Thursday, December 23, 2010

What A Day

I had my 28 week appointment and glucose tolerance test this morning. Fun stuff! I don't remember feeling that sleepy last time. I thought I was going to fall asleep driving there (15 minutes after taking it!). Nor do I remember being that hungry (I didn't eat beforehand this time-no time) or feeling sick to my stomach. The nurse (whom is new and I wasn't sure I liked her) brought me crackers and water right after drawing my blood. So sweet! I also don't know why they need 3-4 vials of blood to do a glucose test?! Hoping I pass and don't have to do the three hour!

I then raced home and got Alice. Sean didn't have to work, so he fed her breakfast and gave her a bath. He was getting her dressed when I walked in the door. Then Alice and I drove up to northern Indiana to do Christmas with her (ex) stepmom, sisters, step-sisters, aunts, uncles, and all of their families. What a blast! ALL of the cousins (on that side of his dad/stepmom's side) were there! Eloise, Marielle, Phoebe, Lilly, Sylvie, Olivia, Paxton, and Alice! How exciting to see all of them together. And then the opening of the presents. Wow! Alice took forever to open her presents, but was super excited about the Little People doll house that she got from Sylvie (the kids draw names and buy for each other-that way we aren't going broke getting each kid a gift) and the book and puzzle from Yia Yia (Sean's stepmom). Then we hung out and played for awhile and headed home.

We are going back up tomorrow for Christmas at his Aunt Oly's with a lot of the same people. I am in the process of making a chocolate mousse torte for dessert. Seriously, you guys have to try this if you like (especially love) chocolate!

And here it is almost 11 pm and I just remembered we haven't eaten dinner. I threw a pizza in and we will eat in a few minutes. And yes, Alice is still up. She slept the whole way home (a little over two hours) so she is still up.


Danifred said...

Fingers crossed for a successful test! I hope you guys will be able to find some time to relax in the next few days!

HereWeGoAJen said...

I always forget to feed everyone too. Sigh.