Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Life Has Gotten In The Way

*or I Suck!

My apologies. I have been so swamped with life that I haven't had time to blog. Not even about the really important stuff (Harry's month-aversaries, etc). To make a really long story short, Sean was on vacation, his cousin (whom I thought would be a big help) came to visit for a week, and then my dad fell and dislocated his hip.

So I have been working on getting Alice back into a "normal" sleeping schedule (we're back to 10:30 at the earliest--sigh!). I have also been making daily trips to my father's to bring him dinner and check on him. Having two grown men and two babies to take care of is exhausting. Throw in trying to officially "move in" to my house, that we've been living at for over two years now, and I have literally fallen asleep with stuff still to do (put up dinner--which has to be thrown out the next morning, dry laundry, even lock doors!).

I'm not looking for sympathy. I just need you to understand that I suck. And that I'm sorry! I know the world doesn't revolve around me, and I've missed quite a few of your exciting news. My apologies again. I will be posting in the next week a few "exciting" things--Harry's 5 month birthday, Alice's 2nd birthday, and a few DIY/crafty projects I have been doing! So please don't leave me! I blog because I love it, and also want to have a record of my children's doings. But I also blog because I love YOU, my readers! Miss you guys, and I will be back soon.