Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Quick Update (Random Bullets)

I wrote a long post yesterday, but never got around to posting it. I'll try to finish it soon because I think it is funny. It was titled "The Day I Almost Peed Myself".

Bring on the bullets!

•The cat got into Sean's ice fishing stuff. He pierced his lip with a lure. We have a few options: Attempt to take it out ourselves, while one person gets (most likely) clawed to death holding him (that would be me!) and the other person work it out. Take him to the vet, get him sedated, and let them do it (safest option for all involved, though $$). Wait and see what happens (this is Sean's favorite). Don't worry, he can eat/drink just fine. Just don't touch his lip piercing because he gets a tad bit irritated.

•HJ had his one month well-check yesterday. He weighs 11 lbs 11 oz, and is 22 3/4 inches. I think someone was off about his length somewhere in the past month. He is in the 98% for weight and like 90% for height. Big boy!

•The car is still not fixed. Sean has it in the car and about 90% done. Yay!

•We need new CV joints, rotors, and a battery. Sean blew up the battery, rusted the rotors from having the wheels off, and noticed the CV joints need replaced when installing the engine. So we would need to replace the CV joints, but everything else...ugh!

•My mom took us to the appointment yesterday. Her driving scares me!

•I got my last severance check. Thankfully it got us through the times when Sean didn't have any income coming in. Now the rest is up to him! I can file for unemployment, but I'd have to apply for jobs, so I'm not sure about that. I guess I could collect it, and then if someone offers me a job (which I'd turn down b/c we are planning on me staying home for the next 3-5 years), I'd no longer be able. Is that wrong to collect it, when I'm not really looking for a job? I wouldn't be like the babysitter and "pretend" to apply for jobs. I would. Thoughts? Be honest.

•I haven't had time to blog lately. Have you noticed? I've been looking for that rare and coveted "me time" but haven't had any luck. I just wanted everyone to know we are all alive and doing well ;-)

And there is so much more I could say, but I need to swap out laundry, put Alice's clothes up, start dinner, and pick up before HJ and Alice wake up. I have been trying to keep up with all of you. I may not be able to comment on every one of your posts, but know I'm reading them! And if anything big happens, please let me know! I can't guarantee I don't occasionally miss a post.


Jenner said...

Your cat has bad luck!! Wrap him up really tight in a towel, leaving only his head sticking out, like a kitty burrito. On of you hold him and the other carefully work the hook out. You don't want it gettin infected!

The Tompkins Family said...

Me time...ahhh...what a dream, hey?!

Danifred said...

Poor kitty. I'm with Jenner on the kitty burrito. Hope you are able to find a solution that works.

dfost said...

is it bad that I laughed at the thought of your cat?? Poor guy!

Oh MeTime, what I wouldn't give..

April said...

Poor kitty! I would say maybe try the kitty burrito (my friend did that to clip their nails before) but then you still run the risk of being bitten. And kitty bites are nasty! I got bit when bringing mine to the vet once nad it got all infected and I had to take an antiobiotic. Ugh. But then again who knows how much the vet will charge you to do the same procedure.

And I hear ya on the "me time". I took a shower last night (first one since Saturday!!!) AND i seriously did not want to get out! Longest shower EVER!

Lisa said...

Oh poor kitty.

Collect unemployment. Why not? :)

Carrie27 said...

I have a hard time letting other people drive me around.

It looks like I'll be home another year or so, so a total of 3+ years off of work.

daisybv2 said...

Poor Cat! I would collect the unemployment.. Good job mama your lil HJ is growing great! He is so cute.