Friday, May 21, 2010

Did You Know

Just a few random facts and ideas on this dreary Friday (at least it is dreary here). Though it is supposed to be very beautiful this weekend (YAY!) and I have a short work week next week (WOOT WOOT!).

Did You Know...

...I have been contemplating doing an online course for Medical Transcription after my job divorces me.
...this would require me to have better internet than we currently have.
...I can get dial-up (UGH!) through Earthlink-possibly DSL.
...Either of these options would require a home phone line.
...I think I'd still be paying less for both of those than I'm currently paying for our internet card (which has a limit and is really slow and unreliable-so dial-up doesn't sound too bad)

...I normally listen to talk radio when I'm in the car. I know, I'm a nerd! Unless Alice is fussing, and then I will play whatever it takes to calm her down (usually some hip-hop or r&b-she is a big fan of Katy Perry, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, etc).
...I bring this up because I normally listen to Rush Limbaugh during the day drive and Clark Howard during the night drive.
...Sometimes when I've had a hard day, I'll listen to Kim Iverson. Mostly her show is relationship stuff, but occasionally there will be topics that I'm intrigued in. Not to say I don't occasionally relish listening to peoples' relationship drama. The other day there was a guy on there from SnapKitchen and he shared two really yummy sounding recipes for lemonade. Since it is getting warmer, I think I may have to try these.
...I'm thinking about asking Clark Howard what he thinks I should do about my severance. Don't worry, I'll ask your opinions too (but that is a post for another day-and I'm guessing that day will be June 3rd or 4th).

...Minx has been MIA since about 12 hours before the kittens were born. So I saw him last Monday. I wonder if there is a pheromone/hormone that made him run away.
...I'm not too worried at this point about him. I figure his mom made it as a stray, and he is very much like her. If I don't see him for another week or two I may start worrying.

...yesterday was the day from hell at work. I seriously think I got pissed on!
...Seriously! Everything that could have gone wrong did; plus some. It was one of those days that I wanted to sweep my arm across my desk, knocking everything to the floor and scream, "Eff it! I'm outta here!"
...well I guess the power didn't go out, or the building burn down. So not everything.

...Alice is still not feeling well. Poor baby! She was up most of last night crying.
...which means I was also up.
...if it wasn't Friday, I would have called in to work today.

Well, I think that is enough things to bore you with! Perhaps I will continue doing this from time to time... you know, because I can ;)

I hope everyone has a good weekend! If you are lucky, I may manage a post sometime in the next two days.


Megan said...

That stinks that Alice isn't feeling it teeth? Also stinky that work is no fun. Why is your job disappearing? you probably said and I just didn't catch it...

Danifred said...

Sorry the day was dreary, the babe wasn't feeling well and work sucked. I hope today was much, much better for you and the sun came out for a while!

Anonymous said...

You listen to talk radio? Huh. The things I learn about my sister...

I *told* you that kid liked hip hop! She likes to hop with the hippest of them. Bop bop bop be bop!

And if *you're* lucky, I might manage a post in the next 2 weeks. ;)