love smoothies, so I was thrilled when Sean suggested them. So I went to the store and got all of the stuff we need, plus a new blender! Woo hoo!

Anyway, I don't know if you guys are aware of this site or not, but it is too funny not to share. I was reading and came across this and about peed my pants! Seriously! I had tears running down my face! So if you haven't heard of "Damn You Autocorrect" then you must check it out...especially if you need a good laugh!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

What A Day

I woke up to a winter wonderland today. Which wouldn't bother me, except we have six inches of ice and six inches of snow already trapped on the ground. They were saying 1-2", changed it to 2-4. Well, we already had 5" by 10am. We ended up with 7. So basically, there is a ton of snow on the ground. I'm surprised we can get the car out of the driveway. Oh, and more is on the way. Woo to the hoo!

I had to go to the store to get a few things, and it was a mad house! I had to park in the back forty, just about! Why doesn't this store (or any around here) have expectant mother/parents with little ones parking? It was a real treat pushing a grocery cart in several inches of snow and slush. I had to sit in my car for about fifteen minutes and relax before heading home because I was having cramps. Thanks, Kroger!

I got home and Sean informed me that Alice "cooked" her breakfast. Apparently, she likes her waffles toasted, and then she "boils" them in her kitchen!

Then I started the pot roast, only to find out my dad wasn't coming. Which is fine. We just will have leftovers.

Alice has become really fond of throwing things. Sometimes she doesn't let go of those things, and ends up hitting me with whatever. Today, it was the remote control.

And speaking of Alice, she likes to carry her plate around when she is "finished" eating. She likes to pick at the food for awhile longer. Well she dropped some food, and I cleaned it up-per usual. I guess I missed a small piece of onion because the next time I went in the kitchen, I slipped on the onion and barely remained standing. Of course, that didn't help my back/hip/SI/pubic bone stuff, so I can barely move. I wonder what tomorrow will be like? And Sean isn't here to help out...he went in to work to help out and get more OT. At least Alice is asleep now. I can take some pain meds and safely (knock on wood) go to sleep.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

Blogging from my phone, so no banner this week.

•I have felt like I've been in a rut lately. I feel like my posts have become redundant. Am I boring you guys? Some days, I just post to post, and other days I realize I couldn't even put together anything that anyone would want to read. So give me some ideas. What do you want to know about me, my life, or anything else?

•I bought a Baby Jogger City Mini double in red. I have ordered a Chicco Keyfit 30 in red, along with the adapter for the stroller. I'm excited to try it all out. I'm lame, I know!

•Still having sporadic contractions. Nothing terrible, but occasionally they get a tad annoying (Menstrual cramp like) and it takes awhile to get them to stop.

•My FFN was negative, so that is good. She may do another one at my next appt. And why do I always start getting contractions after the dr office closes and Sean goes to work?

•Sean goes Tuesday for his DOT physical and paperwork for driving. I'm excited and nervous. He won't get his vacations this year (they'll pay him for them), but will get FMLA after thirty days of driving. I'm just hoping that works out with having the baby. He can't get any time off before then.

•So that means he may not be here for the birth of his son. That upsets me, but I won't dwell on it. He is doing all of this for us, afterall.

•Guess I should find one or two people to be with me while I'm in labor, just in case. Hmm...I can't think of many people I'd be comfortable with watching me push my baby out.

•I always love the "managers specials" on meat. I got two big ribeyes for $6, and big pork roast for $6, and a HUGE pot roast (almost 7 lbs!) for $18; which was normally $32. I'll cut the pot roast into half or thirds and freeze it.

For more leftovers, check out Danifred and all the other leftover participants!

And remember, you can ask me anything you want!!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I really contemplated not posting today, but then I remembered my resolution. Oh, and I figure I can come and complain away here too.

I don't know what my problem has been lately-weather? pregnancy hormones? chronic pain? but EVERYTHING and EVERYONE has been grating on my nerves. I haven't been the usual laid-back person I usually am. In fact, I feel pretty high-strung. I seriously just want to pack a bag and get away for awhile. I need to relax-stress isn't good for me or the baby, but I'm finding that damn near impossible.

I am in an okay mood for about an hour or so a day, but after that I'm a crabby, bitchy mess. I have been shouting and yelling more than ever the past few days. I just want to be left alone. Leave. Me. Alone. I. Want. Some. Peace.

Sadly, I do not see that happening any time soon. Hopefully, once we are able to get out of the house for a bit, that will help. Being cooped up isn't helping anything.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We Interrupt Your Storm Warning...

I decided to go to PT today because I really needed SI joint on my left side has been sticking and I have been unable to move or unstick it. I had to warm the car up for an hour before leaving, due to all of the ice. Then I had to stop and scrape the windshield twice on my way there, as all of the freezing rain was not getting defrosted.

I did get a mocha from Starbucks, so it was a "fun" outing.

I got home from PT, and Alice and Sean were napping. Can you find Alice?

I found her once she woke up *wink*. She seems to like to bury herself under pillows, blankets, and stuffed animals! Sometimes I worry if she can breathe, but obviously she likes to be warm and cozy. Smart girl!