Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Happy Birthday to My Awesome Husband!

Sean is 40 today! And I think he is still very handsome!

Awesome doesn't begin to really describe how incredible the man is. He works two jobs (construction and UPS in the evenings) for a total of about 13 hours a day, plus travel time. So he is gone normally from 6:30am-10:30pm (sometimes later). He is the most talented man I have ever met. He works on our cars, our house, and pretty much everything else. He is a friend, husband, father, carpenter, painter, plumber, mechanic, and sole provider for our family. No wonder he is so tired all of the time!

His shoulder's carry the weight of the world. He is the strongest man I know.

I read this poem years ago, and thought that I wouldn't settle until I found a man like this.

“If I marry: He must be so tall that when he is on his knees he reaches all the way to heaven. His shoulders must be broad enough to bear the burden of a family. His lips must be strong enough to smile, firm enough to say no, and tender enough to kiss. Love must be so deep that it takes its stand in Christ and so wide that it takes in the whole lost world. He must be active enough to save souls. He must be big enough to be gentle and great enough to be thoughtful. His arms must be strong enough to carry a little child.” ~Ruth Bell Graham

Well I did, and couldn't be happier! I love you, Sean! Happy 40th Birthday!


HereWeGoAJen said...

Happy birthday, Sean!

Danifred said...

Happy, happy birthday Sean :)