Friday, May 7, 2010

Things Don't Get Better Than This

I have been trying to get Alice to say "Mama" for quite some time. As the way things are progressing, I imagine it will still be quite some time before she utters anything that sounds close to that. This afternoon, while we were heading to the sitters, Alice and I had this "conversation":

*Not actually verbatim

Alice: "Daaaaa"
Me: "Maaaa"
A: "Dadadadada"
M: "Mamamamama"
A: pause... "Dada"
M: "Mama"
A: "Daddy" (or so it sounded like Daddy)
M: "Mommy"
A: chuckle "Dadda"
M: laugh "Mamma"

And so on and on it went, for almost the remainder of our ride. Sometimes I would start it back up, and other times she would. Things just don't get better than this!


Anonymous said...

She's not kidding. She called me and left a voicemail message of them chatting. It was hilarious. I pretty much have the greatest sister and niece ever. :o)

Danifred said...

Yep, Tot did that to me as well. Silly little girls!

Megan said...

I am new to your blog- but this is the exact conversation I have with my son.