Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

Woo hoo! I have the banner this week.

•I'm back to two PT sessions a week. I'm already burnt out on it, and it is only the first week. Throw in prenatal appointments every other week (soon every week) and things are going to start getting a little crazy.

•Alice bit the top of her straw off on her sippy cup. Now it leaks constantly. She has others, and this will be thrown away, but not before it soaked our bed. Plus I spilled a whole bottle of water in the bed too. Good grief!

• I have been having cramps real low. That doesn't concern me, as I've had them off and on for a month or so. What concerns me is the lower back pain. I'm keeping an eye on it, and if it gets worse I'll call the dr. It is just too early for this little man to come.

•I think I have finally decided on a car seat and stroller. I love the Montreal pattern from Graco, but it is hard to find. So I think I may settle on the Graco Quattro Tour Duo and snugride 35 in Clairmont. Feel free to look it up if you want.

•I really need to cook an actual dinner sometime. We have been doing salads, and easy frozen stuff. I just haven't felt like standing and cooking lately.

•Speaking of which, I am feeling better. Still really tired, but I don't imagine that will be remedied any time soon. I'll probably complain about how exhausted I am for months.

•I made some awesome pumpkin bread with chocolate chips yesterday. I altered the recipe I found online a bit. I'll be posting it in the next few days, so check back if you are interested.

•And you may have noticed that I've changed my layout and added a few pages. I'm still working on everything, but I'm slowly getting this blog to how I want it to be!

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Megan said...

We're getting there- baby wise. Are you drinking lots of water? Cramping and low back at this point in pregnancy can mean dehydration or a UTI. Call your doc. If that is all it is- that's an easy fix! (That's the CNM in me speaking... :-) )

HereWeGoAJen said...

Elizabeth spilled an entire sippy cup of water on the couch the other day. Then I didn't see it for an hour or two. By then, it had all soaked in and the top fabric had dried, so I sat in it for about ten minutes before thinking "I seem a little wet."

Danifred said...

I love all your changes, looking great!

I don't think that a parent can ever feel rested (especially a pregnant one). I can't wait until my kids are teenagers and I can pay them back.