Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Today is Wednesday, right? Things are just kind of a blur. I lose track of the day sometime after Monday. In fact, sometimes I think it is Tuesday by the end of Monday. Can you tell that I need a little more sleep?

Lets see, what has been going on? Yesterday, I was awoken around 4:30ish by a certain little baby. I noticed then that my right ear was oozing some fluid and hurt to lay on that side. Unfortunately, I did not have a choice but to lay on that side, as we co-sleep and I was nursing. So I fell back asleep. I woke up a few hours later, and decided to go to the doctor before work.

As I was taking care of the animals, I noticed our cat, Jinx, was MIA. Knowing that she was about to pop with kittens (plus she didn't eat all of her food, and the blinds in the breezeway where we keep her were torn down), I went looking for her. I found her... having kitties! So I carefully moved her and the cardboard box (that Alice's highchair came in, but it was wet from the rain-the barn is old and needs a new roof) they were in, and moved her back up to the breezeway. At that point she had two kittens. Oh, and one more thing... I do have pictures of the kittens, but I don't have my camera with me right now, so I'll post them later.

After getting ready, I went to check on Jinx and there were three kitties and she was having the fourth! So I got to see the last one being born! Awesome! We then headed to the doctor. I'm glad I brought several snacks, as we waited for almost an hour, and then over thirty more minutes in the exam room before the doctor came in. He thinks I have an upper respiratory infection, so he gave me amoxicillin. Then I talked to him about my chronic headaches, which he said he couldn't really "treat", as they were chronic (I've been having them almost daily for 3+ months), but he referred me to a different doctor. So now I may have a new family physician! I just have to check her out. He did give me tylenol with codeine for the headaches, and promised it would only make me feel "mellow". So we head to the pharmacy, wait another 45 minutes, get my 'scripts and head home. I immediately feed Alice, and take my medicine. I then call work (it is now 5:15 and was due at work @ 3) and tell them I "could" come in, but prefer not to as it would be 7-7:30 before I get there, and I would be there for maybe two hours. So I didn't go in (I had a note excusing me anyway). Good thing too... that "mellow" feeling I was supposed to experience knocked me out for over two hours. In fact, Sean scared me when he came home early from work and told me it was almost 8:30. Oops...better start dinner. See this post for what we had for dinner. I also made homemade macaroni and cheese and it goes STELLAR with the cabbage rolls!

It took me 18 minutes to change a diaper and wrestle Alice in to her clothes today. She kept rolling over and crawling away. And when I was wrapping her diaper up, she took off. I told her to come back, but she started going full throttle ahead. I had to chase her down! I now know to add 20 minutes on to our getting ready routine!

And then today, on my way in to work, I get a call from the District (or Regional) Manager of Panera. He apologized profusely. He was on his way to the store in question, and assured me he would provide some more training for the manager, along with investigating who/why/etc. the band-aid incident happened. He also said he will be mailing me coupons to use at any of their stores. He was pretty appalled at what happened, and agreed with me about the potential "healthcare violations" and said this kind of thing had only happened once before (and that was at a different place) in his years in the food industry. So I'll let you know what happens. I really hope the manager doesn't get fired. I don't want that. I just don't think that non-edible items in your food is acceptable. So hopefully, nobody loses a job over this whole band-aid thing.

Oh, and go me for learning how to insert links!!!

I hope this post finds everyone in blog land in good spirits and health.

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