Monday, December 6, 2010


We woke up early to take Sean to work again. It was (and still is) freezing here! It was about 7 degrees this morning, but with wind chill it felt like -9 degrees. Alice was NOT happy about being torn from the warm bed. I don't blame her. I wasn't too thrilled myself!

We have to pick Sean up tonight and take him to work tomorrow morning. And then, we are done! The guy that was installing the rebuilt transmission got it done about 4pm today. Two days early!!! Woo hoo! So I will be so glad not to have to spend that much time in the car, but will miss my extra time with Sean. Bittersweet!

I'll also be glad to not have to fill up the car every day and a half. I usually get by on one tank, with the occasional second fill up. Speaking of gas, we stopped at the gas station this morning. I was filling up the car, and was around $30 when the display reset. WTH? So I finished filling up, and got the receipt. $4.50! I got a tank of gas for $4.50! I'm keeping the receipt forever! And in case they charge me more because who knows what it really would have been. Though part of me feels guilty, but no one else was getting gas at the time so they shouldn't have reset it (or whatever happened) while I was pumping!

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Danifred said...

Horray for being done with the huge commutes.