Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

•I'm officially opening up the "when will baby arrive" contest. Check out yesterday's post for details. I'll keep it open through next weekend, so if you want to wait and see if anything is going on at my next appt, you can. I have yet to decide what the prize(s) will be, but most likely baked goods!

•Alice and I went outside this evening to play. It was great to get some fresh air. After an hour, I started trying to get her inside. She decided to run into the field. What a nightmare! She got stuck in mud and I did too trying to get her out. Then she was a crying, muddy, cold mess.

•I think her favorite part was the bunnies. She kept petting the nice one, and telling them to, "GO!" She apparently wanted them to come out and play. I think she was calling them piggies, but I'm not sure.

•I have a prenatal massage, pedicure, and haircut scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. I can't wait! I really need a haircut-it has been at least 6 months. Plus I can no longer really do my toes, so I'm hoping this will last til the little guy gets here!

•One more week and then Sean is on vacation. Then I can be as lazy as I want to be! I can lie around and incubate as much as I want without feeling guilty about Alice.

•Speaking of which, do you know how hard it is to walk around in soft, muddy grass (and a muddy "quicksand" field) while pregnant? Takes a lot out of you!

•I need to finish the last load or two of baby stuff. I need to get the bassinet out and cleaned up. The car seat cover needs to be washed and then it can be installed. And pack bags. One for Alice. One for me and the baby. I need to pick out an outfit for him for going home. I had a cute ones, pants, and sweater for Alice when we brought her home, but I'm thinking more practical this time. Ideas?

•Speaking of leftovers, how often (and when) do you eat them? We often do leftovers for lunch, or when I don't feel like cooking-which is usually at least once a week.

Now leave some comment love, and then go visit Danifred for more Friday Night Leftovers. Make sure to check out all the other FNL participants too!


Carrie27 said...

Trying not to laugh, but imaging her stuck in the mud and you with your belly trying to get her probably was a sight to see.

Leftovers - lunch and once or twice a week (typically the night before garbage day).

The Tompkins Family said...

Shawn takes the leftovers for lunch so we never have a "leftover" night. Which kind of sucks because that means making dinner 7 nights a week! Though I do make lots of things for the freezer and make sure to "treat" myself by taking out at least 1 thing a week.

Baby...February 27th!

dfost said...

Thanks for visiting me, I'm returning the favour.

My husband refused to eat leftovers.. not even for lunch.. not even PIZZA. He makes me crazy. SO to answer the question, we don't do leftovers. I've gotten pretty good at knowing how much we eat and I usually cook just enough.

UGH. I can imagine pregnant in the mud field would NOT be ideal.

As for the baby... I say March 11th (but I don't actually know your duedate)

agilemom said...

I brought my boys home in fuzzy flannel monkey sleepers. They looked pretty cute & warm, too!

As for leftovers, we usually use them for lunch the next day. Saves me making something for myself or my husband buying something at work!

CanadianMama said...

Hey, thanks for visiting me!

I remember that nesting so well - won't be long now :)

I usually eat leftovers for lunch so we don't really eat them for dinner much.

Sandra said...

haha...incubate! I have never heard that term, but it almost makes me wish I wasn't done having my babies so i could "borrow" that term...notice how I said almost. You're brilliant!

Danifred said...

I have a love/ hate relationship with leftovers. I won't eat them after two days, but Bee? I don't even want to know what kind of crap is growing when he gets around to eating them.