Friday, April 2, 2010

Just a Vent

*or Because I Can

I know I need to update on what has been going on (A LOT), but I just have a little vent I need to get out. And since I can't vent (apparently) on Facebook, without a bunch of "friends" ripping in to me, well here we are...

When you ask a question on Facebook (or another social networking site), wouldn't the appropriate response be to answer that question? You know... instead of ripping in to the person for asking it. I don't care whether you feel I'm right in asking the question or not; you may disregard my comment and make none of your own. I didn't ask my question and then ask if you thought I was the Devil's Spawn for asking it. I also didn't ask whether you thought I would get fired for posting that comment (and NO-I'm not that intellectually inept to keep my profile open for all to see... FB has settings you know).

Well, I suppose you are probably wondering what I asked (it has since been deleted-as well as a few "friends"). You will have to wait until I have more time (I'm on break at work) and I will explain more. Though I will say, that this vent is about two separate updates on my part and there corresponding comments.

Til then...

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