Thursday, January 20, 2011

17 Months

Today is Alice's 17 month un-birthday! And I'm actually posting ON the day! Amazing, huh?

This past month, Alice has climbed to new heights! Literally. She has gotten to places that I didn't think she would be able to. Kitchen table-check. Counters-check. Top of the desk-check. Bathroom sink-check. Up the bookcase-check. You get the point. She cannot be stopped.

Alice started saying the kitties names at the beginning of the month, but now it is clear what she is saying. Morimer and Getchen (Mortimer and Gretchen). She has started pointing at them, calling them the correct name, and telling them no and go.

Her favorite foods are apples (whole) and any kind of sugar. If she knows there is candy, cookies, etc in the house, she will go to where they are hidden and try to get some. Her old favorite vegetable, carrots, remained untouched these days. I guess she got carroted out. I know I am. She loves any green vegetable-broccoli, green beans, and peas are favorites.

She loves to read. In fact, she will now pull one of our books of of the shelf and sit and "read" it. I started the first Harry Potter with her, but we have only made it a few pages.

Talking on the phone is a favorite. Especially to Aunt Lindsay. I have never seen this child get so excited or animated when talking to anyone (other than Mama and Dada).

Barney is a big hit. She loves to sing and dance along. Someone is also learning to jump. She hasn't quite gotten it down yet, but it won't be much longer.

She loves baths, and her new bath markers. She also loves to sit with her head under the spout and let the water pour over her. I think we have a future swimmer, as she also has started "floating" on her back in the tub.

And now for some cute pictures (excuse any snotty nose-we are still sick over here).

She took her pillow, blankies, and a few stuffed animals and put them on her table. Then climbed up to get comfy (sorry they are blurry).

Being silly! She thinks these 3d glasses are the coolest!

Her favorite place to sit these days.

So worn out from all the hard playing!

Happy 17 month Un-Birthday, Alice! May you keep amazing us every day, and providing lots of entertainment. I have enjoyed being home with you everyday. Mama and Dada love you very much!

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Danifred said...

Happy 17th month un-birthday! I love this stage so much!