Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I'm laughing thinking about how many hits on google this post could get. Especially considering what day it is!

No, I'm not stoned. I sure feel like it though. We had awful storms last night (80 mph winds!), and Alice didn't go to sleep until 2am! Not because of the storms, but because she has been staying up later and later every night, and getting up later each day. I've allowed this because it gives me a chance for some extra sleep, but no more!

I got her down at 2, and then went to the grocery store. It couldn't wait. We needed toilet paper! And food because why waste a trip? I got home around 3:20 and put everything up, washed my face and brushed my teeth, and headed to sleep about 4. No sooner had I gotten settled and HJ woke up. So we did the whole routine, and got to bed at 5:30. 8 o'clock rolls around, and someone was hungry! Got back to sleep thirty minutes later, and then everyone was up around 10. Ugh! I'm exhausted!!! This is especially cruel because HJ had slept 7.5 and 8.5 hours the past two nights, so I was "used" to getting some sleep. I have gotten a few really big smiles from a cute toothless guy, so it is all worth it!

Today is also Alice's 20 month-versary! Twenty months on the twentieth! Is that kind of like a princess birthday? It is hard to believe she will be TWO in four months! My goodness, time flies by! Since I haven't posted her monthly updates in awhile, I'll do one today.

Alice has started talking more. She had stopped using most of her words when I started staying home, so I'm glad she is starting to communicate a little more.

Words she is now using regularly:
Dog (sounds like daw)
Bunny (bunh)
Ball (baw)
Bite (she uses this for sips of my drink as well-too cute!)
Bolt (bote-this is her most favorite movie!)
Swing (swee)
Yea (finally answering yes occasionally!)

So a lot of those words sound the same and some people may say she isn't saying new words, but I can tell a difference in what she says and know what she is trying to say.

New things this past month:
"reading" all of the time
Loves to do laundry (throw stuff in washing machine or dryer and close the door/lid)
Can lock doors!
Can throw a ball correctly
Loves to feed the chickens (instead of watching)
Loves tools and "helping" Daddy on the car (future mechanic?)
Puts things back where they go (or where she thinks they should go!)

And there is probably more, but I'm not functioning too well!

Happy Twenty Month-aversary, my sweet Alice!


Megan said...

Happy 20 months Alice! Time flies quickly- that helps me through sleepless nights- they'll be big soon!

HereWeGoAJen said...

We've got storms coming through tonight. I am not excited.

I hope you get some more sleep soon.

Carrie27 said...

I do not know do well with little to no sleep.

Happy 20 month, Alice!

The Tompkins Family said...

Happy 20 months! Isn't time flying?! After spending about 2 hours up with Presley last night, Shawn told me that we'll look back on this one day and wonder if the lack of sleep was really that bad. I doubt it...I don't think I can forget feeling like a zombie!

Danifred said...

Holy late night shopper! I bet it was nice and empty for you though :)

Sandra said...

haha! Yes, you caught my attention with the title of this post!
As for the 20 monthaversary, does she get cake too?...'cause you know it isn't a proper "versary" without cake...just sayin'...

April said...

Awww, Alice and Hunter do a lot of the same things! Hunter LOVES to "help" Mom with the laundry. And he's started throwing dirty dishes in the sink too which cracks me up.

They are growing up so fast!!!