Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Wrap-Up and Bah-Humbugs

Christmas was so wonderful this year! Alice doesn't really "get" Santa, but she does understand toys. I was up very late Christmas morning getting things ready and set up.

We slept in until almost 10, which was really nice. Alice immediately saw her table and chairs from Santa and sat down. She hardly moved from there for the next half hour or so. I got started on our annual Christmas brunch of monkey bread. Sean made sausage, and my Dad (whom I wasn't sure would come) and sister came over to eat. We then put on Christmas Vacation and watched Alice open presents. She was a bit timid at first, probably because I spent the past day or two telling her to leave the wrapped presents alone. Apparently, she had too many gifts because she got tired of opening stuff and only wanted to play with her phone that Lindsay got her (it was a whole purse, keys, phone, accessories thing). So we helped her a bit in opening the last few presents. She loves all of her toys. The phone is a big hit, along with the bakeware and pots/utensils, cleaning stuff, and her table. She has started climbing on to the table *sigh*. I didn't take any pictures, as I can't find my camera, but Lindsay did and I will "steal" them from her later to show you guys.

We went to my brother's for Christmas dinner. It was very lovely. The food was awesome, per usual. Alice actually ate three deviled eggs (well the filling) this time. Last time, she wouldn't touch them. We then opened presents. Alice had the whole thing down, and did awesome. She got a new bath toy, frog blanket, and magnetic letters and numbers (yay!). The baby even got some stuff from my brother and SIL.

Alice slept on the way home (a little more than an hour) and was up until well after 1 this morning. Sean let me sleep in today...I didn't get up until about 11. I took a muscle relaxer and pain pill last night as I was hurting very badly and could barely move. I'm thinking I need to buy a recliner to sleep in at night. It is getting very difficult to get comfortable in bed and also to get out of bed.

I was hoping my sister would be able come up and stay the night with us tonight. She has been in town since Tuesday evening, and leaves early Tuesday morning. I have seen her for about 5 hours total. Apparently, our father is a total Scrooge. He complains about not having any "alone" time with her, but then he goes to a Christmas Eve party and drinks with "friends" and then goes to spend the day today with other friends to watch the Colts game. Meanwhile, leaving her alone but with orders that "she has to stay the night there, and if your brother or sister want to hang out they need to come here". I have no qualms with going there, but I was really hoping she would be able to come up and stay a night/day with us, I was hoping to go outside and play in the snow with Alice. I am just so upset and angry with my dad. He doesn't have his priorities right, and he is also upsetting my sister and me. I mean is she on house arrest? Is this some kind of conspiracy that my brother and father cooked up to keep her from spending time with us? Sorry...I had to get this out before I call and tell him how I feel. I'm not sure whether I feel like crying and punching something. And I really don't like that I'm feeling like this at all after Christmas. Bah humbug!


HereWeGoAJen said...

I'm glad your Christmas went really well! I can't wait to see pictures!

However, it sucks that your after Christmas isn't going well at all! Go steal that Lindsay and bring her to your house. She's a grown-up person now and she ought to be able to pick where to be.

Danifred said...

It sounds like you had a great Christmas!

Sorry things aren't going so with with Lindsay. I say kidnap her!