Sunday, April 10, 2011

Oh The Love!

I am just so in love with HJ, Alice, and Sean. It is amazing how adding a new little person can intensify the love everyday for everyone!

I worried while pregnant if I would love this little man as much as I love Alice. Without a doubt, I do, and it happened so much "quicker" than after Alice was born. Not to say I didn't love her immediately-I did! I just think my heart grew a million times more that day, so it just felt like that.

I'm really wondering how my body can contain my heart. It feels like it grows exponentially everyday!


Jenner said...

You know, that makes me really happy to hear. :) I'm always hemming and hawing about having another baby and this post really truly made me smile!

And I so appreciated your comment on my post! Actually, it wasn't my hubby's friend who was the selfish, inconsiderate ass that got him into this whole mess of a trip- it was his mother!! I know I've mentioned that my MIL is evil and this has proved it to both of us. Hubby says he is done doing favors for her and I am sorry that it took this for him to realize how she uses him. And I actually thought about driving down to meet him on his last night away so the peapod and I could stay with him and bring him home!!! You're right, you and I have an awful lot in common!!!

LOG said...

I worried the same when I was pregnant with Maggie. But my worries were all for naught. ;)

Carrie27 said...

I love reading posts like this, because it is just a reminder of how much my crazy three mean to me.

Danifred said...

Isn't it amazing how wonderful it is?