Sunday, December 19, 2010


So we went to the Legion to see Santa. They had hot dogs, chips, and cookies for the kids. Alice liked the bun and chips mostly. Then we got in line and sat on Santa's lap. This years picture is awful. I got better pictures on my phone. I can't believe I paid for the picture! Oh well.

So here is last years picture, which you didn't get to see.

And this years...I cropped it a lot. Most of the picture is to the left and of the tree. Gee, thanks! I could have taken a picture of a tree for free. To top it off, even Santa is not looking at the camera. Alice looks like she is about to cry, which is redeeming.

And then the two pictures I was able to snap.

Sorry that last one is blurry. Someone was trying to escape from Santa.

And another picture I managed, before she tore the tulle skirt in her dress (she kept climbing up on this platform and every time she stood up, she'd catch the bottom of her dress). Maybe I can fix it before Christmas.

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HereWeGoAJen said...

Alice is very adorable! She did much better than Elizabeth at the Santa picture.