Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers... The Irr...Rational Edition

I've decided to join the world of Friday Night Leftovers this week, seeing as how it has been a few since I have blogged.

  • I figured out how to do a bullet! Thanks, Jen!
  • It has been a rough week. I'm exhausted from driving. And wouldn't you know it, the ride home is SOOOO long that Alice takes a very good nap. Not necessarily, a bad thing. Except this "nap" is at 10pm and lasts at least an hour... so someone doesn't want to go to bed. The other night she was up until 3am. Well, I honestly don't know when she fell asleep. I finally just put her in her crib, and let her cry. I HAD to sleep.
  • I have found a solution to my driving situation. Ready? I had talked to my sister, who is still looking for a job, and jokingly said I should fly her home for a month and just pay her. Well, I slept on that, and woke up and decided I was serious. She could come home. I would pay her what I pay the babysitter, and I would drive at LEAST 2 hours less a day... probably more like 2 1/2 or so. So I proposed the offer to her. I'd buy her a round-trip ticket. She'd "work" for me, for a month, and she could see all of her family and new niece too!
  • Of course, she accepted (after thinking about it for a day) and we went online to buy the ticket through Priceline. We ended up getting her ticket on Expedia (I think- I just gave her the info, she booked it). Why not Priceline? Well, each time that she clicked to purchase the ticket, it told her to wait 15-20 minutes... and then it would come back and jack the price up $10. So after two times of it doing that, I told her to look elsewhere b/c by the time Priceline got done playing games her $350 ticket would be $500+. I should also note, that Priceline is supposed to be the Negotiator, right? Well, if they were real negotiators and pulled that bunk, the hostages would have all been killed (I put this as my FB status yesterday and a TON of people were cracking up).
  • So I just have to get through next Tuesday, and then Aunt Lindsay will be keeping Alice company during the day!
  • I have 24 days left of work!
  • I have 9 days until my first OB appt (8/9) for those keeping track ;) I'm going to see if I can bring my sister along to see the u/s (which means Alice would come too).
  • To address how I have been feeling, I have been feeling really great for the most part. There have been a few bouts of nausea (usually brought on by low blood sugar/hunger), and a bit of hormones flaring (i.e. Monday). Really, other than the fatigue, I wouldn't suspect I was pregnant. Which I hope all is okay with my little sprout.
  • Oh, and I'm looking poochy. I am thinking about starting belly pics soon (anyone want to see them?), but want to wait until at least after my first appt so as not to jinx anything.
  • And I don't know if I mentioned it, but my crazy supervisor has been "trying" to get pregnant FOREVER (according to her). She has lied to doctors about charting, and to make a long story short, she has been on Clomid for several months (I'll guess 4-5). Though for someone who is "trying" so bad, would you be forgetting to take your Clomid, eating fast food, drinking ONLY Pepsi, and eating a lot of candy bars? If I were her, I'd be eating much healthier and trying to lose some weight. Anyway, she has dreams whenever someone is pregnant (that she knows ~ and I suspect that she is jealous of them in some way b/c other people have been pregnant that she knows, but she didn't have dreams about them. And I know she didn't envy anything about them or their lives), and she had a dream last week. She is going NUTS trying to figure out who it is, but she hasn't asked me. I don't suspect she will (at least for awhile anyway) because she is so dense that she doesn't think it is possible to get pregnant while breastfeeding (she keeps asking when I'm going to wean Alice and when we are going to start trying for another). Obviously, it is ;)

Well, I think I've bored you all sufficiently. I had a lot more stuff to write, but I'm short on time and my mind is spacing out. Have a great weekend, every one! And go join Danifred for more leftovers!


Danifred said...

So happy the whole childcare situation worked out, what a perfect solution!!!! The countdown is on.

HereWeGoAJen said...

Yeah for Aunt Lindsay! She will do a lovely job.

Jules said...

First time to your blog so not exactly sure on your driving situation but yeah, driving a lot is a PITA. We also made a childcare move just to cut down on our driving. Ugh.

Megan said...

Yeah for family for childcare! Yeah also for almost being done with work.

The Fair Oaks Farm sounds awesome- about a 5 hour drive for us. Hard to believe 80 baby cows are born there a day!

raisingmiles said...

YAY for Aunt Lindsay coming to help you. Too bad my sister is rude and never offered...Congrats on the pregnancy!
*Stopping in from Leftovers