Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Battles of the Milks

We are in the middle of a war, people. Seriously. An epic battle of the milks and Alice. Alice loves her mama milk. She does not, however, love her mama milk in the bottle any longer. I think this may have arose out of me calling it "Mama milk" instead of "Milk" or "Nurse". So you can blame me for that battle.

Since my supply was decreasing, I have had the babysitter (and now Lindsay) mix toddler formula (thank goodness for marketing, as I have received several free cans; which I otherwise would not have paid for) with breast milk. This worked for a few days at the sitters. Lindsay has had no such luck. Alice would just spit it at her. Lindsay has also had trouble getting her to just take just regular breast milk in a bottle. So I suggested the sippy cup. So Lindsay tried the sippy cup with the mixture, and straight breast milk. Again, no such luck.

So since she is almost one, I decided to buy organic whole milk and see how that goes. I realize it may take awhile for her to "like" the stuff. I also realize that we may have a much harder time than most families, as Sean and I do NOT drink milk. Sean will use it and drink it when it is in cereal, but I will not drink the stuff. I quit drinking the stuff shortly after my sixth birthday (really an interesting story-which I'll share another time). So I gave her a sippy cup with a bit of whole milk in it. She took a sip. Took another sip. Looked at me... and threw it at me! Lindsay has had the same results.

So I asked a few people for advice (which I'm asking all of you lovely bloggers the same thing) on getting her to drink any kind of milk. I have heard suggestions ranging from serve it at room temperature to add flavor to it. I have gotten suggestions of switching to soy milk also.

What are your suggestions? At this point, the only things that I can get her to drink are water and watered down juice in a sippy cup, and mama milk (but only from the tap).


HereWeGoAJen said...

Hmm, chocolate milk? Gradually decreasing the amount of chocolate. Or it might just be one of those things that you have to offer so many times before she accepts it. It's like twelve times on average or something. She might be allergic to it too. Elizabeth was allergic (or sensitive, it wasn't a real allergy) to milk until she was eighteen months old.

Try putting it on cereal too. (Real cereal, not baby rice cereal.) She may be enamored with the cereal and not notice the milk is on it.

Danifred said...

Can she use a straw? How about watering it down? My only advice is to be really careful with soy, from the research I did when thinking about changing Bean's milk, it can be very hard to digest and comes with a ton of digestive problems. Again, just from research, rice milk is the first recommended alternative. Maybe try mixing some vanilla rice milk in?
Good luck!!!