Thursday, May 27, 2010

Greetings from Alice!

Hello Mama's Lovely Blog Friends! This is my first auto-post. Mama says that if things go according to plan today, she and I will be hanging out with my Grandpa Joey! I love my Grandpa Joey! I can almost say Joe. It sounds like Dee-O. My mama is mean. She keeps me in my stroller. (Note from Mama: I DO not keep her in her stroller, contrary to what these pictures show. hehe)


Don't I have pretty eyes?

How you doin'?

"KiKi!" (She was trying to get the cat to come to her)

Happy when the cat came to the stroller!

Ciao Peoples! See you soon!


Anonymous said...

NOT SOON ENOUGH! :o( Give Grandpa Joey hell for me, little one!

Aunt Lindsay.

HereWeGoAJen said...

Alice, strollers are FUN! You get to go places in them. Sometimes Elizabeth cries when she has to get out of hers. Of course, walking is mostest fun too.

Danifred said...

Hi Alice! I like your cute little kitty. Bean would like for you to know that strollers suck. At least that's what she wanted me to tell you.

Sarah said...

Aww love the pic of her with the kitty!