Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Decisions, Craziness, and The End of a Decade!

Things have been crazy around here lately. The kittens bring their own craziness. Alice has been a serious tantrum queen today. And then the usual messes that the little crazies all manage throughout the day.

They (the kittens) come flying in to the bathroom when they hear me turn the water on for Alice's bath. They don't go running like that for food! Then I have to continuously pull/push them out of the way so I can bathe her. I'm seriously thinking about just letting them take a bath with her, though I'm sure that would be disastrous.

Alice has been having melt down after melt down today. I think the main reason is she is teething and not feeling well. Seriously, she lost her mind when she saw the bananas! She threw herself to the floor, banging her head, and wouldn't stop screaming/crying/whining until I gave her some banana. Then she had a melt down when I told her I stay away from the cats' food and litter box. And then she saw the other banana.

I finally got her down for a nap. Thank the Lord! I'm hoping she will be a little less tormented when she wakes up. And I'm the mean mommy. I just walk off while she is pitching her fits. I don't see a point in giving her attention when she is acting like that, teething or otherwise.

I also got her to bed earlier than ever last night (9 pm) and she slept til 9 am. I'm going to try to stick with this! I actually had some time to myself last night! Sean didn't get to spend any time with her, though.

Speaking of Alice, I ordered a cleaning tool set for her. It has real stuff. Broom, dustpan, mop, bucket, sponges, gloves, etc. I don't see a point in getting the play stuff that requires batteries (ugh!) and isn't realistic at all. So she can help clean! Now she won't steal my mop and broom, and knock stuff over with them because they are too big for her!

I am also planning on getting her some more play food and pots/pans for her kitchen. I found This but I am also considering the pots/pans from Ikea. Along with the bake set and cooking utensils. Problem is I would have to drive to Illinois to get them. They aren't for purchase online. Boo! So what do you think? The toys r us set or drive to Ikea?

Oh and today is my last day in my twenties. I have been thinking about doing something wild and crazy. Like sleep ! Maybe I'll get a bottle of red wine and have a couple of ounces tonight. That will probably help with all of the pain I have been in. Ooh, maybe a hot bath and two-three ounces of wine after I get Alice to bed!

Now back to cleaning and laundry. I have cleaned my entire stove. It looks almost new! And bake apple bread! I'm also making my annual holiday baking list. If you make holiday treats, what do you make? I'll finish compiling mine and let you know what I'll be making this year!


Danifred said...

Happy almost birthday! Sleep (and wine) sound like a fine way to end a decade.

HereWeGoAJen said...

Ooh, get the IKEA stuff. It is so nice. We have a lot of the IKEA stuff, including some food sets, and they are fabulous. Elizabeth's pots are nicer than my own.