Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

•Alice and I have been in the car for 6-7
hours a day (depending upon traffic). That really stinks! I'm hoping Sean's truck is fixed soon. And in case you are wondering why we are in the car so long: 1 hour to construction, 1 hour home, 1 hour to pick him up, 1 hour to UPS, 45 minutes home, 45 minutes to pick him up, and 45 minutes home! Of course, Alice sleeps most of this time, so I don't really get a nap. Ugh!

•It is amazing how messy this place gets with two kittens and a toddler! Throw a baby in to the mix, and we may soon be on one of those house shows (and not in a good way!).

•Okay, so the house isn't that bad, but it is a lot more difficult to keep up with.

•I made orange chicken last night. It was really delicious! I tweaked the recipe a bit, and will change a few things for next time. It was awesome! I will have to post the recipe after I make it again.

•Speaking of recipes, are there any that you would like to know? I keep intending to post the pierogi casserole/lasagna. Anything else you desire?

•Sean and I worked on his vacation schedule last night. He gets 6 weeks from UPS (none from construction unless they don't have a job). He is planning on taking most of March off. Hopefully two weeks before the little man gets here, and two after. Sean wanted to know when I thought he would be here. I told him anytime between now and the end of March! How am I supposed to know? Then use his FMLA time in late summer/early fall because otherwise he loses all of his vacation for FMLA.

•Not that I want the baby to come any time soon. Please bake until at least the end of February!

•I know I have complained about the lack of sleep/driving thing, but I DO enjoy having that extra time to talk to Sean. We usually only have a little time each day, so these extra hours here and there have been a nice treat!

•Alice keeps closing the bathroom door on the cats (which isn't a problem if they are in there) and I know someone is going to have an accident. We normally would leave the bathroom door closed, but we now have a baby gate up to prevent a little someone from playing with food/water/litter. It is hard to break habits!

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HereWeGoAJen said...

Oh, that is a lot of driving. I hope it doesn't last much longer.

Megan said...

That is too much time in your car! I am glad that Alice sleeps in the car for you- Weston doesn't really sleep in the car... How is your baby bump? How are you?

Danifred said...

Holy cow that's a lot of driving! At least you're getting some quality conversation out of it!

The Captain's Wife said...

Ugh, I spend a good 4 hours n the car daily, but don't think Little K would be such a good passenger for that duration on a daily basis.

I have a Cat and a Toddler and I swear within 42 seconds of them coming into the family room in the morning the WHOLE entire house is trashed. It amazes me every single time.