Friday, August 6, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

This is a test post from my phone. The picture is of Alice smacking my face after they put the neck brace on in the ER. Lets start with the ugly. Wednesday, on our way to my father's to drop Alice off with my sister, we were in a car accident. I had just stopped and got gas. We were a few minutes from my dad's. I was stopped on a state road (with my turn signal on), trying to turn north. There were cars coming from the opposite direction, so I had to wait. Well, I see in my rear-view mirror a white mini-van that slowed down, but decided to go around us... basically they drove partly off the road, as there really isn't a shoulder. I was just thinking how stupid they were, when I see a grey van swerve left and then back towards us... brakes squealing, and then BAM! What happened? Oh shit, we just got rear-ended. I put the car in park, and frantically get out of the car to check on Alice. The rear windshield had shattered and there was glass all over the backseat and on her. Her carseat was at an angle. I tried to open the door. It was locked. I unlock it, only to discover that the door won't open. I go to the other side. Same problem... it won't open. At this point, a gentleman stopped and he climbs in through the driver's door and pushes the rear door while I tug on it. We open it, and he reminds me to leave her in the carseat in case she is injured. We get her carseat unlatched and out of the car. The Bad... The car will be totaled. The trunk was smashed in, and there is a lot of frame damage. I have whiplash and a sprained neck. We are still unsure whether the other driver is insured or not. We have gotten two different stories from his insurance. We will also probably "lose" money on the car. It is paid off and has 308K miles on it. It is (or was) in great shape. Gotta love a Toyota! So we will probably only get 800-1200 for it; though we may get up to 1500. Not exactly enough to get a replacement vehicle in the same (or comparable) condition The Good... Alice is perfectly fine! Thank God! I am fine also...very sore, but I imagine that will only get worse for the next couple of days. I got in to my OB today as I have been having a lot of cramps since the accident (the ER dr told me they wouldn't do an u/s as there would be no heartbeat at 8 weeks-which we know is a bunch of baloney). They tried to hear the heartbeat on the doppler (actually 2 dopplers and " different nurses) to no avail. I started crying, and the one nurse said we'd go do an u/s. So she does the u/s (and the picture was really dark) and says, "Let me go grab the tech. I think you may have twins". So I'm in disbelief. The tech comes in and gets a clearer picture. There is only one in there! And we have a strong heartbeat at 164. I have my regular appointment Monday, so I'll let you know how that goes. So thank the Lord that we are all safe and healthy! It definitely could have been much worse, and we were being watched over!


HereWeGoAJen said...

Oh, good, I have been worried. I'm glad that you are all okay. And stupid nurses, you can't hear a heartbeat on a doppler at eight weeks.

Feel better!

Danifred said...

Holy cow! I bet you were freaking out- I know I would have been. I'm so happy you are all okay!!!! Feel better soon.