Wednesday, June 30, 2010


As the title may suggest, this is a part vent post.

Awhile back, I mentioned a vent about Facebook here. Well today I will touch on that. Don't worry... I will get to Alice's 10 Month Post later today or tomorrow.

Do you have friends on FB that annoy you? I only ask this because there are two "friends" (and I say that b/c neither of them are really friends; more like acquaintances) that annoy the utter hell out of me. Seriously. One gal... all she ever says in her comments to me are "awwww. LOL." or "awww" or "hehe". Seriously? Is that all you have to say? And my sister can vouch for this b/c she asked me what was up with her. Another gal, whom I went to high school with, is just SOOOOOO negative. Don't get me wrong, I can be a negative person. I vent (I am now!). But I also have positive and fun things to talk about. This gal is always, always, always cussing out her ex and his girlfriend. She is always posting about not being able to get over him. And then goes back to cussing him out. And occasionally there will be a cute update about her son or daughter...but immediately afterwards, it is all volatile again. Seriously? Get some therapy. I (and I'm assuming every other one of your "friends") am not your therapist. Why I haven't de-friended them yet, I do not know. Other than, they don't really deserve it. Perhaps I secretly love their stupidity.

The one gal that I did de-friend (and wrote about in that post) really deserved it. She was a former co-worker. I only "friended" her because all of my co-workers wanted to see pictures of Alice when she was born. Of course, I only friended a few of them. First, some background...

I never really liked this gal. Something about her just rubbed me the wrong way, but I figured it was because I was pregnant most of the time I had known her. Though my sister will disagree with that, as I was WAY nicer than I ever was when I was pregnant. I was a HAPPY pregnant woman. If I could just always be pregnant (and only the second trimester) for the rest of my life... but I digress. After Alice was born, I posted something about how painful it was to watch her get her immunizations. I know all of you moms out there know what I'm talking about. Well she posts something along the lines of "That is what I deserve for giving her Satan's shots" or something like that. Her youngest son (part of a set of twins-boy/girl) has autism. And she is part of the population that autism is caused by immunizations. No, I'm not going to get in to that. If you believe that, then you are entitled to do so. So she had already upset me.

Fast forward a few months... I return to work, to find out she has quit! YAY! So I forget that she is one of my friends. Well my supervisor (and this is a whole different post for another day~trust me this one is GREAT!) found out her husband had been cheating on her (this is like the umpteenth time it has happened since I have known her for 7+ years). Ironically enough, there was also another lady who works in the building (whom I consider a co-worker as I've known her almost 10 years) whose husband also cheated on her (for the second time). Well, I put up an update on FB asking what you would do if your spouse cheated on you multiple times; and the only clarification I put was that it wasn't Sean or myself. Well, along comes this gal posting a comment about "Shame on you. You need to worry about your own husband and quit publishing that girl's private life on the Internet. Clean your hands of the devil. She has done nothing to you. She has always kept all of our private information confidential..." and probably some more stuff. Well, that pissed me off. First off, how presumptuous of her to assume I was talking about our supervisor. Second, how is asking a question (with NO ONE being named or detailed) doing the devil's work? And FINALLY, that gal whom "we trusted with private details of our lives and who keeps it all confidential"... HAHAHA! Everything... and I do mean EVERYTHING, that anyone has told her in confidence, she has told me and my other co-worker. EVERYTHING! I know that this gal was cheating on her husband, and that is why they split. I know that she had ovarian cancer and had surgery to remove it when she was off work for 6 or so weeks. I know every small detail about everyone's lives in this office. There are no secrets, if you tell our supervisor. In fact, if there is something I want to keep in confidence (and I have to tell someone at work) I tell my co-worker. She is the only person who will keep her mouth shut... with the exception of our male part-timer (but he probably didn't want to know when I first found out I was pregnant). So what did I do? I sent her back an equally haughty comment, and told her all of the stuff that I just wrote, plus something about if she was such a "Christian" then why was she judging me. And then I defriended her. Who needs haughty, holier-than-thou "friends" who only write negative comments about my hands doing the devil's work? Not I. I am just suprised that she didn't get our supervisor in trouble, since I knew all of these private, confidential things that she told our GREAT supervisor. (I think I threw up in my mouth when I wrote that)

And that folks, is my vent about Facebook. Have you de-friended anyone? Would you ever leave comments like that on someone's page? I know I wouldn't. I don't leave any comment, anywhere, that I wouldn't like to receive myself. And if that means that I have to disagree with you (albeit politely) I will.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

BLAH...and I need your input

Yes, that is how I have been feeling lately. Just blah.

As you probably have noticed, I haven't been posting much lately. I could give you a million reasons if you would like. But I could chop most of them down to just not feeling like it. Sure I could have put up a poorly written (though, to be honest, a lot of my posts probably qualify as poor written) post, but I decided that I was on vacation and I was taking a break from all things... well except taking care of Alice, and housework, and cooking, and yard work, and dishes, and laundry. Which I feel bad about one post I should have done... Alice turned 10 months on Father's Day. Do not worry... I will be posting about that soon (I promise).

I was telling my sister the other day that I kind of felt depressed. Don't worry too much. It isn't anything really bad. Just one of those phases where you wish you could get away from the day to day stuff, but not being able to... so you just slug along. Well, I do, anyway. Plus, we did not end up going anywhere on our vacation. I mean, we could have, but since Sean hadn't worked in over 3 weeks, we both decided it would be absolutely inane to spend extra money that we don't have right now. Managing all of the expenditures on just my paycheck is rough. In fact, I just found out I overdrew my checking account. It is negative about several hundred dollars. Yeah... I know. I work at a bank. I'm normally meticulous with my account. I just have been a space cadet lately and have forgotten about paying some things. Like the electric bill. Geez. Oh, and the three trips I made to the store on the same day and spent approximately $6, $17, and $23... yeah, that cost me $142 instead of $46. I'm a real genius!

But don't worry... everything will be alright. I talked to Sean about my lack of scrutiny with our money and I think he may be taking over bill paying. WHEW! One less thing to worry about. Though, I'm not sure I want to relinquish all responsibility. Perhaps we could co-manage the money. Well, and we also need to get a joint checking account. If you don't mind me asking, how do you and your significant other handle this? Do you have a joint account and separate accounts? Just a joint account? Just separate accounts? Sean wants to have a joint checking and savings, and also separate accounts. If you do that, how do you handle what comes out of each? Separate for "fun" personal stuff? Obviously, the joint account would pay all of our bills, etc.

Sorry about laying my temporary money problems on you. I just had to get it out. I feel better already! :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

A Whole Lot of Nothing

I have been a bad, bad blogger this week. I have been writing a ton of posts in my head.

They are all lost now ;)

I have had a somewhat productive week. Along with fun with Alice! I washed and organized her clothes. I still need to swap some of the smaller ones out. Oh, which reminds me of a question. Normally, Alice was true to size. Lately, I have noticed her staying in those clothes longer. She is still in 6-9 month clothes and normally she would be in 9-12 months. Is this okay? Normal? I just thought it was because she is so active.

I have gotten some yard work and sticks picked up. (We have had some nasty storms lately) I got the house picked up...though it is now strewn with toys and books and movies, thanks to Alice.

Monday, we stopped by my mom's and then saw cute puppies at my friend's. Alice liked the outlets more than the puppies, but they are only 1 week old. Give them a few weeks and those outlets will look boring!

Tuesday, Alice and I went over to Monica and Tore's. The girls had a blast together!

And today, we did some housework, danced, and played. Then we went and got Mexican for dinner with Daddy. Alice loved the cheese on her chicken taco. And we finished our outing with ice cream from a little local shop. Yum!

Friday, June 18, 2010

It's a Hard-Knock Life

I didn't post yesterday. I could have, but to be honest I was dealing with the beginnings of food poisoning. Fun stuff! So I haven't been feeling very well for the past 24 hours or so. Of course, I think I'm headed for round 2. I ate the same thing I had eaten Wednesday for lunch (which it takes 24 hours for food poisoning to hit you-usually) yesterday, so I'm expecting the next round anytime in the next few hours. Woo hoo! We are supposed to be going to my MIL and Step FIL's tomorrow, but I think I may bow out. Which means that Sean will cancel as well. I don't know why he can't go without me, or take Alice by himself. She is so much easier now than she was! And I don't want to make it sound like I do not like or get along with his mother or step-father. I do. I just don't feel like going.

I did get some good news on the job front. They are coming in July 1st to present and go over our severance packages. And our last day is September 3rd. That means 11 weeks to go!!!

Oh, and I am officially on vacation (again!) as of 9:00pm EST tonight! Hopefully I manage to get a few posts in! We will be going on a road trip towards the middle/end of next week, but I plan on taking my laptop. And if all else fails, I can update from my cell phone.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Some Exciting News...

No, I'm not pregnant. No, I still have no idea when my last day of work is. Though, if they keep this up, I'm going to have to start drinking just to do my job. Kidding... sort of.

I have been working out for a week now. Well minus two days that I didn't (Sunday and Monday), but Sunday I was doing yard work for awhile and carrying Alice in the Baby Bjorn. So I count that as a workout. I weighed myself today to see if I was making any progress as far as the scale goes. I should say I don't invest much personally in the number, as I can look at myself (or try on pants) and see much more progress.

With that said... I weighed 167.4 pounds. That is a loss of 10.2 pounds! I have no idea where I lost 10 pounds. My pants don't fit any different. I think the majority of the weight loss is brain cells. Seriously. I feel like I have been losing my mind lately... and it appears to be so!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Say What?

Let me begin by saying that I really thought that Alice was 10 months old today... and then I realized that it was the 15th and not the 20th. Hmm. Have you seen my mind?

I have several things I want to write about, but I'll have to do separate posts for those. Instead, I'll tell you things I've seen, heard, or have been told in the past few days.

Setup: our bed. I'm nursing Alice, so my (.)(.) are hanging out. Sean comes in and lays down. He plays with Alice for a few minutes, and then turns and looks at me. "(pointing at now "deflated" (.)s) What are we, in Nairobi?"

Last night, while I was washing/sterilizing bottles (oh I can't wait to be done with that!!!) I hear Sean telling Alice, "Okay. Turn it on now." So I go into the living room to see what is going on. "Push it. You can do it. Push it." And Alice pushes the button on the front of the tv on. And then off. And then on. All while Daddy is cheering her on and clapping for her. So fast forward to today. I'm working out (GO ME!) and Alice walks up to the tv and pushes the button. Off goes the tv. Alice claps. Mommy get a bit frustrated because I don't know what I'm supposed to be doing. Alice turns it on. She claps. I continue to work out. This continued for a few rounds, and then I sternly told Alice "NO! Stop turning the tv off while I'm working out" and waterworks ensued. I had to stop working out to comfort her, distract her, and then resume. So I tell Sean that he is in trouble for encouraging her to "play" with the tv, and do you know what he says? "Well she figured out how to turn it off, so I had to teach her how to turn it on." No, honey. What you did was teach her a new game.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Adventures of Alice and Weekend Update

I didn't think that I would be writing of the adventures that Alice got in to for awhile, but apparently that time has come. Beware Internet! I have a feeling the next few years are going to be a bit chaotic with a dash of humor!

I picked Alice up Friday from the sitter's and she had a huge lump between her eyes. Seems Lil Bit thinks she is invincible! She smacked right between her eyes on the coffee table... nice! I kind of figured she would end up with some kind of cut/bruise on her face, as we had plans to go to the Italian Fest Saturday, and everytime we have plans to go somewhere and see people she looks like she got in to a fight with my fist!

So Saturday rolls around. I bought Alice her first swing! We tried it out a few times over the weekend, but I unfortunately do not have pictures. I still can't find my camera. BOO! So next time we swing, I will take pictures on my phone. You'll have to pretend it is the first time she has swung. Okay?

Back to the story... Alice and I headed down to the Italian Fest. By the time I got down there, found a place to park, unloaded the car, and got the baby out of the car the sky was awfully dark and a few raindrops started to fall. So I loaded everyone and everything back in to the car, and sat and waited to see if it would pass. NOPE! So we headed back towards home, and I stopped at a little hole-in-the-wall Italian place, since I wanted Italian. We went home and put in a movie. Alice shared Daddy's rigatoni and my lasagna. She wasn't nuts about the salad, but she loved the garlic bread. Well, a few minutes in to the movie Alice just gets up and walks out of the room. I think I should note that not a light was on in the house, except for a small lamp in our living room and the tv. So I follow her, and find her playing in her room... in the dark. I picked her up and took her back to the living room. Then unfolds THE GAME! You know what game I'm talking about. The one where baby runs off, looking over their shoulder and laughs at you, but keeps running. I find it incredibly odd that she isn't scared of the dark when she is up and playing The Game, but when she wakes in the middle of the night she is afraid of it. Hmm.

Sunday, we played more of The Game. A lot of playing of the game took place. Alice discovered the living room window. Sean was putting in our new air conditioner, and Alice never knew that window existed until then. Also of note on Sunday... Alice can open cabinets that are hard for me to open. I have no idea how she manages this, as I have to have the right leverage to open them. She ended up getting the Comet cleanser while I was in the shower. Lucky for me (and her), I heard unfamiliar noises and immediately jumped out of the shower (suds and all) and grabbed it from her. She did not consume any, thank God! All cleaners are now way out of reach in the locked cabinets.

Alice has also started yanking my glasses off of my face. This irritates me immensely. Over and over and over. Yank, yank, yank. I started "tapping" her hand a bit and saying no. All this managed to do was cause her to smack me. Oh dear... I have a feeling the next few years are going to be rough ones.

Friday, June 11, 2010

I'm beat

Thank you, Jillian Michaels, for kicking my butt. I am sore and can barely walk. I have now done two days of The 30 Day Shred. Go me! I am also watching my carb intake. I had very good results of doing a low carb diet several years ago. I weighed 198 when I started it, and got down to 147 in like 3 months. I kept that weight off for over a year... until I got pregnant with twins. And then I gained 26 lbs in like 10 weeks. Yikes! How is it possible to gain that much weight when you are constantly nauseous and throwing up?

Well, I digress. So now I am working on losing Alice weight. Though a lot of that is due to my Reese peanut butter cup and Peanut Butter M&M kick. I weighed myself yesterday, and I weighed 176.7. Good grief! You are probably thinking I am the size of a cow, since I am 5'3"... but I'm not. I have (or at least had) a lot of muscle mass, and I carry my weight very well. So most people would be shocked if I told them I weighed that much. I think I probably look like I weigh 150 or so. Wow...I can't believe I told the Internet how much I weigh.

The one thing that I like about working out is that Alice is right there watching. And she tries to work out too. It is adorable! For instance, when we were warming up and stretching our arms (swing out and across the body) she started doing the same thing. And when we do jumping jacks or jump rope, she tries to jump too. I love it! Oh, and pushups and situps are funny stuff!

So, do me a favor Internet... help me stay on track. I will update on how I'm doing, and if I haven't updated please feel free to bombard me with questions about if I'm still staying on track!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I have three asses!

Well I'm not pregnant. Which is fine. I feel better! No more bloated mama here! For the time being at least. Though, I think I need to start trying to convince Sean we should try for another sometime in the very near future. Since, I was a bit bummed that I wasn't know, instead of being relieved that I wasn't.

I started working out this morning. Day one of 30 Day Shred. My body is mad at me. In fact, my muscles feel like jelly and they are quivering in anger. Alice tried jumping with me. She also clapped a few times... which helped me push through the agony. Then she laughed a few times... which angered me; which also helped push through the agony. I figure I need to lose 25-30 pounds. Of course, I would be happy with losing 10% of my body weight (which would be 17 or so pounds! GASP!). Then maybe we can start the baby making.

What spurred this whole working out thing? Well, Sean told me I was growing another butt the other day. Boy did I have a smart remark for him. You mean I have three? Mine, you, and the one I'm growing? I may or may not have told him I hated him at the time too. Then last night, he asked if I was sure I wasn't pregnant. I told him that, yes, I was sure I wasn't pregnant. Then he said I looked like it. He is lucky I love him, otherwise I wouldn't put up with this crap! Seriously, he loves me no matter how I am. He loves me when I am thin, pregnant, grumpy, grouchy, sick, needing a shower, fat, or whatever. He finds the silver lining in whatever situation my body is in. Thin (and I should say I've never been thin...just lacking less fat) = hot! Fat= HOT! and fun to smack. And the list goes on and on. I love my husband! Though sometimes I want to strangle him ;)

Oh, and I still haven't found my camera. Have you seen it? Where would I have put it? It was in my purse Monday when I went to work, and Tuesday I went to get it to take pictures of a cute baby and it wasn't there. Hmm. I did find the remote to the blu-ray player. So sort of bittersweet.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I'm Bad...

Horrible. Bad me! Now for a bazillion updates...

I was meaning to update Sunday, but seems Alice and I were getting a lot accomplished. We mowed the yard... make that push-mowed the yard. And it is over an acre! Do you know how long it takes to push mow a yard? I'm guessing about 4 hours, but we did it in increments of 20-30 minutes (once we got 45 minutes!). Alice was a trooper. I actually think she thought it was funny to watch me. Every time I went by her she would clap. Which, let me tell you, really motivated me to get it done! Oh and she would wave to me too.

Sean was supposed to be home Sunday afternoon. Well, they didn't leave Arkansas until Sunday late evening/early Monday morning. No, I wasn't too happy about that, but what could I do? He got home around 2 pm Monday, and I went and picked him up on my lunch and let him drive my car for the day. Then he returned to pick up Alice and me that evening.

I find it quite odd how absolutely wonderful and charming Alice was while Sean was gone. And then as soon as he gets back, she is a screaming, crying, hysterical mess. Perhaps I should have him go away more often? Or maybe she knows she doesn't get 100% of my attention, and has a problem with only getting 95% of it. Hmm...

Seriously, though, I think she is teething. I have thought this for a few weeks. Mean teeth are hurting my baby. They are making her a fussy mess! Poor baby! I really hope they break through soon. Unfortunately, I do not think they will. I can't see any signs of them yet.

Saturday was fun at Sean's cousin's graduation cookout. It was neat to see Alice with most of her cousins. Oh, and my daughter is a bully! She pushed Olivia down one time, when Olivia invaded her personal space. To be honest, I think Olivia had it coming... she had been poking Alice in the head for quite some time. So maybe she isn't a bully, but a confidant baby who won't take any bullying. Hmm.

Yes, I have pictures. Unfortunately, I am at work and can't upload them here. Plus, I can't find my camera. See, I told you I am bad! I know I had it last night, so it has to be in the car or house... unless Alice threw it out at Wal-mart.

And today, I brought all four kitties in to the kitchen and let Alice "play" with them. Lucky for me (and you), Sean took some pictures and a video (which I will post tomorrow hopefully). At one point, she picked one up by the tail and was heading for her mouth. Which, to be honest, I can't blame her. She does have her mouse, Marty, and she chews on his tail ALL.OF.THE.TIME. Don't worry, the kitty wasn't hurt. We stopped her as soon as she started. Now, to just work on petting the kitties instead of clapping the kitties.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Girls' Weekend!

Sean asked me yesterday if he could go to Arkansas for the weekend. I'm a bit fuzzy on exactly what was going on down there (a Memorial/political thing? Hey, I was working at the time he was telling me!), but he left shortly after midnight this morning. He will return Sunday afternoon/early evening.

So that means Alice and I get a girls' weekend! Tomorrow we are going up north to his cousin's graduation cookout. I have to bring strawberry lemonade, pasta salad, and asparagus to grill. I'm even happier to announce that Sean went to the store and got all of the stuff I would need to make all of the said items. Though, to be honest, I did ask him and tell him what I needed. But since I have to make it all tonight after Alice is asleep (i.e. after 1am) and then I have to be up by 7 to get up there in time for lunch. We should return home around 6ish tomorrow evening, so I'm trying to get something planned for that evening. Most likely we will end up staying at home and watching movies and playing games. Which is probably the most fun we could have.

I'm really excited to see all of his family. We haven't seen most of them since Christmas; and his step-sister hasn't seen Alice yet! And Alice's cousin Olivia (who is 6 months older) and Lily will be there. I'm really excited to see Olivia and Alice interact. Who knows what that will be like?! But I'll make sure to take pictures, and maybe get a video or two.

And hopefully I can update tomorrow, since I won't have a husband stealing my internet at home! Although I will still have an adhesive baby :)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Day of Numbers!

I have a lot of stuff that I want to say, but I figured I'd do a fun post and just tell everyone in numbers. So without further ado...

Do you know how long it takes to make a meatloaf for dinner?

Yes, three hours! I know it should only take a little over an hour (including prep time), but Alice was demanding of being held. Try holding a baby and making a meatloaf... not very easy!

Do you know how many miles my car will have on it by the time I return home tonight?

Want to know what cycle day I am currently on?

And I'm soooo ready for it to be over. Can we say BLOATED?
*ETA: This is supposed to say 104, but blogger is a bugger and keeps cutting it off. So I'm giving up. Blogger, you won this round.

But according to Fertility Friend (hereon out known as FF), I am this many days past ovulation...

I got my crosshairs yesterday. Woohoo! Only 5 days later than most people. I'm pretty sure I did ovulate, so I'm just waiting to feel better. Seriously, I can barely wear any of my pants/skirts. I'd be in sweats soon if this kept up. I look like I'm 16 weeks pregnant (no, I'm not). Though, I could be. And I find myself, oddly enough, hoping that I am because that would mean a Valentine's due date. Valentine's Day has a lot of importance to my dad, sister, and I. My late Grandma's birthday was Valentine's Day. So I find myself hoping that I am pregnant... and with a girl, so she could be her namesake.

Finally, know how many days of work I wish I had left?