Thursday, August 26, 2010

Alice's Birthday Part One

I have been meaning to post this earlier, but I kept forgetting to bring my laptop with me. Since the pictures were on my laptop, I couldn't very well do this post. I will be doing this in two or three parts (and there will be another post in a couple of weeks after her "real" party).

Part One of the Birthday: The Children's Museum (if you are ever in Indianapolis, and have kids you should check it out; it is a LOT of fun and is supposedly the Biggest and Best Children's Museum in the world!)

Our day in pictures. Please note, we did not get through the whole Children's Museum (it is rather large) as we wanted to spend time doing things that Alice was actually able to do, rather than make her sit and watch.

Aunt Lindsay and Alice by a Mastodon that was found in Indiana a WAY long time ago.

Mommy and Alice by a Mastodon head! Alice looks rather perplexed. And apparently, I am starting to show a little.

Carousel with Aunt Lindsay!

Look at them go!

Mommy tried to get Alice on a moving horse, but alas, she was too small. So this had to do!

Heading in to the Mirror House!

Look, it's me!

I'm not vain. I don't need to keep staring at myself.

Sitting at the Bear's table in the Mirror House. I had to watch her closely because she kept trying to put the "food" in her mouth. I can only imagine how many germs are on those things!

I'm pretty!

Let me try to climb this...

Okay, I DO like to look at myself. Side note: she was really trying to get that outlet...why aren't those child-proofed?

Ehh, I'm ready to leave this place.

Water! Let me get wet!

Playing in the Playscape area (an area specifically for kids under 4 or 5).

Daddy would be proud!

Dancing in the Barbie exhibit (they were playing disco-like music) and entertaining those around us! If you would like to see a video of her doing this please go here and see what my sister got! Seriously, check it out. It is hilarious!

Getting ready to go home! Someone was wore out! Actually, I think we all were.

Part Two will be Birthday Dinner!


Danifred said...

That place looks awesome. Glad you had such a spectacular time!

HereWeGoAJen said...

That dancing was excellent!

It's also nice to see some Lindsay! Since she NEVER BLOGS ANYMORE...