Tuesday, December 21, 2010

16 Months

Alice turned 16 months yesterday. I should have posted this yesterday, but better a day late than not at all (like the past few months-bad mama!). What a month we have had!

This past month:

•Alice has gone from four teeth to ELEVEN! This has been over the past six weeks, but still. All eight front teeth and three molars. I think some more will be coming through shortly.

•Alice has really started talking and babbling. She has been saying quite a few words for awhile now, but ever since I have been home with her she has been really quiet. This past month, she turned that around. Some new words this month: GO! NO (usually to the kitties), Dye (bye- though it is getting closer to a b sound each time), Hi, ba (bath or banana depending upon what time of day/location), tow (towel), and caan (candy/cookie- can you tell she has gotten her fill of Christmas goodies?)

•She has started blowing kisses. Just the cutest thing ever!

•She will pat/rub your back if you cough or choke. She will also hit her belly if she is "choking".

•Her fascination with books has really hit a new level. This pleases me immensely. She will sit and "read" them on her own and actually sit and let you read to her also!

•She is not a picky eater, though hasn't been very fond of most vegetables except carrots. This past month, she has been "over" carrots (thank goodness! I was so sick of them!) and has been loving broccoli, peas, and green beans. Though still not a fan of asparagus or Brussels sprouts, I'm sure that will eventually change. I mean who doesn't love "baby cabbages"?!

•She is climbing everywhere and everything! She moves chairs to assist her with this, if need be.

•We got to play in the snow for the first time. I don't think she is a fan of the coldness of the snow, as she screams and has a pained look on her face when it touches her skin or Marty!

•She is extremely clever. Whether it be moving chairs (see above) or maneuvering her body under the gate to get to the cat stuff; not much can deter this little lady! See the picture below. I had to lower the baby gate to the bathroom because she was sliding under it...she couldn't get her head through after I lowered the gate. Haha!


HereWeGoAJen said...

She really is a smart one. Which, you know, is good in the long run but really makes the toddler years a bit trickier.

Danifred said...

Happy 16 months. I tell you, these smart ones are nothing but trouble ;)