Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What A Morning!

I hope this posts. I wrote one yesterday, and I tried to publish it and have NO idea where it went. It wasn't even saved to my drafts!

I got everyone to bed earlier than ever last night. Everyone was asleep BY 9 pm! Except me. I stayed up until 1 am.

Around 2:30, I was awoken to Sean running into the room yelling, "How did he fall out of the swing?" I immediately jumped up and said, "What the hell!" Alice woke up during all of this, so we had two kids crying. Alice didn't want Sean to leave ("Daddee NOOOO bye!"). HJ only cried for a few minutes. I checked him out. No bumps or marks. He nursed for about twenty minutes and then went back to sleep. It took me an hour to get Alice back down. She HAD to have a cookie and a drink. I stayed up for awhile longer and kept checking on HJ.

He seems fine. He shows no signs of anything. No vomiting, etc. He has been sleeping a lot, though. I tried to figure out how he got out of the swing. We have it fully reclined, and it wasn't going fast enough to "launch" him out of there. I think he just plopped himself over the tray.

I checked on him again before going to sleep, and he was almost out again! Apparently he had kicked the tray up and was wiggling himself down. Good grief! I've got a Houdini! Now it is time to start buckling him in. I never in a million years would have thought I'd have to worry about this with a 6 week old!

(Just talked to Sean and this is what he said)
Sean said he was in the kitchen and he heard two thuds. He was in the bedroom before HJ started crying and picked him up. He thought Alice had thrown him out of the swing! Our best guess is that the first "thud" was him kicking the tray up and the second was him hitting the floor. I guess he was face down about two feet in front of the swing!

I'm planning on calling the pediatrician, as he seems fine, but I'm worried a little as he has been asleep since 8:30 (it is almost 1pm). I know the big thing to look for/worry about is vomiting, and we are okay there.

I'm just hoping he is fine. He seems to be, but I'm still a little worried. I'm glad babies are resilient. Sean "dropped" Alice (he says she rolled off of his chest) and she hit her head on the corner of the nightstand, within hours of getting home from the hospital after her birth! So we are no strangers to head "injuries".

Also today, I've had to wash one of the couch cushions and give Alice a bath. She had a blowout and got it all over the couch. Lovely!

Ahh, a day in the life ;-)


Lisa said...

Holy crap, Sarah. That would scare me so much. I hope he's okay. Good that he's not vomiting.

PJ fell off the couch right on his head when he was about 16 months old. I was a freaking mess. I woke him up every 20 minutes for a good two hours to make sure he'd repsond to me.

HereWeGoAJen said...

Yikes! I'm glad he seems to be fine.

daisybv2 said...

Omg you do have a mover on your hands already! Glad he is okay girl

Carrie27 said...

YIKES!!! All three of mine spent some nights in a swing or bouncy chair, but I slept right next to them and barely slept (even though I was exhausted) because I'm a freak who worries about any and every thing.

April said...

HOly shit, I would have freaked!! For some reason this has been my biggest fear with Avery (maybe this is why I've been buckling her in since the first day I put her in?), I think maybe cuz I was afraid Hunter would knock her out of it just like Sean thought Alice had done it. Hunter's in a new stage now of CONSTNATLY trying to pick her up, which means even unbuckling her, so I don't go far when she's in the swing.

Did you call the pediatrician? Did they want to see him? I was such a spaz when Hunter fell out of his crib at like 8-9 months and they had me bring him in to be checked. Then I was embarrassed as he giggled and flirted with the dr the whole exam, obviously not hurt. LOL

Danifred said...

Wow- scary stuff! I hope everything is okay. Glad he seems to be doing well.

Jenner said...

Awww, poor little man! They are most resiliant that I had imagined, I can tell you that much! My peapod has had so many bump and bruises and just brushes them off and keeps going!