Thursday, June 30, 2011

(Belated) Three Months

Harry turned three months on June 14. I'm late posting this, but better late than never, right? The pictures were taken on his month-aversary, so at least I managed that!

Harry rolled over back to tummy the week before he turned three months. He has only done this a few times. I'm pretty sure he is capable of doing it more often, but I don't give him nearly enough tummy time. We average twenty minutes a week. Oops! I just worry about Alice jumping on him or kicking him accidentally. This has happened a few times before, and I'd rather him be "delayed" in some gross motor skills, than have mush for brains. I've been trying to sneak more in, but lately he has just been kicking himself in circles or pulling himself across the mat.

Someone is a big fan of sitting and standing! In fact, he prefers to be sitting on a lap. He can "stand" for upwards to a minute before his legs give out.

Alice is the best toy ever! He stares contentedly and in awe of whatever his big sister is doing. I have been bathing them together when he needs a bath. This is a logistical nightmare, but much easier than doing them separately. I just bring jammies, diapers, lotion, the changing pad, and the bouncy seat in the bathroom. Harry watches while I wash Alice, and then we put his tub in the tub. Alice loves to help wash him and blows raspberries on his belly! Then we dry him off, lotion him up, diaper and jammies and he sits in the bouncy seat smiling and laughing as I wrangle Alice.

Speaking of smiles, this little guy's melt my heart! He is just the prettiest little boy and such a joy!

Harry has been sleeping through the night for quite awhile. Turns out sleeping babies are not just myths! We have this odd nights, but usually he goes 8 1/2 hours. Occasionally it will be longer. His record is about 10!

Harry loves the mama milks! He will take a bottle, but really likes it from the tap better. This makes me happy! And him too!

He started reaching for his toys and loves to grab his feet. He is a champion reverse ab cruncher! We have been wearing 3-6 month clothes for almost a month, and some of them are getting a bit snug (mostly in length). I have a feeling someone may be bigger than Alice by this time next year!

His favorite past-time is chewing and sucking on his fists and arm. Really anyone's arm will do. I am sure he will give me a hickey one of these days.

And now for monthly pictures!

Alice did not partake in this months pictures. She was having an epic tantrum, and wanted to be left alone. I'll see if I can get her to participate next month!

And these last two are to show what sweet smiles he has. They were taken about 2 1/2 months. Isn't he just the sweetest, prettiest baby boy?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Recipes (The Dessert Edition)

So I mentioned the chocolate cupcakes with Nutella filling and Nutella buttercream frosting the other day. I really want to throw my phone down and go eat a jar of Nutella, but I'll try to behave! This is a must for you Nutella nuts out there...and it is super easy!

Nutella Cupcakes
•package of cake mix (chocolate or yellow-or any kind you want. If you like Nutella and pineapple, go for it! Or make your favorite homemade cupcakes)
•whatever ingredients the cake mix calls for (probably 2-3 eggs, some oil, and water)
•Nutella (I used about 1 1/2 jars) divided
•2 sticks of butter/margarine
•2 cups powdered (confectioners) sugar
•2 tsp vanilla (I just poured some in, so it may have been more like 2 tablespoons!)
{I used a regular buttercream frosting recipe I had and just altered it a bit and added Nutella. I have no idea where the recipe came from, as so many buttercream frostings are similar}

Prepare cake mix according to box. Make sure to preheat oven beforehand! Divide batter among cupcake tins. Drop a bit of Nutella in the center (use as much or as little as you want). Bake and let cool.

Frosting directions:
Beat butter (best at room temperature) with 1 c (or more) Nutella. Mix in vanilla, and then powdered sugar. I'd put the powdered sugar in gradually. Taste and add more Nutella if you think you need it (I think I used 1-1 1/4 cups.) I never measure when cooking or baking (exception-cookies). Frost cupcakes when cooled off and enjoy! If you think that is too much Nutella, then don't fill the cupcakes; just frost them. The frosting is the best stuff ever! I could eat it by itself (I did!).

Another must make dessert (super easy!!!) is chocolate peanut butter pie. If you think peanut butter and chocolate are the best combo ever, please go make this. And don't feel bad if you don't want to share!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie*
•Graham cracker crust (already made or make your own with crushed Graham crackers and melted butter)
•1/4-1/3 c semi sweet chocolate chips
•3/4-1 c peanut butter (I used generic peanut butter with honey**)
•1 can sweetened condensed milk
•8 oz whipped topping, thawed and divided

Melt chocolate in microwave, stirring every 30 seconds. Mix in peanut butter. As I don't measure, I'm guessing here (I took about 3 heaping spoonfuls and then added a small dollop). Taste mixture. It should taste peanut buttery! Add more if it is not to your satisfaction. Mix in the sweetened condensed milk. Then mix in the whipped topping (about 3/4 of the container). The mixture should have a really thick consistency, but pourable. Pour filling into crust. Top with leftover whipped topping. Freeze for at least two hours, or overnight if you can handle the wait!

I can't keep the pie in the house. Sean eats it at breakfast, lunch, and dinner! I have made three since Sunday! Everytime I go to have a slice, it is gone.

Let me know what you think, if you try them! I'm pretty sure you'll think it is fantastic.

*adapted from an Eagle Brand recipe that Sean found.
**I use generic peanut butter with honey when baking or mixing it. I will not use generic for sandwiches or anything by itself--it tastes different, but when mixed with other things, I can't tell a difference!

Monday, June 27, 2011

How To Get What You Want

First, you have to be cute.

Next, you must have a Daddy*...

And finally, you need to have your Daddy wrapped around your little finger and willing to do anything to make you happy!

Like crawl around the yard playing horsey with you!

Or get you new kitties! (because the others ran off or got hit**)

And now you can love them, and hug them...

And keep them for your very own!

*In our house you must have a Daddy to get what you want. I hear other relatives may do this too, but it is just the Daddy in this house.
**Yes, Mortimer ran off and got hit. Just like Gretchen and Bruno. In pretty much the same spot.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

I Love Him, But I Might Choke Him!

Sean is on vacation this week. Yay! I'm looking forward to having him around, and spending time together as a family.

I posted the other day about finally getting Alice into a routine and to bed earlier. You know how long I've struggled with that! Well I also mentioned that my fear was that having Sean around would throw that off...well, I'll be. ONE day of being home and he blows it to pieces!

Yesterday, I took Harry with me to pick up a few things before my dad came over. I returned about an hour later (at approximately 5pm) to find them both sleeping?! WTH? I woke Alice up (Sean can sleep-he worked 8pm-8am last week so I know he was dead tired). She fell back asleep while I was nursing, and I had to get her back up.

We ate dinner and dessert (chocolate cupcakes with Nutella filling and Nutella buttercream frosting--I'll share the recipe later!) and I threw them both in the bath. It was right before 9 when I got her into bed, and of course she wasn't tired. Jumping, screaming, and kept getting down and running around. Sean and my dad came inside about an hour later and I told Sean I was going to choke him if he let her nap that late ever again. To make a long story short, I found them playing on the bed an hour later! Grrr! Alice finally fell asleep about midnight.

So we woke her up at her new wakeup time. Of course we had a crabby patty! So bad, in fact, that I refused to go to church. I knew she was going to gave a meltdown and I sure didn't want it to be at our first church service! I got her down for a nap at noon, after dealing with an hour and a half meltdown about not being able to play with the water in the kitchen sink. I was able to convince her the bathtub was just as much fun after forty-some minutes. So she took a two hour nap.

Fast forward to tonight...I get her ready for bed, and Sean was going to read her a book and put in the movie afterwards. I come inside an hour later (I was mowing) and she is still up and climbing on him. He tried to blame it on me and letting her nap too long/late! So I kick him out and get her down in about twenty minutes.

So we went over the new "rules". No naps past four (which means she has to be up BY 4). If she is going to nap, I'd prefer an earlier one (noon-2 would be nice). Dinner by 7pm, play for a bit, bath, pjs, brush hair/teeth, get marty/blankie/drink, hop into bed, read a book, start a movie, and BE still and quiet! She should be out within 10-15 minutes once in bed.

Now you are my witness. Not only have I told him (you'll have to take my word on this), but I've now told the world. If he messes this up, then he is on Alice duty from 8pm on!

I'm hoping this is remedied by tomorrow, so he and I can actually have some kid free time. It has been months years since we have been "alone", minus two dates since Alice was born. I'm sure we will just look at each other in silence wondering what to do and talk about ::wink::

Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers (The I'm Back Version)

It has been awhile since I've participated in FNL, or posted. Lately things are starting to look like I'll be a more active blogger. Woo Hoo! Please no one have a heart attack or anything.

• I'm back! I have missed a lot, and have missed sharing a lot with you. I have missed you all. I'll explain more later, but to make a long story short I really think I'm back for good!

• I went through a big rut and am finally feeling better. I had stopped my anxiety/depression medicine cold turkey for over a month, and turns out I just really need the stuff. Not thrilled to say that, but I've come to terms with it and have been back on it for a few days. I can already tell and feel a big difference!

• I think I have finally gotten Alice on a more normal schedule, at least the past three days. She has started not napping. I took that opportunity and started pushing up bedtime. Tonight she was asleep by 8! Egads!

• I quit blogging partly because I had no time that any kids weren't sleeping. I may have gotten 10 or 15 minutes here and there, but that isn't enough time to write a genuine post (at least for me). So now that I have come into a "lottery" of time in the evenings, I plan to start posting again. Yay!

• Harry (that is what I'm calling him--Sean calls him Jack) is now 3 months old. I took a picture that day and need to do a post about it. He is getting so big!

• Alice is 22 months! I can't believe she will be 2 in two months. I've been trying to think of a theme for her birthday. I've been thinking flowers/butterflies. I'm open to ideas, so please make suggestions.

• I found a local moms/playgroup. We have met up with them three times. Alice seems to enjoy herself, but seems a bit out of sorts too. I'm giving it some time. There is one little girl around her age and the rest are boys. The little girl's mom is expecting another baby girl any day now, so I may have to give it a bit more time. Alice and the little girl hit it right off, exchanging hugs and holding hands! We went to an indoor park on Wednesday and Alice had the time of her life! She played for over two hours, and that was the first night I got her down "early".

• The playgroup/moms go to a local church (which I have been wanting to check out for months) and we are planning on going to check out the service on Sunday. I don't feel pressure from them to come and join, though I do feel an internal pressure to further my relationship with God. I'm hoping we like the sermon. The age group rooms and nursery are awesome (they have pagers like you'd get at a restaurant, so you can actually sit and LISTEN to the sermon instead of bribing your toddler to sit down, be quiet, etc. and they page you if you need to check on your child) so I'm already in love with that aspect!

• I have so much more to say, but since I'm planning on being a faithful blogger (knock on wood the kids keep sleeping), I will save all of that for another day. Sean is on vacation next week, so I'm hoping to keep the routine I have just started, and that his presence doesn't blow it apart. Fingers crossed and positive vibes welcome :-)

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