Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

Once again, another week has come and gone. Time for all those random thoughts in my head! As always, head over and see Danifred for more leftovers!

•Alice climbed a tree on Easter. It wasn't completely vertical, but she was 15-20 feet up in the air before Sean realized! They were mushroom hunting, and I guess he had put her down and was picking mushrooms. He said he heard some laughing, looked up, and there she was! He dropped his bag and climbed up to get her. Then all hell broke loose because she wanted to go all the way to the top (which was about 60 feet!). We are in serious trouble with this one, folks!

•I wake up everyday and wonder if this is the day that we end up in the emergency room. I pray that doesn't happen, but with Alice and her climbing, I'm sure that is where we will end up.

•The car is fixed! Sean got it done Saturday evening. Yay! My husband rocks!!!

•I'm so tired of hearing about the whole Obama birth certificate thing. I think the "analysts" are missing the most important point. That an 18 year old, Caucasian woman, had an African man's baby in 1961! Thank God she chose life!

•Furthermore, I'd appreciate if they start talking more about why I'm going to have to start selling kidneys on the black market to put gas in our vehicles!

•I found Alice helping herself to some chocolate cake yesterday. I had left it out on the stove, and she grabbed her spoon, stood on her tiptoes, and went to town!

•She also helped herself to a "bite" of my coffee this morning. "Mmm! Dats pwitty," she said! I didn't know she could say pretty. I also think I've confused her when I say something is "pretty good".

•Alice is teething. She has two that have broken through, and another two that should be here shortly. You know what that means...diarrhea, diaper rash, and yeast infections! Woohoo! Oh yeah, and all that crankiness stuff too.

•It has been raining here almost everyday. I love how it makes the grass a beautiful, lush green. Now if it would stop so we could mow our swamp, that would be splendid!

•I will get around to making the prizes for the winners from the "Guess when HJ will arrive and how big he will be game" and for yesterday's question, as well. The prizes will be baked goodies, and maybe a little something else thrown in!

•I am preparing to do a post about my favorite things. There will be a give-away for that. Whenever I get around to it!

•I still can't find the recipe for the filling from when I made the triple chocolate cupcakes. I did find a box mix that is a pretty good substitute (that is what inspired me in the first place).

And that is it for today! Wishing you all a lovely weekend! Remember to visit all the leftovers over the weekend!


HereWeGoAJen said...

I think Alice needs some leg cuffs or one of those ball and chain things.

The Tompkins Family said...

At 11 months, we were in the ER with Sammy and her first broken bone. I can't believe we made it another year without another one because the doctor said, "see you soon!" as we left. So I understand having a little daredevil!

daisybv2 said...

OH that is a climber you have got on your hands...

I now want cake :)

I am so glad the car is fixed but like you said I might have to sell an organ gas by me is now over $4.20 a gallon EEEK are we every going to see it come down again :/

Mrs. Z said...

All right, now I am all worried...I laughed so hard yesterday when we were filling out a questionnaire at the pedi and it said, "Does your child like to climb?" UM, YES. And terrify his mama. And now I will not be letting him near any trees until he is at least 17. ;)

Carrie27 said...

YIKES! I can't believe she climbed up there all on her own without any prompting.

All three of mine have been guilty of sneaking or attempting to sneak goodies.

April said...

And now I want chocolate cupcakes!

Oh, little Alice, you are a crazy girl after my crazy boy's heart...SERIOUSLY, tree climbing?? Heart attack!! Come to CT to visit us and you and Hunter can jump into the lake together and scare the Mommies. LOL

Gas prices friggin' suck.

Jenner said...

If you ask me, such a big deal was made about Obama's birth certificate to cover up much more important issues, like bills being passed in legislation and, as you mentioned, the gas issue.

Alice climbed a tree- omg! The peapod is very fearless and climbs all over things at home. Thank goodness she is a rough-and-tumble child. If she falls, she dusts herself off and climbs back up again!

Danifred said...

Tot was a serious climber. I'm grateful to have gotten through toddlerhood without incident with her.