Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Let's Play a Game!

So the game we are going to play today is called "Guess What?!". The rules of the game are pretty simple. You just guess what you think was going on from the clues I give you. The prize you shall receive is a fortune from my fortune cookie (which I have not opened yet, but will and will tell you your fortune).

Okay, here goes. What in the world do you think that this adorable baby did this morning? (*Note: the pictures do not have anything to do with the story. They are there so you can look at my cuteness of a baby!)

She normally sleeps in the bed with me every morning. I put her in her crib when I finally get up (while she is still sleeping) and go outside to feed the animals; which takes about 15-20 minutes usually.

This morning, I had to give the chickens water, so that took an extra 5 minutes. Do you know what I returned to when I came back inside?

This cutie here! And do you know how she got all the way from her crib, out of her room (with the door shut), across the house, opened the swinging door to the laundry room (where the back door is), and stood there waiting for me with a teary face?

If you guessed either 1) climbed out of her crib, 2)fell out of her crib, or 3)a combination of the previous two then you are a winner! Let me know how you would like your fortune sent to you!

Yes, my daughter apparently decided she could NOT wait any longer for me to come get her. So she apparently (from what I can deduce from the carnage) threw all of her stuffed animals and blanket out of her crib. Somehow got her little leg up and over the rail (there is a small bruise on her inner thigh but that is the ONLY mark) and presumably fell to the floor. Though she could have just monkeyed her way the rest of the way down. Then she proceeded to grab her blanket and Marty (her mouse/lovey) and open the bedroom door (which wasn't completely shut but cracked) and trampled through the house (probably crying) looking for me. She came upon the kitchen and pushed the swinging door (which I did not know she was capable of opening) open, somehow getting her blanket stuck under it and jumped in to the laundry room. Her blanket acted as a stopper, so she was stuck in the laundry room until I rescued her. I'm very thankful that she was not hurt! Now, I have to figure out how to prevent this from occurring again. I never in a million years would have thought I'd have to worry about this this early! Oh, and yes her mattress is on the lowest setting. Now do I get a crib tent, or do we get her a "big girl" bed so she can get up and terrorize... er, visit us whenever she wants? I'd rather she only fall a couple of feet versus four plus, if I had a choice.


Megan said...

Yikes! What a surprise you had! She is young- do you think she is old enough to understand a big girl bed? can't very well shackle her down! On another note- what kind of animals do you have?

HereWeGoAJen said...

Ooh, I don't know. She's still awfully young for a toddler bed. With her skills, I'd be worried about her getting tangled in the crib tent though. Does she sleep in a sleep sack? You could try a tight one of those, then she couldn't get her legs apart and hopefully not get over the rail again. If she thwarts that, I'd say you are out of luck though. (Side note: why aren't cribs lower? Or they could have lids.)

Danifred said...

Wow! Neither of my kids have ever climbed out of their cribs. *knock on wood* I'm waiting for the day that Bean decides she is done. Maybe it was just a fluke and she got lucky?

Megan said...

Perhaps your sister was hiding in the wings and helped your baby to escape...maybe she really didn't do it all herself... Just a thought...