Thursday, April 28, 2011

I Wanna Talk About Me

I had asked if any of you had questions about me, and some of you did. So now I will answer a few of them. Let's talk about me! (First one to tell me who sang that song gets a "prize")

Megan asked, "what is your dream occupation? (including SAHM obviously) Where did you and Sean meet?"

I will probably do two separate posts on this down the road, as my answers are pretty long. My dream job changes all of the time. A few things I'd love to do/be (besides SAHM b/c I'm doing that and LOVE it) OB/GYN, math teacher, architect, private investigator, and a chef. The only job I can incorporate most of those things into is SAHM (minus the OB/GYN part, but I use myself as my patient there!).
Sean and I met at a bar/pool hall when I was 24. I had gone out with one of my girlfriends, and she and I were shooting pool. He came over and asked if he could play the winner. That was me! So I then proceeded to whoop up on him ;-) There is more to that story because we only dated about two weeks, and then I didn't see him again for two years, where we picked back up and the rest is history! (stay tuned-I'm sure you're wondering what happened!)

Tasha asked, "What did you do before you had the kids? How old are you?"

I'm not sure exactly what you are looking for here, Tasha ;-) Before I had kids, I would go out A LOT and shoot pool and drink beer! I would sleep a lot. There isn't a lot of that going on these days, but I don't regret that one bit. I worked at a bank doing processing (applying payments, deposits) and I was in charge of the account corrections. Ever get a notice that your account was credited/debited due to error in addition, extra (or missing) items? I did that stuff. Of course, I did this for awhile after Alice was born, until I was severanced in September.
I just turned 30 in December. Sean turned 40 in December. We are 9 years and 360 days apart (roughly-I didn't go back and count those days from that last year. It could be a leap year for all I know).

Carrie asked, "If you go on any vacation with anyone for 5 days - who would you bring and where would you go?"

This is another one that I could write a whole post on. I guess it depends on where I was going because it would change on who I'd take with me.
If I went to Ireland, I'd take my sister and Dad (and Sean). And aside from the obvious sight-seeing, I'd make it a point to hit every pub in the country ;-) We might need more than five days!
Hawaii-I'd take Sean. We'd go surfing, swimming, hiking, and all sorts of other stuff!
Alaska-Sean. We'd go fishing, hiking, and hunt polar bears and moose ;-)
Florida-I'd take the kiddos to Busch Gardens, Disney World, and the beach. Of course, this is the most likely to occur. We'd visit my aunt and stay a few days with her. We'd probably also visit Jen and Dibits on our way there or back (assuming they would want to see us!).

Danifred asked, "Where would you live if you could go anywhere? What was life like for you growing up?"

I think I'd live in North Carolina. It has a little bit of everything. Mountains, beach, and ocean. Of course, I wouldn't mind living in one of those huts in Bora Bora.

Life while growing up (I will do a post on this later) in a nut-shell: I have a twin brother and a younger sister. My dad worked nights for the majority of my youth and I didn't see him much. He had a bad temper and I remember being scared of him. My mom was a SAHM for quite awhile. She was a "good" mom for awhile, and after my Granny passed she completely quit caring. Of course, that didn't happen over night, and had been building for years. So I was forced to grow up at a young age. I was doing everyones laundry and cooking dinner, occasionally, by the time I was 9 or 10. I had to start doing that "regularly" by the age of 13. But I'll expand on that more later.

Is there anything else you would like to know, or for me to expand upon?


Lisa said...


Lisa said...

I would like to know what your favorite restaurant is. :) I had to do two separate comments to make sure I answered the song questions first.

P.S. LOve country. Going to see Dierks on Saturday and Brad Paisley in August.

Megan said...

This is fun. I like getting to know more about people w/ these questions. Lots of bloggy friends seem to be doing it recently. Perhaps I should too. That's neat that you want to do the OB-GYN thing... We can talk more about that- I am a CNM and didn't love the hours! (like those I'm pulling right now...)

How did you end up in the midwest?

HereWeGoAJen said...

Yes, you should come see us!

Mrs. Z said...

I spent 15 years in NC (3 - 18) and LOVE it. I would go back in a heartbeat if I could take all the people around me now with me there too!

The Captain's Wife said...

What was the scariest thing you have ever experienced?

If you had to be stranded on an island for weeks who is the one person (yup only one) you would choose to be with you...and why?

Carrie27 said...

I would have soooo gotten that song right.

I can't wait to see how the rest of your love story goes.

I enjoyed reading your responses to a vacation, because they were real.

April said...

I totally forgot to ask a question! Hmmm...let's see, if there is ONE THING you can change in/about your past, what would it be?

I, too, love these posts. It's cool to learn a little more "in depth" about my fav bloggers!=[-