Thursday, August 19, 2010


I'm going to do a very random post today, as I have many things that I would like to talk about. And since tomorrow's Friday Night Leftovers will be the Birthday Version, I feel I should address everything else that I would have normally done then.


  • To answer Megan's question, we have: 3 rabbits (JackieBlue, Roxanne (Roxy), and Janie -and yes, I love rock. If I have any other female animals in the future they will probably be named after songs as well); 1 rooster and 5 hens (they are not named, but we get 6-7 eggs a day, so obviously one or two of the hens are very fertile); 5 cats (actually one mama cat-whom is probably off getting knocked up again-that slut! and 4 kittens)
  • The thing I love about chickens is that they will eat just about anything. Seriously! All of our scraps and spoiled food (which I try not to have any). We still give them their feed everyday (well I do, I don't know about Sean), but I love to take the scraps of food (which Alice contributes A LOT) to them and watch them peck at them. I think our chickens are probably healthier than most other chickens out there. Plus with the recent egg recall, we don't have to worry about that.
  • I have been meaning to make pickles for a few weekends, but things have been hectic since the accident. I will share with you the whole pickling process when I get around to it, and how to make your own spaghetti sauce.
  • I was outside today, and I realized I never planted any flowers (well I did plant bulbs, but I don't count those) this year. It isn't too late, and I could in another week or two, so perhaps I will get Alice a little gardening set for her birthday and we can plant flowers in a few weeks! I just have to make sure to watch her like a hawk... she will probably try to eat the dirt.
  • Speaking of the little monkey, she really is a monkey. Sean and I would tell people that we were hoping for a monkey when they asked what we wanted. I mean, seriously, doesn't everyone want a healthy baby?! Sean and I were originally planning on getting a monkey, but we got a different breed of monkey *wink*
  • Ahh, yes, I digress... Alice, undoubtedly, did climb out of her crib. I'm still not sure about the falling to the floor thing or climbing down (but I'm leaning more towards climbing down after seeing her in action today-more on that in a second). This morning, I witnessed her pull herself up to see what was on the kitchen table and then use her legs to climb up more. There is no doubt in my mind that she would have been on top of the table had Sean not stopped her. And when we were outside, she climbed onto the tractor all by herself and sat in the seat and "drove". People, we are in TROUBLE!
  • I have thought over all of the suggestions from yesterday (and Megan, my sister wasn't at our house, but if she is capable of teleporting I demand to know how!). I have looked at tent cribs, and like Jen, I don't think that is a viable solution. I don't think anything would deter her from trying to get out, and I sure don't want to find my baby strangled to death in a tent crib because I was trying to prevent broken bones. And I do agree that cribs should be lower. And with lids! Sean wants to put a piece of plywood on top, to which I pointed out that she would hit her head every time she tried to stand up. So, for now, we are just going to keep her in our bed with us.
  • I have TWO WEEKS to go! Woo hoo! Which really works out to 11 days (counting today) but since today is almost over 10... and since I have tomorrow off, 9!!!
  • At some point, this weekend, I will be posting Alice's birth story. Don't you all just love birth stories? I do. And hers is funny (at least the part before getting to the hospital-and I only think it is funny now).
  • Oh, and in all likelihood, I will have two posts tomorrow, so keep an eye out!
  • And to think that a year ago, at this exact time, we were at the hospital! Wow! Time is flying!


Danifred said...

Yes, I love a birth story, bring it on! And, I'd love it if you could mail me some pickles. I love, love, love some pickles!

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog. I have been meaning to stop by (if you can really just stop by) the Indianapolis Children's Museum.

I don't live in IL but I am there every 2-3 months. I have a few doctor's there. One at St. Vincent's (on 86th Street) and one in Anderson (near Scatterfield Road).

Sometimes I fly to Indy and drive to Anderson but I have been way too sick lately so someone has to go with me. Therefore, we drive and stay one night in Anderson instead of doing the trip in one day when I go alone.

Anything else to do in Indiana between Indianapolis and Anderson (possibly near Muncie, Kokomo or Carmel)?

Alice is adorable, BTW. Congratulations on your new bundle of joy.

How are you feeling since your accident (can you tell I spent some time reading your blog--which I enjoyed----Came over from Jen's)? I hope you are doing okay and have no lasting issues especially with the new "little love" on his/her way. I know you mentioned PT but I wasn't sure if that was accident related or pregnancy related or neither.

Be well!