Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Wonderful Day!

We woke up about 8, which was nice to sleep in a bit. Then I went outside to a winter wonderland!

I fed the animals. Sean headed to the bank, and Alice "helped" me make breakfast. She stood on a chair next to me, while I made apple pancakes and apple cider syrup. They were the most delicious pancakes ever! "I want to bathe in that syrup!" If you can name where that quote came from and who said it, I will make you the pancakes and syrup (you have to come here, though). I used to think that blueberry pancakes were my favorite, but not any more.

Then Alice and I played with the kitties. She LOVES the kitties! Mortimer is the only one who will let her cuddle.

It kept snowing all day. Alice and I climbed into bed and watched Beauty and the Beast. Then we took a nap. She slept for about 3 hours (she woke up early) and I got about an hour and a half nap! What a nice treat!!!

We then got dressed to go outside. It took me at least 40 minutes to get her dressed! No kidding! Longjohns, clothes, two pairs of socks, socks and mittens on the hands, boots, coat, and hat. Then we headed out.

Alice was not to sure about the snow.

After a few minutes of trepidation, she embraced the snow (literally!) and had a ton of fun!

We walked around the yard, and then decided to go inside. I was cold (not dressed as warmly as Alice) and someone was really wet from the snow. I need to buy her a snow suit and boots. She had on some hand me down dress boots.

Then we had a nice dinner. Alice and I took a bath. We are settling in to watch Polar Express and eat some ice cream!

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Danifred said...

Sounds like a perfect day. I can't wait to get some substantial snow here!