Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

Another week done! Time for all my random thoughts.

•Sean let the cat in the breezeway last night. He was stuck in there and there is no litter box in there (it is in the barn). So he pooped in there. I don't know where the poop is, so I'll let Sean deal with it. I deal with enough poop around here anyways :-)

•Oh and Mortimer's leg/foot is fine. I meant to mention that last week. I don't think it was broken because he was walking/jumping just fine a few days later.

•Alice is fascinated with watching me pee. (working on introducing potty training-still a LONG ways away from starting) which is a good thing because she knows what pee is now. Now just to get her to realize when she is peeing!

•Apparently I should have titled this the "Potty Version"! I promise, no more pee or poop in this post!

•I have been craving chocolate like never before! Which is a big deal because I have rarely craved chocolate.

•I was having really sharp pains on my left ovary the past week or so. The other day it was almost constant. I think I may have ovulated, but I guess time will tell. I also have a HUGE zit on the left side of my chin, which leads me to believe I did ovulate from my left side (if I did). And I hardly ever get zits.

•Both kids were up until 2 am last night. I swear they were waiting up for Sean.

•I totally snapped at Sean this morning. I was exhausted. I had already nursed HJ for almost two hours (not straight), and hadn't had any coffee. Both babes were screaming and crying and he was on me about calling to get reports/bills for the attorney. I just lost it and told him to shut up. Alice came in and looked shocked (we hardly ever argue/fight/raise our voices)! Oops!

•Then he said that we need to discuss, "getting his balls chopped off." I told him I wasn't sure that I wanted to be done, but that I wasn't sure I wanted anymore kids either. I said I wanted to wait a few years before making that decision. Then he said he wanted me to be done and spoil the two we have. Obviously he and I have to talk about this more. I want him to wait on a vasectomy. I'd prefer to use birth control. I just don't want to use anything with hormones until I'm done breastfeeding...which will be at least a year. We didn't use any birth control after Alice (I felt the same way), but we knew we wanted the next close in age-got pregnant when Alice was 9 1/2 months. So I figure I really have to be careful! What did you do for birth control after giving birth?

•I haven't decided what I'm going to call Harold Jack (I just refer to him as HJ because it is shorter, but I don't call him that). I've been going between Harry and Jack. So if I start referring to him as something besides HJ, don't be confused.

•The other day HJ rolled over during tummy time! Well, Alice pushed him at the very end, but he was almost all the way over. I uploaded a video to YouTube. You can see Alice "help" him. I've watched it several times and am pretty sure he would have gone the rest of the way by himself. You can see it here

I think that is enough for tonight! Head on over to see Danifred for more leftovers!


The Tompkins Family said...

Go HJ! Presley is nearing 4.5 months and has still not rolled either way!

I'm currently on the low dose birth control for breastfeeding mamas. That's what I was on after Samara was born as well. BUT...Shawn has his snip snip appointment in September so it's temporary!

Mrs. Z said...

I think snapping is totally understandable seeing as how you had been up until 2am and nursing forever!

And we used condoms until I finished supply was so rocky I couldn't risk doing even the mini-pill. I have lots of friends who have loved Mirena, I may do that next time. I mean, you know, after I manage to get pregnant again!

Jenner said...

HJ is already rolling over? Wow, go little man!! What is it about men that they think they have the final say about when we are "done" having children? I suffer the same thing with my hubby. I actually stopped taking birth control a few months ago and I figure that if it happens, it happens. (we sleep with five dogs in the bed, so our risk is not high. Plus it took me a year and a half to conceive the peapod!) I think I want another one, but it would probably be best to wait another year or so.

dfost said...

Good Job HJ! I love watching Hadley roll.. she's close to rolling from back to tummy now, at 4.5 months.

I like Jack, though whatever you decide is good. I just think "Baby Jack" is totally cute!

Bobi said...

I love Jack. It is a little overly popular right now but it is so cute!
Also, I've heard good things about the copper ring. If this works out for us, I may do that for a year (or two depending on finances) just in case. I have yet to research it too much though. Let me know what you decide.

Danifred said...

I love both Harry and Jack. Both are wonderful and strong names.
As you can probably figure, birth control is not an issue for my house. I am the birth control.

Carrie27 said...

Your hormones all over the place and you are not getting much sleeping, snapping is going to happen. And then to bring up getting snipped, not a good time.

I don't ovulate and didn't use anything after A, but hubby was also deployed. After the twins, my doctor told me a story of a friend of a friend's sister's brother who couldn't get pregnant and then bam got pregnant. So...I went with an IUD until I can make a final decision.