Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I had a whole other post in mind for today, but that can wait. I took Alice to get her booster of her flu shot today. I called earlier in the day to see if the doctor could check her out (she was to see the nurse), but I got their answering service so I left a message. She has been tugging at her ear and I wanted to make sure it wasn't an ear infection. She is getting ready to cut more teeth, so that is probably what it is, but I wanted her ears checked just in case. Why make her suffer until Monday? (I know I could find an immediate care if need be)

Well we never got a call back (apparently I will get a call tomorrow!). We showed up for her appointment and I told the receptionist what was going on. Her response, "We won't be able to do that today, as she is to see the nurse and only the doctor can do that and we don't have any appointments left for today. I can get you in tomorrow." Okay. Fair enough...though I did call and request her doctor to look at her. I explained that we couldn't come in tomorrow as I had an appointment and we had to leave town immediately afterwards, but I'd keep an eye on it and we could come in next week if need be. She proceeded to give me evil looks like I'm some bad parent. Alice ran off and played until we were called a couple of minutes later. The nurse had to help get her out of the play house, as she kept running out of my reach. We proceed to the room and get her shot. I asked the nurse about a few questions/concerns. We proceed to leave when I remember our co-pay. I go to pay and the guy (who schedules visits-he isn't the receptionist) is shocked that we have a co-pay on nurse visits. Umm, yes. They like to nickel and dime us. We always get a bill after seeing the nurse! So I'm paying (and juggling Alice between arms) and the receptionist makes some snide comment about "your mommy isn't letting you run everywhere today". To which I said something about not being able to hold her for long periods of time. You know having back problems, spd, sciatica, and being pretty pregnant and all. And yes, sometimes she does run everywhere, but I always follow her and grab her (when she gets away from me).

So I'm irritated with the receptionist mostly. She is rude, appears to not like children OR adults, and never smiles. Heck, I'm not sure she even looks at people...though apparently she remembers me and my "bad-ass" child whom I let do whatever she wants, when she wants, wherever we are (I don't). And the $10 co-pay doesn't irritate me, but you couldn't get a doctor to take 10 seconds to peek at my daughter's ears? Really? I saw ALL rooms open and no other patients in the place, so don't give me some BS story about having no openings. So now I'm contemplating finding another pediatrician, just because of this rude lady (who appears to have sandpaper on her toilet seat). Which is a shame because I do like her pediatrician. Unfortunately, I see more of the support staff than the doctor.

What do you think? Am I over-reacting (you know those pregnancy hormones obscure things sometimes-you can tell me if you think I am. I won't get mad *wink*)?


HereWeGoAJen said...

When I got frustrated with our pediatrician, I decided that they had one more visit to redeem themselves. At our next visit, if I weren't impressed, I was switching. And I wasn't impressed and we did switch, but it was a nice way to decide because I didn't feel like I needed to second guess myself.

Danifred said...

I find that the receptionists and office managers can ruin an entire office. It's a shame the good doctors can't get together to open their own practice and get rid of all the crappy people in the front.
I'd say give them one more chance, then switch!