Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

I missed last week's Friday Night Leftovers. I was truely intending on doing a post, but I was so incredibly tired from the Children's Museum and I still had to bake for her "party" the next day. Anyway, here we go...

  • Today was my last Friday at work. It was also my last regular, full day. The next few days, I will be going in later and we will only be doing the encoding of the work. We do not have to run, process, balance, or do corrections on the work...which is pretty much what I do. So I will be stuck keying, but I'm okay with this.
  • I have found that Alice will drink milk from a sippy cup if it has chocolate. She still isn't nuts about whole milk and will only drink a few sips, but she will drink 2%. So do I just give her 2%?
  • I started physical therapy Tuesday for my sciatica and lower back pain. I go twice a week. Turns out I have sciatica, problems with both SI joints, and who knows what else. I have no idea how long I will be going to PT.
  • Today, my PT appt was at 2pm. I got there at 1:50. Do you know what time a 2 o'clock appointment begins? If you guessed 2:30 or 2:35, you are correct! I left there at 3:18. I was supposed to be at work at 3. I got there about 3:40.
  • Sean surprised me with a vehicle last night. He got a great deal on it. $1500 for a Buick Regal (I don't know what year). I want a mini-van. This car is a granny mobile (no offense anyone). We plan on keeping it for about 6 months, at which point we will hopefully be getting me a mini-van. We will either sell the granny car for at least $1000 more than we bought it for (it is actually work 2500-3000 but I guess the guy needed cash right then), or Sean can keep it and it can become a pappy mobile. It really is a nice car. I'm not opposed to it; I just want a mini-van. I have yet to check out the trunk space in this car, or drive the thing.
  • I don't think I have to work Thursday. We technically won't have anything to do. We were just going to come in and do a dinner, but my manager wants to do the dinner Wednesday. Now he is trying to convince the powers that be, that we do not need to come in Thursday. I mean for what? To sit around indian style on the floor for hours? There won't be any furniture there by the time we get there.
  • Since I will be transitioning to a SAHM next week, I need advice. Any tips or anything you can offer will be great. In particular, I will be needing suggestions on schedules (cleaning, etc.), and activities with Alice. Also, how do you SAHM's manage to get stuff done at home when your kids are there? If my weekend cleaning routine is indicative of how things will go when I'm home, I'm thinking my house may never be organized or really clean.
  • I have my NT scan on Tuesday. They think I will be over 12 weeks. I will be right around 11 (and I'm right!), so I'm wondering what this will do to the results of the test, since it is supposed to be done between 11w6d and 13w. Who knows... maybe Sprout will be measuring ahead again. I'm just excited to see him/her again! And my sister will be going with me. Yay!

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HereWeGoAJen said...

You teach the baby to clean right along with you. Give her a rag and have her help dust, give her a push thing and have her help you vacuum. (This, Elizabeth calls this her vacuum:

Megan said...

Weston loves to help clean too- he is the master of the dust buster. :-) Yeah for finishing up work! As far as schedule as a SAHM/WAHM, the mornings are our busy play/walk/park/play with friends time. After lunch Weston takes a good (hopefully) nap during which I do my work, whether for my job or the house. It all works out.