Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers... The Irr...Rational Edition

I've decided to join the world of Friday Night Leftovers this week, seeing as how it has been a few since I have blogged.

  • I figured out how to do a bullet! Thanks, Jen!
  • It has been a rough week. I'm exhausted from driving. And wouldn't you know it, the ride home is SOOOO long that Alice takes a very good nap. Not necessarily, a bad thing. Except this "nap" is at 10pm and lasts at least an hour... so someone doesn't want to go to bed. The other night she was up until 3am. Well, I honestly don't know when she fell asleep. I finally just put her in her crib, and let her cry. I HAD to sleep.
  • I have found a solution to my driving situation. Ready? I had talked to my sister, who is still looking for a job, and jokingly said I should fly her home for a month and just pay her. Well, I slept on that, and woke up and decided I was serious. She could come home. I would pay her what I pay the babysitter, and I would drive at LEAST 2 hours less a day... probably more like 2 1/2 or so. So I proposed the offer to her. I'd buy her a round-trip ticket. She'd "work" for me, for a month, and she could see all of her family and new niece too!
  • Of course, she accepted (after thinking about it for a day) and we went online to buy the ticket through Priceline. We ended up getting her ticket on Expedia (I think- I just gave her the info, she booked it). Why not Priceline? Well, each time that she clicked to purchase the ticket, it told her to wait 15-20 minutes... and then it would come back and jack the price up $10. So after two times of it doing that, I told her to look elsewhere b/c by the time Priceline got done playing games her $350 ticket would be $500+. I should also note, that Priceline is supposed to be the Negotiator, right? Well, if they were real negotiators and pulled that bunk, the hostages would have all been killed (I put this as my FB status yesterday and a TON of people were cracking up).
  • So I just have to get through next Tuesday, and then Aunt Lindsay will be keeping Alice company during the day!
  • I have 24 days left of work!
  • I have 9 days until my first OB appt (8/9) for those keeping track ;) I'm going to see if I can bring my sister along to see the u/s (which means Alice would come too).
  • To address how I have been feeling, I have been feeling really great for the most part. There have been a few bouts of nausea (usually brought on by low blood sugar/hunger), and a bit of hormones flaring (i.e. Monday). Really, other than the fatigue, I wouldn't suspect I was pregnant. Which I hope all is okay with my little sprout.
  • Oh, and I'm looking poochy. I am thinking about starting belly pics soon (anyone want to see them?), but want to wait until at least after my first appt so as not to jinx anything.
  • And I don't know if I mentioned it, but my crazy supervisor has been "trying" to get pregnant FOREVER (according to her). She has lied to doctors about charting, and to make a long story short, she has been on Clomid for several months (I'll guess 4-5). Though for someone who is "trying" so bad, would you be forgetting to take your Clomid, eating fast food, drinking ONLY Pepsi, and eating a lot of candy bars? If I were her, I'd be eating much healthier and trying to lose some weight. Anyway, she has dreams whenever someone is pregnant (that she knows ~ and I suspect that she is jealous of them in some way b/c other people have been pregnant that she knows, but she didn't have dreams about them. And I know she didn't envy anything about them or their lives), and she had a dream last week. She is going NUTS trying to figure out who it is, but she hasn't asked me. I don't suspect she will (at least for awhile anyway) because she is so dense that she doesn't think it is possible to get pregnant while breastfeeding (she keeps asking when I'm going to wean Alice and when we are going to start trying for another). Obviously, it is ;)

Well, I think I've bored you all sufficiently. I had a lot more stuff to write, but I'm short on time and my mind is spacing out. Have a great weekend, every one! And go join Danifred for more leftovers!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

10 Months (Belated) and 11 Months!

So, I'm FINALLY getting around to doing Alice's 10 and 11 month post. Yes, I am late.

10 Months

Dear Alice,

On Father's Day (20 June 2010), you turned 10 months old! What a big month you had. You are an absolute amazement to your father and I. You have started "talking" all of the time. You make the cutest new noises... and a few not so cute (i.e. squeal/scream). You went swimming for the first time this past month, with Jennifer and Evie. You loved it! You started saying a few new words. Dinky (which is Jennifer's dog), What's That (though it sounds like Eht's At?), and you said Mama once (FINALLY!). You have yet to say it again. You also started getting your top two teeth! Your cousin, Eliza, was born! You aren't too sure of her yet, and we have yet to really get the two of you together, but it will happen soon. I promise! I apologize this is so brief, but my memory is getting foggy and that is what I get for doing this over a month late. Sorry!

Love always,
Mommy and Daddy

Pictures of 10 Months

Father's Day at Grandpa's House!

If you were only as cute as me!

Mama, come here. Now!

I have my Grandpa wrapped around this finger!

Yeah, I'm big stuff!

I'm pretty high up... I don't know about this.

Grandpa, there!

Forget it. I'll just run. You are too slow!

Follow me, Mama!

Swimming for the first time!


11 Months

Dear Alice,

Your top two teeth finally popped through! You are so stinkin' cute when you smile (not that you aren't cute other times). We also found out that you are going to have a baby brother or sister (hopefully!). The baby seed is planted... now we are just hoping it grows big and strong! We are currently planning your first birthday. Which we will do it about a month later. Mostly so that Mommy has time to get things organized, ordered, and the house in order (along with the yard). We also found out that Mommy was getting severanced from her job, so we will get to spend a lot of time together in the coming months and perhaps years. Hopefully, you won't get sick of me :) This past month you have really started saying quite a few things. Breakfast (bwfas), yea, jus (juice), mot (remote), and ook (book). Oh, and when I asked you when you if you wanted to be a big sister, you walked off and shook your head! I just had to put that in here!

I will have to post pictures for your 11 month later... I do not have them with me today.

We love you so much, and you continue to amaze us everyday!

Love, Mommy and Daddy

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

While the Jury Deliberates...

...let me tell you about how I lost my mind yesterday. Seriously. Lost. My. Mind.

First we have the drive. Oh, the horror! What a long drive. Do you know if I add up how many miles I will end up driving in the next month, that I could have come and visit all of you?! Yes, that is right. If the jury comes back with a good verdict, Alice and I will be hopping in the car and coming to visit each and every one of you.

Then there is the fact that yesterday was Monday. I do NOT like Mondays. Why, you ask? Well, I've never been particularly fond of Monday. Just because it so far away from Friday. Mostly it is because of my current job. I have to go in three hours earlier than I do the rest of the week. Blame the banks being open on Saturday. Stupid federal regulations. So Monday is rough on me and Alice. Perhaps, one day, Monday and I can be friends again.

The day went smoothly. Or as smoothly as a Monday, in which you are short-staffed because your idiotic supervisor wants to be BFFs with all of her employees (except me) and bends over backwards and kisses their behinds and grants all of their requests (seriously, she has NEVER turned down any request for a day off... except mine), can. Fast forward to the evening... things were looking great for getting out of the office a bit early (early is relative here-I'm talking 9pm instead of 9:45). And then, one of the machines messes up. No big deal. I just move over to the other machine and finish running the work. And then, the problem ensues. The server that machine runs off of is down, and needs to be rebooted. Argh! Okay... this will only slow us down about 20 mintues. Twenty minutes later: my supervisor still hasn't even called to get it rebooted! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I'm starting to lose my mind.

So I go downstairs to the vending machine because I need to calm down, and I'm starving. Which as of yesterday, means I get nauseous (yay!). The vending machine is NOT taking money. WHAT? I lose it. I go to the restroom and bawl my eyes out, and rotate dry heaving. After a few minutes, I compose myself enough to go back in to the office. Luckily, my co-worker that knows I'm pregnant had some almonds and gave me some (she told me today that she could tell I was at a critical point!). My stomach feels better. So we wait. And wait. And wait. An hour goes by. I start getting really irritated again. I have at least a two hour drive. I need to leave. I should be almost home by now. And about twenty minutes later (immediately after I announced that I HAD to leave by 10:30 and would not stay any later) my super calls wondering what is going on. Several minutes later she finds out that some one was on call, and thought someone else was in the office. And that the guy on the phone realized he had to do it, but that he had an appointment and could just get there to do it. Huh? Who has an appointment at 10pm? And what appointment would that be? Call girl?

So we get done at 10:27. And I flew out of the building and didn't speak to anyone. I think I just kept looking down, because I LOST it in the car. Major water works.

Sean called at the same time I was leaving. And I told him I was done. I wasn't going back there, yada, yada, yada. So he told me that I could quit, IF I still get 100% of my severance. So I calmed down, was happy, and we all lived happily ever after.

Except, I woke up this morning and thought about a few things. Assuming I can get my severance and quit, I don't think I'd get the 100%. I'd have to take the 75%. Plus, I don't think I'd get my severance at all. I've talked to several people about this (all using hypotheticals of course) and they all tell me I wouldn't get it. Of course, I don't really care what they say. I care what HR says. So that is what I'm waiting on... the jury. But folks, this isn't looking good. I'm pouring over the information I have, and I think I was severely deluded by hormones, hunger, and fatigue. The next few weeks are going to suck.

Unless, of course, I can find someone to help out and watch her or the babysitter lets Alice and I move in with her temporarily (which she really may because they just moved, and she has a TON of unpacking, organizing, and cleaning and she is 8 months pregnant).

I'll let you know what the jury says, but they are still deliberating.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Needing Advice-ASAP!

My babysitter just moved over the weekend, and while I knew it was going to be a bit further I didn't realize how much. Before I would drive about 130 miles a day (about 2 1/2-3 hours in the car)... now it is over 200 miles a day and that is at LEAST 4 hours in the car.

If I were to make today my last day (hypothetically speaking) I would still get my severance, but not my retention bonus. Which is still a nice little extra, but after taxes it is probably only a bit over $1,000. Sean wants to find someone closer to our home or work for the next 5 weeks. I disagree... I don't want to leave her with just anyone. I need to know them and trust them. She can't tell me if someone is mistreating her, and I need that peace of mind. At the same time, I just CANNOT keep doing this drive everyday for the next 29 work days. The upkeep on my car (it is older; already has 307K miles), gas (I get about 450 miles a tank, but I'd have to fill up 3-4 times a week vs 2), time, etc. I know you are wondering why we used her in the first place if she is that far away... well because of our hours. And I know and trust her. It is hard to find someone to watch a baby (or any child) until you get off work; especially if you tell them it could be as early as 8:30pm or as late at 11pm.

And I am soooo mad at my employer... my original last day was supposed to be this Thursday (7/29), so I wouldn't really care about doing this for 4 days. Argh!

I have thought about asking a few friends on FB that I know that may be able or willing to watch her for the next 5 weeks, or that may know someone... but unless I know them, I just don't think I can stay on for the next 5 weeks. What would you do? Any advice?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I'm Alive!

I should be honest and say that I am so tired, that the title was first put in at "I'm Alice!"

I won't even apologize. Though, I am sorry. I have been so swamped with work (at work and home) that I literally haven't had a moment to blog. Sure, I could have written up a post on my cell phone, but I probably would have done that while in the car... and that isn't very safe. Seriously, I haven't really had time to do what I enjoy to do on my lunch break anymore (which is blog, and eat- though I manage to "snack" throughout the day... which is probably a lot healthier anyway).

So a few updates...

Alice turned 11 months old yesterday. I am planning on doing her 10 month (I'm HORRIBLE) and 11 month posts together.

I have 6 weeks and 1 day left of work. I have a little less than 3 weeks to my first prenatal appt (that seems soooo far away when you are wondering if everything is okay, etc. I know you moms know what I mean).

I am so exhausted. I literally nod off when I pump at work. In fact, I am sure I could lay my head down and be out in a few seconds. Why is bedtime so far away? I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that Alice is still waking about 3 times a night and seems like she is nursing constantly. That takes a large toll on a body; making milk and all. I'm not surprised that I'm this tired. My body is doing a lot these days (or I hope it still is).

Which brings me to my next thing. I have been feeling really pretty well. Granted, I am only like 5 weeks and a few days, and there is plenty of time for nausea, etc to kick in (and I'm sure I'll kick myself in the rear for complaining about no m/s), but I hate that uneasy feeling before symptoms start appearing. Aside from the fatigue, low milk supply, occasional dizziness, lack of appetite, and incredible thirst I really wouldn't suspect much. Oh, I wish I just knew if I should continue to get excited or not. I really don't want to get my hopes up and then be crushed.

Speaking of low milk supply, I found a tincture from Motherlove called More Milk Two. It is specially for pregnant and lactating mothers. I ordered the 8 oz bottle and I hope I get it SOON.

I'm sure there is a lot more going on, but to be honest my mind is clouded with sleepy, tired thoughts. Who knows what kinds of ramblings you may get in the upcoming days/weeks. I only hope that I keep those of you that read this blog around in the meantime.

Oh, and out of curiosity, what kind of stuff do you want to know about me or my family? Or that you want me to blog about? I know I have been pretty generic with family/baby/work posts, but there is lots more to me/us. If you have any questions or things you want to know more in depth please let me know.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

More Pictures

Apologies. They put these up a day or two ago, but I have been SWAMPED at work. Seriously, it seems like we are short-staffed every day now. Which, isn't too much of a surprise, since no one cares and we only have 7 weeks left. Without further ado, pictures of a brand new baby!

Peaceful and serene!

She is obviously a genius baby, finding her fingers already!

This has got to be my favorite picture. Proud Daddy and baby. Notice how much they look alike!

Going home, and she couldn't be happier!

Look! A Gloworm! (it is the bilirubin mat)

All of the proud grandparents... my dad is in the back (the big silver-back gorilla) and my mom is in front.

Proud Parents leaving the hospital.

Another one of my favorites! First family photo (minus the dogs). Notice how big the bow is on her hat. I'll have to compare this picture to Alice's here soon, so you can see how big a difference in size there was.

PERFECT! She is absolutely beautiful!

Thanks for being patient! I'm sure there will be more pictures in the future (at least I hope they share them with me!).

Monday, July 12, 2010


I apologize now. I don't have many pictures of Eliza yet. This is mostly because everytime we went to see her, she was nursing or in the nursery under the bilirubin lights. I also was going to wait until her parents posted her info and pictures on FB (so I'd have more pics), but then I remembered they do not know about this blog. So I can safely post the first pics!

So as soon as they post pics on FB, you will get to see more! I promise!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm an Aunt!

Eliza Christine was born July 9, 2010 at 6:49pm. She weighed 6lbs and 18 3/4" long! She is tiny! Alice was WAY bigger.

She has a head of dark hair, and my brother's nose (oh dear! that was the first thing I noticed about her) I have a few pictures, but I'm on my phone so I will have to post them later.

She has had a bit of a rough start. There was meconium when my SIL's water broke, and Eliza's heart rate kept getting lower. Turns out the cord was wrapped around her neck. They also had to use suction to help get her out. And yesterday, they discovered she has jaundice. Poor baby! Thank God she is healthy! Now I am Aunt 1.0!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

I was going to write a regular post, but I remembered it is Friday. Don't you love short weeks? So we will be joining Danifred again for Friday Night Leftovers.

*I have no idea how to do a bullet point on my blog. Can anyone help me out?

* I went for a beta and progesterone check yesterday. They called with the results today...I think I am 11 dpo today (so this was 10 dpo). My hcg was 60 point something, and my progesterone was 12.1. They are putting me on prometrium, since they like to see at least 15-20. I'm not too surprised, as I had to do this with Alice. Though they gave me the suppositories then. What a mess!

* If I had to guess my due date, I would say March 20th. I won't know until I get an u/s at 9 weeks. Though I will be like 7-8 really. I guess that is the nice thing about ovulating later than the "normal" day 14.

* I told Sean. He didn't strangle me. In fact, he was (to my surprise) excited. He thinks I'm going to have twin boys. I can pretty much say that I am not having twins. My progesterone is too low.

* Also, my supply is decreasing dramatically. I was hoping to nurse Alice until she self-weaned, but that may be a lot sooner than I was planning. Any ideas on how to increase my supply? Or at least not have it decrease anymore? This is what bothers me the most. I feel very guilty about it. It upsets me a lot. I don't want to have to supplement.

*Oh, and I checked the Chinese gender charts (it was right with Alice). It says boy.

* I found my camera. Want to know where it was? Under the passenger seat in the car! I have NO idea how it got there.

* I will be an aunt very soon. In fact, I may be one right now and just not know it yet. They were admitted this morning, and she was 4 cm dilated about noon when I talked to my brother; they were waiting on her epidural (which I told her she would end up getting even though she "wanted to TRY to have a natural birth" - try being the key word). I guess they went last night, but got sent home because she was only 1cm.

* I went and got Panera Bread for lunch today. There were no band-aids in with my food. YAY!

* I discovered we have a cherry tree. I'm not sure what kind of cherries they are, but they are a tart/sweet combo. Not really tart, but not really sweet like maraschino. I need some ideas of what to do with these. You know, before the birds eat all of them. I'm thinking preserves and maybe a pie or cobbler (you can add enough sugar to make them a bit sweeter).

* We were going to get a puppy after I got my severance, but that is on hold for another year or two. Which I still need to do a post about and ask your opinions on.

*And I still need to do Alice's 10 month post. Argh! I'm a bad mommy!

Well, I hope I have bored you all sufficiently ;)

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wanna Know a Secret?

Seriously, this is a secret. Shh! Don't tell anyone. Unless I don't know them, and you can tell them if you want. I have told Alice, my sister, and my co-worker. I have not yet told my husband. Shame on me! But this is news that is not deserving of over the phone conversation.

If you haven't guessed already, I'm pregnant! This comes as a complete shock, as we weren't trying; weren't preventing (obviously). I should note that the irony of this is that I was planning on going on birth control after I started my period this weekend, and then waiting until Alice turned 1 or 1 1/2 to try to convince Sean that we should try for another. I guess God had other things in mind!

I am still in shock. And it is still very, very early. I'm only 8 or 10dpo today. So we won't be telling the "public" until after the first trimester... or sooner if I'm showing.

I'm anxious about telling Sean. I hope he doesn't strangle me. But like he and I always say, "It is what it is"... and "It must be God's plan".

So looks like I'll really be a SAHM!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

I have decided to join Danifred in Friday Night Leftovers. Which could not come at a better time because I have a lot of little thoughts that do not deserve individual posts.

* Yesterday, I received my severance package. My last day will be Thursday, September 2. Woot Woot! I cannot wait!

* I cannot stop eating today. I haven't been eating breakfast the past week or so (I know, I know... it is the most important meal of the day), but I did this morning. And now I just want to eat, and eat, and eat. I know I'm jump-starting my metabolism, but seriously I may have to rethink this whole eating breakfast thing.

* I'm looking forward to this weekend. Nothing big planned, but it is Alice's first Fourth of July so I'm hoping to set off some fireworks (plus no work on Monday!).

* I haven't worked out in two weeks. I'm bad. I will get back on the ball by Wednesday, at the latest.

* The kittens can go to good homes any time now. I had two of them "taken", but I think only one is "taken" now. Looks like we may end up with the rest.

* Which means we can't get a puppy. Have you ever fed 4 cats? Expensive.

* I have found the outfit, on Etsy, that I want for Alice's birthday. When do you think I need to order it by to get it by the middle of August? Like, yesterday?

* I need to think of a money-making idea for when I'm laid off at staying home with Alice. Sean thinks I need to contribute $800-$1,000. Any ideas? I'm thinking learn to make tutus and headbands and sell them on Etsy. Would any of you buy tutus or headbands for your girls?

* I tried that Double-Down Sandwich at KFC. You know, the one that has no bread and like 500 different kinds of meat. I liked it. I'm sure I will be having a heart attack soon.

* I will "officially" be an aunt any day now. I have 1 nephew (technically step), and 8 nieces (4 "step"), but they are on Sean's side of the family. Granted, she isn't due until the 10th, but that is a week away. And we know how babies are. She'll probably show up July 15th. That is my guess.

* I still need to post Alice's 10 Month post. I have started it. I just need to insert pictures.

* I hope everyone has a safe and happy Independence Day weekend!

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