Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Our Newest Additions

Nothing quite says spring like babies. Any kind of babies. While I would be most thrilled with a puppy, and we will get one someday, I don't quite have the time for something like that. Ever since Bruno's death (he was our first baby-a Staffordshire Bull Terrier), we have been hesitant to bring another canine into our home. Ideally, once the kids are a bit older we will consider adding a new best friend. I'm hoping for another year or two!

So what did we get? Why, a bunch of chicks, of course! We currently have three hens and a rooster, and we needed/wanted a few more. So Sean and Alice went chick shopping! We were planning on getting 5 or 6, but I guess he had to buy at least 10. So we have ten baby chicks! If any of them are roosters, I'm a bit sad to say that their lives will be somewhat short. Though we would be doing them a much better disservice to put them in with the one we have now. He is large and beautiful, but oh so mean to other cocks. He was part of our original set, and he killed three others. We weren't sure which one was the "killer" as he was the smaller of the two we had left, and we were deciding which one to keep. I wanted to keep him, and Sean wanted the other one. Turns out I have a better knack for these things, as a day or two later we found the other rooster dead.

So enough about death. Let's see the chicks!

This was the box they came in. Way too small!

So Sean and Alice found them a bigger box! And moved them into our laundry room, so that we could care for them easier (I'm short and couldn't reach the food or water when they were in their original spot!). Plus now Alice can stand and watch them for hours! So far, she has tried to share her sippy cup and shoes with them.

This one is my favorite! S/he is so fluffy and fuzzy! I shall call him/her Fluffy. And Fluffy is, obviously, intelligent because Fluffy is doing the crossword! My kinda chick!


Carrie27 said...

They are so cute, but 10?! Yikes!

HereWeGoAJen said...

So cute! We did baby chicks at school when I was teaching elementary school.

Jenner said...

BE STILL MY HEART! I miss my chickens so very very much. They are awesome, you're going to have so much fun!

April said...

Oh I love baby chicks! Daryl wanted to get chickens but that requires him building a chicken coop, something he hasn't had time for. Maybe for next summer!

daisybv2 said...

I love baby chicks I am jealous :)

Bobi said...

I am petrified of anything with a beak, (I was attacked by a duck when I was 3) but they are so CUTE!

I love Staffordshire terriers. M is related.