Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Lets start with the good:

1. It is official. Alice has said her first word... CAT! She has said other things, but I wasn't really sure whether to count them or not, but yesterday (twice) we saw cats and she said, "CAT!"
2. It is almost the weekend.
3. I am feeling quite a bit better today.
4. My husband is wonderful!

The Bad:
1. Alice has been having a rough time lately. Especially at night. I'm not sure if this is because of gas, teething, a wonder week, or what. I'm about at my ropes end. She seems to be "reverse cycling" in regards to nursing. She is too busy and too distracted to really nurse during the day (though she does take a bottle fine at the babysitters) when I am with her, and only "snacks". Then comes night-time...and I feel like an all you can eat buffet. Any suggestions on getting her to sleep through the night?
2. I have to reschedule my hair appointment (that I have already rescheduled once) because I just found out LAST NIGHT that we have a graduation party for my husband's best female friend, Gwen. Whom, I like, but have only met once (right after giving birth and I hadn't showered... and she was all cute, tiny, perky, pretty, etc.) and who's party conflicts with my rescheduled appointment. My hair is getting SO long, and looks horrendous. I will reschedule, but come Hell or high water I will make this next appointment!
3. I was awoken from a very sound sleep this morning (I was having a wonderful dream) to Alice screaming hysterically. I quickly got up and looked for her (she had been in the bed with me). I found her in between my husband's side of the bed and his nightstand. That is right. She was stuck. Apparently, she was trying to grab an almost full beer that Sean had left on his nightstand (No we don't give her beer...she has a fascination with cans and bottles. As if I'm not already worried that CPS will come knocking on our door). To make the situation a little worse, she had hit the corner of her left eye and bumped her head in two spots. Her eye has a small cut and is really swollen.

And now the ugly (not that my baby is ugly... just the eye for now):

I imagine she will have the best black eye ever in the next day or two. Just in time for the graduation party... so we'll be "those parents" who don't watch their baby. In my defense, I ALWAYS know when she is moving while in bed with me... I just didn't today because she had been cuddling with Sean, and he didn't move her over next to me. WAY TO GO MOM! I'm just glad it wasn't any worse than it was. Lord knows it could have been.

Oh and my blog... way ugly. I was trying to change a few things yesterday, and I think one of you tried to make a comment at the same time, but I have no idea who it was or what you said. And now my blog is mixed between what I want and what I don't. All in due time... all in due time.


HereWeGoAJen said...

It could be a sleep regression, there is a nine month one. It could also be that she's trying to get more Mama time. Or it could be a growth spurt. Also, check for teeth, Elizabeth started nursing mainly at night when she was teething because her mouth hurt too much during the day.

Danifred said...

Poor baby with the boo boo. :(
Hope the sleeping gets better. I do feel your pain, my girls were anti-sleepers for a very, very long time!

Megan said...

How is Alice's eye? I hope she feels better soon!