Monday, December 27, 2010


I know you are wondering if I went and kidnapped my sister yesterday. No, I did not. I did go pick her up about 10 this morning and returned her a little before 2. No, that isn't that much time but we had breakfast, Starbucks, and played with Alice.

Alice woke up early this morning...a certain mommy had gotten out of the bed, and it seems my child is a bit Santa like. She knows when I am sleeping and she knows when I'm awake. She fell asleep in her Aunt Lindsay's arms. It was too sweet! I then subjected my sister to looking at a few of the cute baby clothes I had bought.

We took Lindsay back to Scrooge's house. I got out to say goodbye and took Alice out too. Alice kept screaming and crying when I would take her from Lindsay and put her in the car seat. I thought she didn't want to be in the car, so I would take her out. But she didn't want me...she wanted Lindsay. Of course this made Lindsay start crying, and me as well. So all three of us were hugging and crying in the driveway. We finally said goodbye and left.

Alice "drew" Lindsay a picture this evening, and I used that as a good excuse to go back to see her for an hour. Alice was all over her Lindsay again. And we had a repeat of earlier in the day when we left.

I can honestly say that every time we part, it never gets easier. And now that Alice gets caught up in that, it really makes it more difficult. It breaks my heart to see her upset like that. I swear she said, "don't go" to Lindsay. I'm just hoping that she will move back here soon. I don't know how many more "don't go's" any of us can take.


Danifred said...

This breaks my heart. I'm so sorry. I hope Lindsay moves back soon and you guys can have a ton of quality time together.

HereWeGoAJen said...

But I am so proud of Lindsay for following her dreams out in Boston and doing so well. I think you and Alice will have to move out there.