Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oh the Agony

I had a whole post idea for today, but I'm going to wait for another day. I'd rather tell you how miserable I am...and Alice too.

I made chicken parmesan last night. It was wonderful. Alice didn't eat any of it because she filled up on Cheerios shortly before dinner. We did a bath and got into bed shortly after 11. Alice finally fell asleep about midnight.

I woke up about 3 with horrible heartburn/reflux. My throat was burning. I drank some water and tried to go back to sleep. I couldn't get comfortable and every time that my head wasn't elevated, the problem would get worse. Alice started having a night terror about this time and would only stop if I cuddled her...which made my situation worse. After about an hour, I went looking for Tums. While I was searching frantically, Alice crawled out of bed and landed on the floor (she was asleep the entire time). So I got her settled down and woke Sean to tell him I was going to get Tums.

I threw on some sweats and my coat and shoes, and went out to the car. Of course, it was covered in frost, and I sat there cursing Sean in my head because the garage isn't cleaned out for me to pull the car in, while I waited for the car to warm up. I then drove to CVS and got some Zantac and Tums. I had to wait TEN minutes for someone to come check me out...I seriously thought about just taking the stuff and putting money down because I thought I was going to pee myself and puke blood all over their floor. The guy finally gets to the register and smells like bleach. He then takes an insane amount of time explaining how he is choking from bleach fumes from cleaning the bathroom. I mumbled a few things, paid, and got out of there. I immediately took a Zantac and started eating Tums like they were candy. I got home and felt no better. So I kept eating Tums. I finally drank some apple cider vinegar (it will neutralize the acid) and felt insanely worse for about five minutes. I seriously thought I was dying. My throat was literally burning! I then felt better and was able to go back to bed. I didn't fall back asleep until about 6, and Alice woke up at 8.

I was having another attack and drank some more apple cider vinegar. Thought I was going to die again, but felt better. I'm not able to eat or drink anything without a flare-up, so I'm miserable and tired. The good news is that Alice is tired too, since she slept poorly and went to bed late and woke up early. So we started nap-time an hour early today. Alice fell asleep in record time, and we took a two hour nap. I actually got almost an extra hour, as she stayed in bed and watched Scooby Doo.

So I guess there will be no more pasta in this house until after the baby is born. Though I may change my mind about that. I think it was a combination of the sauce, broccoli, and garlic bread. Those are all possible causes, and combined yowza! No wonder. I managed to eat some oatmeal a bit ago, so I will be eating bland foods for a day or two. Good thing I have an appt tomorrow. I can ask my OB for a prescription, since the Zantac and Tums don't do a thing.


HereWeGoAJen said...

I hope your OB can give you something. That sounds awful!

Danifred said...

I had heartburn, but never that bad. I hope you get some relief!