Thursday, December 2, 2010

This Is Getting Rough

Alice has two more teeth coming in. She has been incredibly fussy. Which is understandable, considering she has six teeth working their way through her gums. Two of them are already popped mostly through, but the rest are little white dots. Can they come in already?

On top of that, the cats are driving me nuts! I can't believe that I wanted to bring them indoors. Gretchen has already shattered two ornaments today, and we are only half way through the day. Good grief! Mortimer has become the better least for today. I keep reminding myself they are kittens.

So basically, I have not gotten a thing done. We got Sean to work, and I'm dying for a nap right now. Guess who doesn't want to nap? Yes, my little cherub! And this house is a disaster. Two kittens and a toddler (and I don't want to think about what it will look like with a newborn thrown in to the mix) have managed to destroy everything. Clean laundry is tossed everywhere...thanks kitties! Goldfish and Teddy Grahams on the floor. Forget my nap...will she just sleep so I can clean some of this up?

We have to pick Sean up in a couple of hours, and drive him to UPS, and then pick him back up about 10 or so. Ugh! Add chauffeur to my list ;) at least this won't last forever. Maybe through next week.

And have I said that I'm dying for a nap? Getting up two to three hours early is rough. Alice is having a hard time, since her sleep schedule has been thrown off from going to get the kitties fixed. So that means mine has too. Weekend come on! I need some sleep!!!


HereWeGoAJen said...

Poor Alice and her sore mouth. And that is hard on you too, so I hope it smooths out soon!

Danifred said...

Poor baby. I hope you both get some rest. Naps are the BEST!