Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Schedule, Smedule

I have been trying since September, when I got laid-off, to get Alice on a more "normal" schedule. We were doing really well there, and then we went to Boston in early November and with the holidays, things got off-track. So we have been working on getting back into a routine.

For the most part it is working, or was. She would wake up around 9:30, we'd have breakfast, read, color, play, eat a snack (or a light lunch), and take a nap around 1 or 1:30 for about two hours. Then we'd do another snack, play, get dinner ready (and do dishes), eat, bath, and wind down for bed- which was around 10-10:30. Still late, but a lot earlier than her usual 12-1.

I don't know what has happened (I will speculate), but Alice wants nothing to do with that schedule. Nap time has been more like 2 or 2:30 for two or three hours. Bedtime...what is that? She has been staying up until 12, 1, and sometimes later.

Today, I had PT, so we got up early (8:30) and she slept on the way to my moms, on the way home from my moms, and because we got home about 3 I just decided to keep her up. Want to know what happened?

She took a nap anyway. And at 5:30! Ugh! I've woken her up, but she just goes back to sleep. So I'm about to start dinner, and feed her and do a bath, but I know she won't go to sleep until midnight or later.

I think she is waiting for Dada to get home. And then she gets all wound up when he gets here. "Dada this and Dada that" which is wonderful, but not when I'm trying to get her to wind down!

At this point, I'm considering sleeping pills. For both of us *wink*. Seriously, I wish I could give her something to help her sleep, but I wouldn't do that.

So I guess I have about five weeks to get her into a better routine. Any ideas? Because I need her on one. Then I can tackle the baby, and work on getting one of their nap-times and bedtime down. You know, so I can have that much desired "me" time!


The Tompkins Family said...

I have a girlfriend whose son is on the exact same schedule. She is expecting again in May and is looking for solutions. If you find something, be sure to post and I'll pass along the info.

What comes to mind (and you've probably tried it already) is getting her up at reasonable wakeup time for her age (between 7 and 8am), nap her shortly after lunch (wake her if necessary by 3pm so she's ready for bed between 7-8pm) and do all that consistently. Try to stay home (or if you have PT or another important appointment, have someone come over so she can stay home) so that you can schedule her nap (so no napping happening in the car where you have no control).

Again, I'm sure you've tried this and are rolling your eyes but thought I'd try! :)

HereWeGoAJen said...

Hmm, I can think of two ways. Either move her forward a half an hour a day (starting by waking her up in the morning) until she's where you want her to be. Or you can schedule a bunch of stuff, like playdates and only be home (or plan for car naps) when you want her to sleep. That one might be faster.

Danifred said...

I'm with Jen on the schedule overload to tire her out so that she gets back on track.

Carrie27 said...

I'm more like Tompkins Family.

All three of mine (3, and 2 year old twins) get up around 7 each day, lunch at 11, naps at 12 and wake up around 2. Dinner between 5 and 6, bedtime between 7 and 8. This allows not only me time, but time for hubby and I.