Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Out Of Control

For once, I'm not talking about the cats. Though, truth be told, they are out of control. I'm talking about Alice.

You're probably thinking I'm referring to her sleep (or lack thereof), or her climbing. Nope. Her new "obsession" is OUT OF CONTROL!

It started with Marty. Which is fine. I feel every child is entitled to a lovey. Then her blankie joined the mix, and that was fine. Until Sean lost it. She was aside herself without her blankie. We tried getting her attached to another blanket. Eventually, she embraced it as her "blankie". Then I bought the second Marty. The point was to rotate them, but she had another idea.

So she started carrying both Martys, blankie, and her sippy cup everywhere. Then Christmas came, and her uncle Ben got her a new blankie. It is awesome and a frog. Complete with hood and "arms". She was indifferent to the frog. She also got a pig (from If You Give A Pig A Party) for Christmas. Same indifference at first.

And until yesterday, her obsession with carrying them around wasn't a problem. We were getting ready to go to the bank. Which should be simple enough. Alice, sippy cup, Marty, blankie, and me in the car. Umm, no. She INSISTED that we bring BOTH Martys, both blankies, sippy cup, and piggy. So I loaded everyone in my arms and headed to the car. All the while thinking, "this is ridiculous!"

We return home, and she carries them all (or tries-I must get a picture of this) to the bed for a nap. And what should occur after naptime?

In she comes biting her sippy cup in her mouth, dragging two blankies, barely holding on to two Martys, piggy, AND her pillow pet! Seriously?! She throws them on the couch next to me, and proceeds to fuss at me because there is not enough room for her AND her stuff.

Lord, help me if she remembers about her baby, that she sometimes carries around. I may have to start hiding some of this stuff while she is sleeping.


HereWeGoAJen said...

Hehe. Hilarious. Elizabeth has one lovey, a baby doll, and I started making her keep it in her crib because I was afraid we'd lose it. She has two spares, but she calls them by other names and doesn't accept them as a proper lovey.

Carrie27 said...

All three of mine have blankies, but they each have at least 3, and I rotate them every week.

My oldest, though, has mounds of "stuff" she must have on her bed. Soon, there won't be any room for her to sleep.